Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry ~~~~

Hey every one;
I am SOOO sorry that I haven't updated for SOOO LONG~~ I would love to update with just words but then it would make the posts boring without colours. I'm taking my camera to a SONY shop to see if it can be fixed, if not I will be purchasing a new Camera soon. ~~~

Thank you for all the advice and help you guys gave me on cameras. I'm so greatful. ~~~

also, Thank you for all the positive comments left on my blog while I was away for a little bit ..

thank you thank you ~~~~


Monday, June 1, 2009

My Camera Broke >__<

Hey all ~~~
I haven't updated in SOOO long, because my Camera broke, the lens won't focus>< all pictures are blurry and dark lighting. it's SONY CyberSHOT, the cybershot is a pretty , modern, sleek camera, but the picture quality are so so during the day. At night with only little lighting, it perferms BADLY. I mean the pictures come out are DREADFUL!!!!~~~~

I am looking for a NEW camera.. perhaps fiji films?? Nikon or Cannon?? Any one have any suggestions??

I did buy a few things over the weeks, but can't update because of NO CAMERA~~~~
it's bothering me >< but I want to pick a good one, with good picture quality, correct colour pick up. Reading forums.............

Any suggestions??