Friday, July 24, 2009


Hey all ~~~

How is everyone's weekend?? Been good so far?? I know alot girls are suited to Nude Lips, but Nude lips best suits smokey eyes, or a heavy eye makeup so that the lips has less attention to avoid contradictions.

For me I hardly wear smokey eye look, I'm more a earthy toned, natural kind of look person. So I concentrate more on Blush and Lips.

These days I'm on a Berry Colour HIT, hint the post name. Love all Berry coloured things. If you have any good suggestions as to what good berry coloured products out there. Please tell me. would love to try it out.
Featured Products today is Mac's Lipgelee in Moistly. Looks Gothic in the tube but comes out a pretty berry colour. The next item is Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in Ginger Rose. And my HG blush for the winter is Mac Mineralized Blush in Gentle.

A Close look at the Gentle Blush. Pretty pink/plummy/berry colour.

Swatches on hand.
Top: Mac Mineralized Blush in Gentle
Bottom (LTR): Mac Lipgelee in Moistly, Revlon lipstick in Ginger Rose, and mix of the two.

So For FOTD; here's the products I used.

- Maybelline Angel Fit Foundation in N02
- Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer
- Mac MSF Natural in light/medium
- Mac Mineralized Blush in Gentle

- Coffret D'or 's eye shadow pallete in orange shade
- Mac Technikhol liner in graphblack
- L'oreal liquid liner in mica black
- Fairydrop mascara
- Lavschca Brow Powder in LB-1

- Revlon Superlustrous lipstick in Ginger Rose
- Mac Lipgelee in Moistly

So here's the result, I used my phone camera ><>

Below is the original photo, seriously bad colour ing, and very blurry kinda><
High Recommend you guys try the combination of Featured Products. You will love it if you like plumy berry colours like me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Haul-age [][]~~~~

Hey all ~~~
I need to stop buying stuff>< need to save up for a Laptop/Notebook, New pair of Glasses. Most of all saving up for a trip to Europe or Easten Asia~~~

Never the less.. here's a haul HAHAHA

So I ordered from Adam Beauty ~~~~~~~Photos taken under natural day light

I ordered the Coffret D'or Eyeshadow pallete in 01 (orange set) not the new summer release, this was released a while back.

Here's the Instructions as to how to use it. It's all in Japanese don't really understand LOL

A pretty Pallete, Very wearable, elegant colours though it's shimmery. Swatches Below:

I also Ordered Lavschuca's Eyebrow Powder in LB-1. I forgot to swatch these sorry><

Here's some instructions from the back of package.

The lipstick is from Lavschuca too in PK-4... it has gold sparkles, haven't try it yet. looks promising. But I can't wait to try the eye shadows and brow powder.

Super quick update today. More posts coming up=D
stay tuned, don't go any where ( from kat the host of So you think you can dance LOL)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

[][]Winter SkinCare [][]~~~~

Hey all ~~~
It's winter here><><

Face Wash: SANA soybean face wash
Toner: Origins white tea purifying toner
Serum: Gariner light intense whitening essence- concentrated vitamin C, and Origins white tea skin guardian
Moisturizer: Origins white tea moisturizer
Sunscreen: Anessa Shiseido SPF 50++ sunscreen
Eyecream: QV face revitalising eye cream

That's the packaging for Origins A Perfect Wold White tea range. I LOVE this range, swears by it, It has anti-oxidant properties, great for all skin types but may be a bit heavy for oily skin.

On the package it says:

In an ideal world, skin would never age before its time. Now Origins has uncovered the key to longer-lasting youth, health and vitality - utopia's own Silver Tip White Tea. It helps banish youth offenders long before they can cause oxidation, deterioration, dehydration. Boswellia Extract sets up a secure sanctuary against age-accelerating static and stress. Without the need to defend itself, skin's energies are devoted to improment. Smoothness is immediate. And lush, tranquil Orange and Bergamot sweep over you like a tropical trade wind. Skin has found its Shangri-la.

Ingredient List for A perfect world skin guardian(to be used before moisturizer):

The skinguardian actually helps protect the skin like a barrier.

Ingredient List for A pefect world moisturizer:
and the moisturizer is formulated without all these bad chemicals and other weird things.~~
Here's how the skin guardian and moisturizer looks like. Top is the moisturiser, the bottom is skin guardian. After using these products you can feel immediate results. My skin isn't as dry.

P.S: drink more water is always the key. good skins requires maintenance doesn't happen over night. I'm trying to not eat too much sugar/lollies and junk. try to eat health no Mc Donalds, KFC and stuff.

For Product reviews you can go to Origins website. I want to try their Make A Difference range. Some reviews has been done about this range, click HERE and HERE to see them. But they are in Chinese T___T.

Cup Cake Time:~~~
Saw a cute cupcake store the other day. looks yummy...doesn't it?

That's all for now, more hauls and review coming up. ~~ stay tuned...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update[][]~~~

Hey Hey:~~~
how's every one's weekend?been good?? had fun? went out enjoy the sun?? I'm freezing to death here T___T.. so cold ( and they tell me it's global warming><)
So here's FOTD for Saturday attending a friend's birthday party.. We went to an Italian Resturant.. YUMMY..

The photo is a bit blurry guess my phone camera is not good enough ><>
Things I used for FOTD:
- Dr Jart Silver Label BB cream
- Mac MSF Natural in Light/Medium
- Nars Laguna Bronzer for Contour
- Mac Mineralized Blush in Gentle
- Majorlica Majorca BR 751 pallete
- Mac Fluidline in blacktrack
- Mac bare study paint pot
- FairyDrop Mascara
- Mac Brow Set in Beguile
- Mac Lipstick in Angel
I did my brows, because a make up artist at MAC used that brow set on me and I LOVE IT, so I bought it and use it ever since.
I took some pictures of the food at the resturant , it's blurry ><

Salmon Steak with Mashed Potato

Stuffed Chicken Breast with cream sauce

After dinner we went to Max Brenner for dessert LOL
Marshmallow and strawberries dipped in Chocolate and Caramel Sauce. Fattening, but DAMN it's worth it haha..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Etude House BB Cream Review [][]~~~

Hey again ~~~
Hope every one had a good weekend so far.
While I have been away not blogging I have tried these two bb creams from Etude House.

So I will show photos first then, write up my review about the product and my thoughts.

The back of the packaging is all korean ( click the picture to enlarge)
So Here I did a comparison between my 2 other favourite BB creams:

Top Row (L2R): Missha M perfect cover bb cream #21, Dr Jart silver label bb cream.
Bottom Row (L2R): Etude House precious mineral sheer silky skin (PM SSS) #1bb cresm, Etude House bb magic cream.

Photo taken under white light. so my hand looks a bit blue LOL

A little bit spread out.~~~
blended in with the skin.~~
From the photos you can see that Missha is perfect shade blending with my skin it's a bit pink toned. and Dr Jart is obviously greyish undertoned. The Etude house PM SSS colour #1 is really pale, they have two colours I thought that the #2 would be too dark for me so I picked #1 but it's really pale. and the Etude house magic bb cream is really yellow.

So after testing for about 2-3 weeks of these two products I'm going to review of the different aspects of the product.

Coverage: Dr Jart > Etude House PM SSS > Missha > Etude House Magic

The coverage for Etude House Magic bb cream is quite sheer, hardly covers, so may be can be used as a makeup base if you want to add a foundation over it is also fine.

Oil Contorl: Etude House PM SSS > Missha > Dr Jart > Etude House Magic

Texture (Thickness): Etude House PM SSS > Dr Jart > Missha > Etude House Magic

Glow-ness: Etude House Magic > Missha > Dr Jart > Etude House PM SSS

Breakouts: Non with all of them although Etude House Magic is a bit oily for me.

Surprisingly the Etude House PM SSS gives the most MATTE finish, almost feel powdery some times. not that it's a bad thing because I like matte finish products.

For more reviews about Etude House Precious Mineral Range, check out Kimiko's Review at Taciturnity Serenity - AKA The BB cream Queen.

Overall I liked the Etude house PM SSS better than their Magic BB. It's a good bb cream but I prefer Missha M Perfect Cover the best, I don't know what that product has but It just DOES what it claims to do except about the anti-aging part which I'm not too sure yet. So In ranking

1. Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream

2. Etude House PM SSS BB cream

3. Dr Jart Silver Label

4. Etude House Magic BB cream.

That's All for now, If you have any questions feel free to leave in comment or C-Box ........

Take cares.. ~~~ Off to 2 birthday parties this weekend. hehe=D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

[][]I'M BACK [][] HauL & FOTD~~~

Hey guys ~~~:::
I'm so sorry for not updating for SOOO LONG><>
so can't really taken photos and my phone camera sucks bad, I didn't want to put blurry pictures there's not much of a point.
I haven't got a proper camera yet, this is my New Phone Camera. I got my self a new TOUCH SCREEN Samsung F480, to be honest I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to use it. haha so not use to touch screen.
The camera is actually ok wise. gives reasonable photos.

SO I start with FOTD here:~
This is actually from Yesterday..
I CUT my hair and Dye it a lighter colour, if you can tell LOL
A Close Up:

Things I used:
- Dr jart silver label bb cream
- MAC MSF natural in Light/Medium
- Mac Mineralised blush in Gentle
- Mac Fluidline in black track
- FairDrop Mascara
- nothing LOL

So Now the Haul, I bought quite a bit of things and was testing them out. So here's what i got.
But I haven't test out all of them, just some of them.
Left To Right:
- Prima-Vista clear cover makeup base
- Etude house Precious Mineral BB cream #1(sheer silky skin -for combo/oily skin)
- Etude house BB Magic cream
- Missha glow rouge lipstick

Left To Right:
- Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara in Limited Edition
- FairyDrop Mascara (original)
- Majorlica Majorca Face Powder (new)

I love this packaging, both have cute packaging, similar size tubes.

Here's the brush for both of them. The Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara is for more length, it gives you seriously long lashes like falsies, and FairDrop Mascara gives you that volume, makes ur lashes look fuller.
here's the back of the packaging for Etude house precious mineral bb cream. (click image to enlarge)

the back of packaging for Etude house bb magic cream. (click image to enlarge)

I have an explaination for this picture... ~~~ HAHAHA
I was working in a fashion store partime, and there was a pot plant there with white pebbles in them. I was SOOO bored so I started drawing on them. It turned out quite funny, I think I was on too much coffee. LOL.
I will keep posting from now on.~~~ So stay tuned for more posts.
Take cares and enjoy your day where ever you are.