Saturday, July 2, 2011

ELF complexion brush review

Hey all ~~~
Recently, I was looking for a powder brush. Some times I find that kabuki brushes picks up too much powder and deposits too much product on the spot the brush first touches. and doesn't give an even coverage. So i was checking brushes out on internet, and turns out MAC 134 is a decent powder brush, but so expensive.

but alot people compare it to the ELF complexion brush. So I decided to get the ELF complexion brush instead.

Comes with a case and brush protector. so you can bring it with you, how handy.

Just wanted to do a quick comparison to my EcoTools brushes. So the Top is ecotools blush brush, the bottom is ecotools powder brush.

Comparing it to the blush brush, ELF is a bit bigger, but shorter bristles. so more sturdy. covers a larger area but still small enough to get into the curved areas of the face.
The powder brush from ecotools is bigger and longer in bristles, but it's sooo flimsy for applying powder. it makes powder fly every where, which I don't like. The ELF brush is so soft, picks up the right amount of powder to apply to half of my face, distributes product evenly. and can be used as a blush brush as well. multi purpose brush..

I clean it with shampoo and warm water, no shedding. great quality. plus its synthetic bristles, no harm to animals.. plus points for me.

Highly recommended!!!!......... every one should have one......... a fraction of a cost compared to mac, great quality...... easy to use, clean and store.. nothing i don't like about it............ thumbs up ^^


Janel said...

I have that brush too & I love it ^_^. Elf's studio line has pretty good brushes, especially for $3, you can't go wrong :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I have them too! I love most of my ELF brushes!

Askmewhats said...

I haven't tried any ELF brushes! Thanks for the reco!

Charlotte Amber said...

I couldnt live without my E.L.F powder brush its amazing

i have a review on my blog if interested

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