Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[] New yr New Skincare items[]

 Hey all~~
This is a haul post. I bought some new skincare items for new the new years. Mostly gentle skincare items for sensitive skin. and they are mostly organic things.

 First of all I bought two items from Pai skincare, it is a British brand. certified organics every thing pure organic and natural no artificial colours, fragrance and parabens. That's why if you purchased the item you have to use it with in one year. No preservatives. try to keep them at a cool place away from the sun.

 The two items I bought are:
- Soothing & strengthening for very reactive skin moisturiser ( chamomile and rosehip ) for sensitive skin
- Rosehip bioregenate fruit and seed oil blend

 This is what it looks like out of the package. The oil is a bright orange colour gets absorbed surprisingly fast!! definitely top quality. I've only tried it a couple times so not exactly sure to do a review yet. 

I also bought other items:
- ASAP soothing gel (aloe vera, Sage and green tea ) ideal for oily skin
- A'kin pure emergency gel (for sun burnt skin) contains aloe vera
- Alpha-H soothing & calming mask
- Alpha-H balancing cleanser (contains aloe vera)

Here's what the item looks like.
the green gel is the ASAP-soothing gel
the blue tinted paste the is the Alpha-H soothing & calming mask
the bottom white blob is the Alpha-H balancing cleanser

I know I bought a quite few items that has rose hip, chamomile and aloe vera. These three ingredients are known to restore, heal and calm down sensitive skin. I don't want to put harsh chemicals and things like that to aggravate my sensitive skin. I know there are alot of expensive skincares out there big brands, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will be good for you. I tend to look for things that doesn't contain alcohol, parabens and any thing that might cause allergic reactions. 

That's all for today. hope every one have a great week.

Take cares until next post~~~

Saturday, January 7, 2012

[] Best of 2011 Skincare~~[]

Hey all ~~~
This post is about the best of 2011 skincare products.
there was a while where my skin was so sensitive and itchy and allergic to lots of different products. The reason is that you need to stick to your skincare regime because if you keep switching products, your skin isn't getting use to so it tends to get more sensitive. Also if products have fragrance and parabens it's more likely to make your skin reactive and sensitive. 

So I think i'm going to stick one skincare regime. if you find products that works great for you. stick to it. so your skin will get use to it and even if you want to try new products. may be bring in one at a time don't change the whole skincare range at once.

SANA Nameraka foaming wash
I've been using this facewash for a long time. I have combination/some times oily skin this face wash is great leaves a clean clean fresh feel.

Clarisonic Mia
honestly best buy of 2011. Helps to get rid of dead skin and which decreases the formation of black heads and less chance of blocked pores and pimples. I have a review on this. so check it out. Here

Olay moisturising lotion ( sensitive skin)
Really good for sensitive skin. gives good moisture not too oily, not too heavy. staple.

Naruko Raw Job's Tear whitening serum 
fast absorbed. i don't see any whitening, though i can see my acne scars lightning up.does make my face look radiant and brightened when i wake up in the morning.

Naruko Raw Job's Tear Night Gelly/ Niaouli & Tea Tree Night Gelly
I alternate between these two night gelly, if i feel like pimples or sth is coming up. I use the tea tree one. If not I usually use the Raw Job's Tears gelly. keeps all the moisture in while you sleep.

Shiseido Extra smooth sun protection cream for face SPF36PA+++
The best sunscreen for face. It gets absorbed, it doesn't leave white oily, yuky residue. it is water resistant so perfect for the beach. just make sure you wash it off properly at night.

That's all for this post.....................
enjoy your week...........

Sunday, January 1, 2012

[] Best of 2011~~makeup.[]

 Hey all~~
HAPPY NEW YEARS... BEST of 2012.. ~~~~

I wanted to share the best of the makeup items for 2011.. ~~
There will be a skincare version coming up, but this is make up items only.

 Liquid Foundation:

 - Estee Lauder Double Wear
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
- Bourjois Healthy Mix (Review)

 Powder Foundation:

 - Maquilliage Lightning White Powdery UV Foundation (Review)
- Cezanne Ultra Cover II Foundation (Review)
- Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation SPF15 in real sand

 - Nars Laguna (Review)
- NYC Sunny (Review)
- NARS Luster (review)
- Mac Springsheen

Mascara/Eyelash Curler:

 - Maybelline Magnum volume express
- Kiss Me Heorine Curl & Volume
- Active Girl Full long Mscara
- Maquillage Eyeslash Curler


 - Mentholatum lip gel
- Burt's Bees tinted lip blam in hibiscus
- Rimmel in Airy Fairy
- Estee Lauder in Crystal Pink
- Bobbi Brown rich lip color in Crimson
- Bobbi Brown rich lip color in Soft Coral
- Revlon Color Burst in Mauve

 Here's the swatches:  in order of
- Burt's Bees tinted lip blam in hibiscus
- Rimmel in Airy Fairy
- Estee Lauder in Crystal Pink
- Bobbi Brown rich lip color in Crimson
- Bobbi Brown rich lip color in Soft Coral
- Revlon Color Burst in Mauve

Eye shadow/Primer:

- Urban Decay Naked Palette (swatches)
- Lunasol three dimension eyes in 03 (look)
- Visee Glam Nude Eyes in N2 (look)
- Wet & Wild walking on eggshell
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance