Sunday, August 31, 2008

King of Hearts

This is a random post=p I was bored on the train to uni.. so edited one of my previous FOTD photo.. and the theme is KING of HEARTS.. take a look at it ur self..

I think it's quite funny =p...

Any ways.. It's 1st of Sept here.. Happy Sept every one..
Will be updating a post on emerald eyes, got influenced by Digital Angel..
take cares...

New Out Fits

Hey all

Haven't been updating much these days. But I was shopping a bit for clothes instead of beauty and make up items..

So here's something I got this week.
And here's pair of shoes i saw which I really liked.. It's really silvery.. but atfirst I thought may be is too shiny.. but then when I tried it on.. was like WOW.. nice... so I bought it=p

Monday, August 25, 2008

[]FREE[] Sample Give Away!!!

Hey Guys.
Thank you so much for the hair advices. I have a new idea in my head now.
I'm thinking of giving away FREE product samples (5g); but you just have to pay for the Shipment fee which is US $5. The postage is not only for 1 sample product but as many as you like and as long as it FITS in the envelope.
As for the Payment.. I guess Paypal is the easiest???

Well, I figured I have all these bb creams & other products sitting there which I tried only once or twice (some products are just back ups of my other ones which i'm not really using atm). and It's gonna be wasted if it's just sitting in my draw, so I want to make some use of them.
The Samples comes in a little pink plastic screw top jar and will have approximately 5g of the product for testing. If you are interested please send email to

So here are the Product sample list:
- SkinFood Gingko Green bb cream (Colour #1) [suited for light/yellow base dry-normal skin]
- SkinFood Aloe Sun bb cream SPF 20+ (Colour #2) [suited for medium/pink normal-combination skin]
- Skin79 DermaRX bb cream [suited for medium normal-combination skin]
- Missha M Vita bb cream [suited for dry light-medium dry skin]
- Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream (Colour #21) [suited for normal - combination skin]
- Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener alcohol free [suited for combination- oily skin]
The reason why I'm giving away the shiseido softener is because I got it as a gift with two other shiseido products and haven't really got a chance to use this yet but when I opened it, it has this scent not strong at all but I don't like my toner to have fragrance in it. So it's just been sitting there doing nothing while I only pumped it once.
This is a Special One, I know that Jurlique is hard to find in USA and relatively expensive so I have a few products here if you wanted to try them I can sample them too.
- Jurlique Citrus Finishing Silk Powder [a setting powder and for oil blotting]
- Jurlique Arnica Cream [for dark eye circles/bruises and acne scars]
- Jurlique Balancing Day Cream [ for moisturising dehydrated skin and maintain skin balance]
If you have any questions regards to any of these products feel free to leave comments or email me. I promise you these products are all in good condition, and they will be hygiencally transferred to the sample jar.
Take Care. Have a nice day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Should I cut my hair and Perm it?

Hey all.
Feel like my straight long hair is getting boring........ ><...
So I want to cut it to medium length and curl it?? But I never had curly hair before don't really know if it will be all freezy and spending more time in the morning to get ready and then late for uni. hehe.. SO I gave it a trail run today. I clipped up the long sections of my hair and curled the medium lenght ones. Thinking of cutting it to my shoulder lenght?? No idea.. you guys have any idea or advice you can give me??

Also, I haven't used the Esprique Precious Glamorous Glossy eye shadows. I used the purple one. Realised that it's quite good in terms of staying power and using it as base. hehe It didn't crease on me and I have like Oily eye lids.. So yeah.. I used it with Everyday Mineral's eye shadow in Floating Feather and SnowFlakes.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jurlique Review & Mini HauL =3

Hey all
It's been a Long week for me. So much so happened, My uncle passed away with brain cancer and Funeral and every thing. So I donno, Just feel like why is life so unfair, why doens't things like this happen to those murders, rapests out there?? sigh..

Any ways, besides the depressing moments of my week, guess there are joyful ones to balance it out. I bought the MAC 5 brush set in Purple. I actually wanted to get the MAC 187 brush for a long long time now, but then it was AUD$87 just for one brush. Then I saw the 5 Brush set for AUD$110.. I thought why not??and it have the brush set case and a make up bag. hehehe
Ok So back to the main topic, I have two Jurlique products that I am doing a review on. The reason why I like Jurlique so much is that it is good for skin as it contains all natural and herbal ingredients and so it can be used on sensitive skins like my self.

The products are:
- Jurlique Citrus Silk Finishing Dust, Reblance Oiliness
- Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream, Maintain Balance

Jurlique Citrus Silk Finishing Dust, Reblance Oiliness

It comes in a plastic container with a puff and sifter. The container is pretty good for bringing it along when travelling because it's light and the puff stops excess powder coming out from the container.

The Product
The powder it self has a light citrus refreshing smell which I LOVE; they have the lavender version of this but I didn't like the smell of that one. I tried it on my hand at the Jurlique Counter, it was really finely milled and I purposely put extra on, and it didn't look really cakey or powder or even white-ish. It just stays as translucent, which is a Plus for me. Then the shop assistant came over and showed me how it would work on OIL. So she put some rose oil on her hand and spread it all over her hand, I was shocked at first because she over spilled excess oil on her hand. but when she used the puff to press and dust the silk powder on top of the oil.. OMG.. I WAS SOLD!!! the oily appearence completely disappeared and it was MATTE finish. like WOW. But before I bought it I checked out its ingredients just incase it had some weird stuff in it. Here's a picture of the back of the box, the main ingredient is Zea Mays which is corn starch, then the second one is Rice Starch followed by Silica. So if ur allergic to corn starch or silica I suggest u don't buy it. It's actually similar to Everday Minerals' silk dust, except it is finely grinded not so grainy I guess. But the major difference is this stuff has AMAZING oil control ability like I normally would go oily after 3.5 hours of dusting EDM silk dust. But this stuff lasts me 6 hours before I need to BLOT.. and I only Blot once a day with this stuff. But if you have DRY skin, I don't recommend you buying this, other wise give it a try you will like it. I give it a 8.5/10

Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream, Maintain Balance

I actually wasn't going to buy this item, but the SA was introducing me to this as she saw that my face was extremely dry with fine lines and flakey skin ><.. the downside of winter. So my skin goes all weird on me, having oily surface but dry skin. So she said in the morning don't use heavy face wash and using harsh exfoliator to get rid of dead skin may make ur skin worst. So she recommended me this .

I was skeptical as first, but she try it on my hand. She said you just work it a big in ur hand first then press into the skin and keep pressing for 30 seconds wash off with warm water. I was like it's got oats and grainy almonds in it.. How you surpose me to use this ??? but right after she cleaned the things off. The skin on my hand feel like button, so soft and every thing. So she told me she uses this in the morning with a bit of water and that's it. I bought it and gave it a try for about a week, hehe my face isn't so dry any more, it feels more supple and soft. I LOVE this thing..

So gentle on the skin doesn't scratch at all. If you have dry skin, give this a try. Highly recommend it. I give it a 9/10.

By Purchasing two products they gave me a free samples of other products to try. They were on a Promotion.. hehe so happy. The kit includes Lavender Hydrating Mist, Moisture Replenishing Mask and Wrinkle Softening Cream.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

NEW CHANEL Addiction/ me & my HAT =p

Hey all
As you have noticed i'm sure.. Chanel came out with a new Collection recently. The " Reflection & Light"... hehe I stole a picture of the model who's promoting the it is.Doesn't she look Gorgeous??? Love her Nails and her Cheek.. Though I think the make up artist should use a more Browny or Orange lip color which matches wither the gold highlight on her cheeks and her nails.. but then again that's my opinion.

I love this look, so I made my version of the Gold look=p.. I used every thing gold and Sparkley I can find.. hehe And I thought since I'm going out to play Badminton with friends, don't really need much of heavy make up, but do want to look healthy and glowy I guess??? So here's pictures of my invented look=p.. after I took few photos.. rushed out to play sport =p

So the things I can find and used for my eyes that's GOLD HAHAHAHA.. such a gold digger=p

MAC bare canvas paint
NYX champaign all over the lid
Lunasol Coral 01 the Gold part on 1/3 of top eyelid and 2/3 on bottom
Everyday Minerals Oasis on 1/3 of top eyelid and crease
Lunasol Coral 01 the Brown Part near the top eyelid lashes and 1/3 on the bottom
Dior Show Mascara in Very Black
NYX eye pencil in Black

then BLEND!!! hehehe I'm practicing my blending SKILLS... which sucks. I took pictures of my eyes closely.. but it was all BLURRY>___<

Revlon Lipgloss in Glossy Rose

Dior Forever Flawless Liquid Foundation
Everyday Minerals in Fairly Light Neutral
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Duo Highlight part on top cheek bone
Clinique Bronzer in Sun kissed for Contouring
Warm Soul for blush
WOW that's a LONG LONG list.. hehehe
I blogged so many posts in the last 3 days.. taking advantage of the weekend.. I HATE mondays... Have fun guys.. take cares.. see you soon..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

WAVY hair & FOTD

Hey all..
I think i'm loving these new contact lenses.. HAHAHAHA it's a new addiction.. before it was my bb cream collection.. now is contact lenses.. any hows.. ignore my craziness and blabing on =p..

I did a swatch of the new NYX eye shadows I got.. here's a picture..

Top: Deep Purple, Flamingo
Bottom: Champaign, Oro

I waved my hair today.. going out once in a while=p.. and so thought my every day straight hair is BORING.. so before i got changed I took a photo of my wavy hair.. and I'm finally using my Laura Mercier oil-free Tinted Moisturizer..(lol the name is soo long).. It doesn't look as pale as my bb cream... but I love it.. cuz it doesn't make my face so OILY... i have combination skin.. and get oily after couple hours ><.. may be the MAC blotting powder helps??? here's some Pictures.. you guys think that I look a bit more mature with wavy hair??? compare to my straight hair??hehehe

With FlashUnder Natural Light


Laura Mercier oil free TM in Nude

MAC blot powder in medium

MAC mineralize Skinfinish Duo

MY beloved WARM SOUL ='3


No shadows today & I don't do my brows either just make it tidy LOL.. that's why it looks weird

MAC technikhol eyeliner in graphic black on bottom waterline and inner upper waterline

L'oreal Liquid eyeliner in mica black

Maybelline define a lash mascara

I think the nude tinted Moisturizer went a bit orange on me.. i donno.. weird.. and so it looked a bit dark after a while ><....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Lenses & FOTD

Hey all
I'm so happy cuz I just received my new contact lenses. they are the Deuba DM 23 Grey.
They are actually more comfortable than the magic black ones.. the magic black ones are weird.. they never really settled down after I wore them for 15 min even. mostly, the contacts I wear would settle down and fit into my eyes pretty well after 10-15 min. Any ways.. I'm surpose to do a swatch on the new NYX eye shadows but the photos turned out to be kind of blurry so I will retake the pictures another time.

Any hows.. to the FOTD with my new contact lenses.. hope you guys like it ^___^
- Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream # 21
- Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Duo
- Mac Blot Powder in medium
- Mac Sonic Chick Collection in Warm Soul for cheeks
- Mac Paint in bare canvas
- NYX eye shadow in Flamingo
- NYX eye shadow in Deep Purple
- Mac technikhol eye liner in Graphic Black for waterline
- L'Oreal liquid eyeliner in Black Mica
- DM 23 Grey Contacts
- Mac lipstick in Juiblee
btw.. My top eyelid's eye shadow blending is TERRIBLE... u can't even see it when I opened my eyes.. so i don't dare to show you guys how it looks ><>

In this photo you can see the warm soul on the side.. looks really pretty.. I love it.. I personally didn't really like Nuance.. found it a bit too light and peachy on my skin.. a bit weird.. but I Fell in LOVE with Warm Soul.. Highly Recommended.. hehe That's all for today..
Enjoy the rest of the day.. see you guys soon...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally, after 3 LONG weeks

Hey all
I'm slow at blogging these days. But some how i'm kind of obsessed with MAC now.
been wondering around MAC stands in department stores... I picked up a few things from MAC. and FINALLY... my NYX eye shadows came in through the post.. HAPPY...

here's what I got.

Top: trio in baby pink, barely there, cotton candy.

Bottom: Flamingo, Deep Purple, Oro and Champaign.

Didn't have time to do a swatch. so I will do that soon. But the Oro looks weird.. thought it would be a orangy color rather than a brown taupe?? may be the seller made a mistake??

So onto MAC. I swear how slow Australia is compare to USA and other countries in any thing.. technology, make up and fashions. >__<>

So I went to the MAC stand and bought my self Warm Soul. at first i was going to get Nuance, but it was too peachy and light in colour, didn't really show up on me. but Warm Soul.. Is beautiful!!!. Love every single grain of that stuff =p.. may be i should get my self a back up, not like i will ever finish this one.
And as I was there, I picked up some other stuff too. From Stephy's review on MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Duo, I went to try it and I LOVE it.. though the shimmer is a bit too shimmery but I like it.. I also got my self a Eye Paint in Bare canvas and Lipstick in Juiblee. I wanted to find a Nude color lipstick, but after I bought it, I think juiblee is a bit too dark on me ><.. SAD...

Here's a swatch of the warm soul & MAC MSF Duo.

The Top is the matte side of MSF, the middle is the shimmer part of MSF and the bottom is warm soul. it looks soooo pretty. I find that MSF is so much more convinient than Everyday Minerals. I don't apply it with my brushes, instead i use it with a Sponge. I think using a Dry Sponge on MSF gives a better coverage and longer lasting too.

OK Here's a new discovery for today..

I was surfing other people's Blog and I came across this particular one as I was looking for review for the new MAC starflash collection. and She is SOOOO pretty. I will steal a picture from her site to show you what i'm talking about and I will link her blog too. Arora is her name. Check out her Blog. and here's 2 pictures from her blog.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pressie from Japan & FOTD

Hey all,Sorry for taking so long to update posting >< update ="p
A friend of mine came back from Japan exchange ...... and she got me some gifts.. i'm so happy.. I think they are quite expensive too but i'm happy ='3

She got me the Beaute de Kose, Esprique Precious Glamorous Glossy Eyes ( such a long name) in Purple and Blue.. same as Nic Nic's.. hehehe

and Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in Coral Coral (01).& This is what it looks like.. ( SOOO PRETTY)

hehe I will do swatches of them later, don't want to use it.. looks too nice to be used ><>

I'm Addicted to Certain MAC products now here's a wishing LIST
- Mineralized Skinfinish DUO ( it looks so pretty and good reviews plus i saw stephy using it )
- Warm Soul from Sonic Chick collection
- Lipstick in Cherish/High Tea
- MAC #187 Brush
- Eye Shadow Paint in Bare Canvas
- Lipgloss in Revealing
That's a handful of stuff on my wishing list =p

Now, here's a quick FOTD.. I look too WHITE I think.. so washed out like a ghost.. may be cuz it's the flash of the camera?? no idea...btw I tied my hair up, usually tie my hair up to go to uni cuz too messy and gets tangled ><

Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream (# 21)
Everyday Minerals semi-matte in Fairly Light Neutral
Shiseido Maqulliage Design Face Color # 30 ( the brown part)
Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara in black
Revlon Lip GLoss in Nude Lustre

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My ]-[AUL....='3

Hey hey..
Remember the foundation problem??? Thank you every one for your advices.. I went to try all diff brands foundation in liquid/cream and powder form. I finally Picked 2 which I really like cuz I couldn't decide which one, so I just got both =p.. Here's a picture of the stuff I got. Warning: Picture loaded...
Top Row: Mac Blotting Powder (medium), Dior Forever Flawless Liquid Foundation, Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara, & Revlon Lipgloss in glose rose and nude lustre.

Bottom Row : Laura Mercier Tinted Moistureizer in Nude.

Here is a picture closer to the lipgloss and at then followed by its swatch.

Left ( Gloss Rose) Right ( Nude Lustre)

The lipgloss I really love, Was tempted to buy those Dior Lipglosses, but the price is T___T They sell it double the price compare to USA.. So I didn't end up getting them. The Nude Lustre is like a pale soft browny pink no glitters and the Gloss Rose is a more pink and pigmented colour which contains fine shimmer not too much just to make the lips a bit more glossy.. LOVE them both.. hehehe

Mac Blot Powder in Medium, I heard good reviews about this I use it over the Dior foundation, it tends to sink into pores><.. it's weird.. the oil absorbing power is ok.. not Superb but does the job.

Maybelline Full& Soft Mascara.. I like it. It actually coats every single strand of the lash and thicken it nicely but not TOO dramatic.. and safe for contact lense wearers. It doesn't smudge and flake.. hehehe I think it's worth the try... suitable for every day use.

Ok Here are the photos of the clothes i bought.. hehehe

I also got a Guess Bag white.. What you guys think of the bag?? does it look to bright??

That's all for now.. hehe I think I bought heaps stuff that day.. went crazy =p

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Up Coming Posts

Hey all
Sorry for delay posting.. My uni just started and I have some time table clash, also trying to sort our my Lab time for my thesis project.. so yeah.. kind of hectic as this will be my last semester in uni then I will be graduating !!!.. finally

Any ways.. I have a few things I will show you guys.. Please stay tuned.
- My haul on foundation and other stuff I picked up (Thank you all for the foundation advices)I haven't had time to take photo yet ><

- I bought a pair of grey contacts... I actually tried the Acuvue Define.. It looks similar to my Magic Black ones but a bit more subtle. But I didn't like them so I changed them to Acuvue Oasys fortnightly ones.. I love them.. So when those grey contacts comes in I will do a FOTD and ask you guys for opinion of how it looks =p

- I bought some stuff over the net.. mainly NYX eye shadows... waiting for the POSTAGE to come in.. it's been 2 weeks already.. how slow can this get??? I mean Australia and USA is not that far, just on the other side of the hemesphere right?? lol

Take Care all. and Hope you all enjoy Augst =p..