Saturday, September 10, 2011

[]Lunasol three dimensional eyes 03 -FOTD~~[]

Hey all~~~~
I went out yesterday and I couldn't wait to try the new Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes palette so I did a quick FOTD. I was going for a more natural/subtle look so nothing dramatic.

I thought the pallete would be really shimmery but it turns out really pretty not over glittery like my Lunasol CORAL CORAL palette.......... I don't think my camera is doing any justice though.

Here a list of things I used for this FOTD:
- Cezanne powder foundation. I just did a review for this.
- Nars Laguna bronzer
- Mac Fleur Power blush
- Mac powerpoint eyeliner in Duck ( brown)
- Lavshuca brow set LB-1 ( forgot to take photo)
- Canmake brow gel in 03 ( forgot this one too)
- Maquillage eyelash curler (sigh..... forgot this one as well)
- Too Faced shadow insurance
- Kiss me Heroine mascara (volume and curl)
- Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes in 03
- Estee Lauder lipstick in Crystal pink (old formula and packaging)

This is kind of like a semi tutorial post too. I tried to show the steps of how I used the palette, but I don't think it's any help though. sad.................. T__T

Pictures taken under natural indoor bathroom light. (No flash used)

First: Apply shadow insurance then Curl your lashes......... Apply the mac powerpoint eyeliner. Doesn't matter if it's messy. And kind of extend the outer corner a bit. I didn't wing it out. Also apply 1/3 of the outer corner of the lower lashes.
Apply the top right colour all over the lid as a base.
then apply the purple 1/2 of the lid blending upwards.
then use the brown from the palette to trace over the eyeliner you draw before. extending the corner and you can make a wing if you like. Using eyeshadows to make a wing makes it more natural than using eyeliners.
Take the white from the top left, apply it to the brow bone.
Apply Mascara and your done.
This is what it looks like quite subtle shimmery look. but my camera doesn't do the justice of showing the colour and how pretty it looks in real life.

and here's a finished look.......... Nothing dramatic. keep it natural...... ^^but I do have to say... this looks very springy although the collection is promoting a autumn/winter season......

Hope every one is enjoying their weekend.......


Pammy said...

Very pretty! :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Perfectly gorgeous!

MEOW said...

very pretty look! :) u have such beautiful eyes

Annie said...

I've been looking at your blog frequently for some time now and I noticed how Your skin looks really nice especially in more recent posts. May I just ask what made such a difference in Your skin? I have quite bad skin history and right now it's a lot better but it's still very oily and my skin texture is bad (big pores, blackheads etc). Also, I stay in Australia as well!