Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[] GIVE AWAY[]~~~~

Hey all~~
I just want to do a give away for those who gives me support, suggestions and comments and things through out all these time that I have been blogging. Thank you~~~

Give away is open until the 5th of August, Friday 12 midnight (UTC+10.00.) Sydney time

There are two prices that I want to give away, before we get into the prices, there are just a few things that you need to do in order to be eligible for this give away.
- Follow my blog
- Tell me what product you could not live without and the reason why. (in the comment box)
- Leave an email or contact information so I can contact you when you win the price.

First Price
- Sleek Pallete - Oh So Special
- Naruko Narcissus Total Defence BB cream
- La Femme blush in Indian Rose
- Various Samples

Second Price
- Visee Nude Glam Eyes in N-3
- Estee Lauder Cyber White EX UV protector
- Vaseline Lip Essence lip blam
- Clinique pallete
- Various Samples

Feel Free to pass on this Giveaway, so every one have a chance.

Thank you again for all the support.~~~Even for those who just read my blog posts but don't comment.

Friday, July 22, 2011

[] Cezanne Neri Essence Foundation Compact Review[]

Hey all~~~
Just wanted to do a quick review today on the Cezanne UV Essence Neri Foundation.
This foundation is full coverage, it's a cream compact which sets to a powdery finish. Covers up the pores and help with dry patches which gives a glossy finish. Though it does dry kind of dewy finish.

It contains Hyaluronic acid, Apple extract, Yeast extract, Collagen and Amino acid system extract (moisturizing ingredients).It also have SPF26PA++.

This is what the container looks like.
Also this is how it looks when you open it. So it's got flip compartment which you can put the sponge and not on top of the foundation it self for hygiene purpose.

Here's a picture of my bare face under the natural indoor lighting, no flashes. you can see all sorts of stuff like pores.
Here's a picture of the product swatched on my wrist to show the coverage power. You can see that it covers the blue of my vein showing on my wrist and also it's quite yellow. the shadow is a really yellow base.

So here it is applied with fingers. you don't really need to use the sponge to apply it glides on smoothly, easily blended with fingers. and a little bit goes a long way. the coverage is definitely FULL coverage.

How did it turn out as the day go by? well I have combination skin. currently combination dry because of winter, heaters and things. So I thought I needed a bit more of moisture foundation so my dry patches don't show up. This started off with a beautiful full coverage foundation without looking cakey. I would even say that it covers better than my Estee Lauder DW, which surprises me. It settles from a cream to powder within 2-3 minutes. you can top it off with a powder or just leave it. But 4-5 hours through out the day, my nose start to get oily and around my T zone. by the end of the day my face was just oily. had to blot twice to get rid of that oil.

No breakouts but i just think it is too moisturising for combination skin. Probably perfect for those who have dry skin. If you apply less of the product and blend it out, you can achieve a medium coverage. really nice quality but just too moisturising for me. So I pass it on to my mum, she loves it.

It also helps with tired looking skin, give it that bit of extra dewiness and glow, plus it has a UV protection, so you don't need another sunscreen over it. I mean you can always use a primer for a longer staying power, but I test it out without any primer underneath just my moisturiser.

[] Give away coming up soon. ~~~[] excited to share.. ~~~

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

[] Feeling Pink~~~ []

Hey all~~
Haven't done a FOTD post in a long time. Thought I would do one with the new Visee Glow Glam Pallete in Pk-1. I'm feeling a bit pink these days.. for some reason.. thought to be a bit more girly...

Here's list of things I used for this FOTD~~~~~~
- Estee Lauder Double Wear in Desert Beige (got a new bottle because I finished Fresco)
- Laura Mercier mineral powder in Sand ( HG loose powder)
- Rimmel Match Perfect Concealer
- Rimmel Bronzer in 022 Sun bronze
- Mac blush in Fleur Power (used with a stippling brush)

- Visee Glow Glam Pallete in PK-1
- Mac fluidline in Black
- Lavschuca brow set in LB
- Canmake brow gel in 03 Natural
- Maybelline Magnum Mascara in Black
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance ( forgot to put in the picture)

- Estee Lauder Lipstick in Crystal Pink ( This is the old package, they have the new package which looks fabulous but it's the same thing).
Honestly, I think I prefer this lipstick to Mac Angel, I mean this is a very girly pink but it's a buildable colour without being pastel.... like that milky looking pink. And the Estee Lauder lipstick gives that glossy look without gloss and none sticky!!! Highly recommended..!!!

The Visee Glow Glam PK-1 remind me of my Lunasol Pink Coral pallete. So I got it out to do a quick comparison. Photo taken under natural indoor light no flash.
Did a quick swatch of the two palletes. The top 4 colour belongs to Lunasol. the bottom 4 colours belong to Visee. The pink from lunasol is more warm and sheer than visee. and the brown from lunasol is more red than visee. visee's brown is a true brown, where the lunasol is more of a warm copper colour. The gold from lunasol is very yellow, where as the visee's gold is more white.
So here's what the eye make up looks like. Used the gold colour all over lid. and the pink one in the outer half of the lid, also applied along bottom lash line. Apply mac gel eyeliner on top lashes and 1/3 of bottom outer corner. then use the brown colour from the pallete using the sponge tip to apply it over the eyeliner and blend it out. do the same for bottom 1/3 outer corner. Curl the lashes and then apply the Mascara. let it dry then apply second layer. if you want you can keep building.

For face, contour with rimmel bronzer. it's so natural love it !!!. best buy ever. ditched my Nars laguna, probably get that out in the summer. because it's too shimmery right now. then apply Mac's blush in fleur power using stippling blush.
Apply lip stick....... you can apply the Estee Lauder's lipstick any way you want. No skills no techniques required. HAHAHA still looks good....... LOVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~..... go out there and get it !!
and finished......... girly pink look.
I wanted to take pictures but the sun went down was too dark so had to turn on bathroom light><.... it looks more shimmery with natural lighting. I don't mean glittery . but like a nice sheen with soft colours. LOVE........... definately a keeper ( I mean the pallete)

That's all for today. Hope every one have a great weekend !!!!!

Lots reviews and stuff coming up...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

[] July HauL[]~~~

Hey all ~~~
just going to do a quick haul post on the things i bought this months. After all these I will be on makeup ban, no more buying until September. Trying to save money... and not spend on things that I already have.

I am always tempted to buy things when looking at other people's posts, reviews and haul videos. But I realise that I have the things I need, I don't really need more.. plus going to take me a long long time to finish the makeup i have... That being said. lets get on with the haul ^^

Here's a list of things I got:
- Visee gel eyeliner in black
- Maybelline Magnum Mascara in black
- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in Bo20
- Mac blush in Fleur Power
- Nars blush in Angelika
- Nars single eyeshadow in Cairo
- Visee blooming ees in Pu-2
- Visee Glam nude eyes in N-3
- Visee Glow glam eyes in Pk-1

Here's a closer look at Nars Angelika and Cairo..
Angelika is a cool tones bubblegum pink and At first I thought it won't suit my NC-15/20 skin because I am yellow toned, but it actually looks different once applied. quite nice, a change from my Nars DT blush which is nearly finished.

I saw lots and lots of reviews for the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, so finally decided to try it. I got the colour in B20. a more yellow based colour. It says light to medium coverage, I think it's more of a Medium coverage, which isn't a bad thing for me. will do review once I've used enough of it.

Mac fleur power blush has been on my wishing list for a while. never actually gone out and get it. It's super pigmented. use a mac 187 to apply. and it's a really refreshing pink...... suits Asian skintone very well.

Heres the three Visee palletes.
Here's a closer look. I have the Glam Nude pallete in N-2. I love that pallete to death and probably hitting pan very soon. So I decided to get this one in N-3. I don't know I was on a purple hit and wanted to get a refreshing purple colour. I didn't like Visee Glam shade eyes that much, because the glitter was chunky and too shimmery for day time use. probably thinking of giving that one away.

The Visee Glow Glam eyes are new, just came out recently. I got it in pk-1 because I saw some one did a look with that pallete and really like it. so i thought i give it a try. CHeck out her blog for the looks using PK-1 and BR-2

Here's a swatch.
Left is Nars Angelika swatched heavily on top and blended at the bottom
Middle is MAC fleur power swatched heavily on top and blended at the bottom
Right is Nars first I thought it's a cream shadow because it was sooo soft and velvety.

That's all for today. Take cares. ~~~

Monday, July 4, 2011

[] All About Coral~~~[]

Hey All~~~~~~~~~~
How's every one's weekend?? It was beautiful weather in Sydney, and really wished it was summer so I can hit the beach, instead it's in middle of winter.. so cold......... But the trend of summer now in Northern Hem is coral....... hence the title... ^^

I just wish summer could get there faster............ I love coral colours. being an Asian, having yellow toned skin, corals suits me better than pinks. I find that it's harder to pull of a bubblegum pink lipstick or a dolly pink blush. But as for Coral colours, straight away lifts the face, and make me look brighter. I stopped buying dolly pink things........... It looks so nice swatched on hand, but when I apply it on my face.. just doesn't work how I wished it did.

Giving a few examples of pink items that are hard for me:
- Mac Angel Lipstick
- Mac Please me Lipstick
- Mac Pink swoon blush
- Nars Angelika blush
- Maybelline pink please lipstick

So that being said, I picked out a few favourite coral coloured items which is great for summer, or any time of the year when you feel a bit coraly........

I start off with Lipsticks:
- Bobbi Brown lipcolor in Salmon
- Bobbi Brown rich lipcolor in Soft Coral
- Revlon colorburst in Peach
- Barry M lip paint 147 peachy pink

This is what they look like under natural indoor lighting.
Then onto the blushes:
Bronzer in summer is always great to give you that healthy glow........ but blushes can add a bit more of a colour to your face.
- Mac MSF in Stereo Rose ( got this some time last year) so bad that it's limited edition.
- Mac cream blush in Lilicent. (going to be discontinued, there will be similar colour coming out with new formula)
- Nars Luster
There are other great coral coloured blushes out there. you don't have to go and rush out pay so much for mac's products of Nars..

So here are some swatches for you.
Top(L to R):
- Salmon lip color
- Soft Coral rich lip color
- Peach
- Barry M 147 peachy pink

Bottom (L to R):
- Mac stereo rose
- Mac lilicent
- Nars Luster

My favourite lip color have to be Soft Coral.......... just a pretty colour without being neon like the Barry M 147, peach is a similar colour but slightly pinker.. some times I apply soft coral directly to the lips and then blot with a tissue paper to give that natural lip with hint of coral..
Second favourite is Salmon....... a more nude coral but still pretty.............

My favourite coral blush probably Nars Luster, not really truely a coral but an apricot with gold shimmers. I add a bit more of a pink on top some times. so it doesn't seem so orange.

Some times Orange toned blush can look gorgeous, but I really dont know how to pull it off............

That's all for today.. Have a great week... HATE MONDAYS!!!~

Saturday, July 2, 2011

ELF complexion brush review

Hey all ~~~
Recently, I was looking for a powder brush. Some times I find that kabuki brushes picks up too much powder and deposits too much product on the spot the brush first touches. and doesn't give an even coverage. So i was checking brushes out on internet, and turns out MAC 134 is a decent powder brush, but so expensive.

but alot people compare it to the ELF complexion brush. So I decided to get the ELF complexion brush instead.

Comes with a case and brush protector. so you can bring it with you, how handy.

Just wanted to do a quick comparison to my EcoTools brushes. So the Top is ecotools blush brush, the bottom is ecotools powder brush.

Comparing it to the blush brush, ELF is a bit bigger, but shorter bristles. so more sturdy. covers a larger area but still small enough to get into the curved areas of the face.
The powder brush from ecotools is bigger and longer in bristles, but it's sooo flimsy for applying powder. it makes powder fly every where, which I don't like. The ELF brush is so soft, picks up the right amount of powder to apply to half of my face, distributes product evenly. and can be used as a blush brush as well. multi purpose brush..

I clean it with shampoo and warm water, no shedding. great quality. plus its synthetic bristles, no harm to animals.. plus points for me.

Highly recommended!!!!......... every one should have one......... a fraction of a cost compared to mac, great quality...... easy to use, clean and store.. nothing i don't like about it............ thumbs up ^^