Friday, September 9, 2011

[]Little Brown Box.. Lunasol~[]

Hey all~~~
Haven't been posting much because I'm sick at the moment.. so pretty much taking it easy. Hopefully my health would get back to normal soon so I can get my work done (which is piling up now).

Recently Lunasol by Kanebo came out with their new 2011 Autumn/Winter collection called Three Dimensional Eyes. It has 5 colours. These eyeshadows are based on the idea of light and shade and that it's all revolving around neutral beige undertones for a more natural look but with different light (shimmery) variations.
01 = Beige Beige
02 = Soft Beige ( pink)
03 = Mysterious Beige ( purple)
04 = Cool Beige (green/grey)
05 = Deep Beige (taupe/grey)

I didn't think 01/04/05 attracted me all that much because they are pretty much VERY neutral basic shades. so it was between 02 pink or 03 purple. I find that pink some times makes my eyes looks puffy and pink can make you look tired........ so I decided to go with purple as it is after all my favourite colour.

While looking at the new collection, I had some interest in blue colours. Some how these days I am into deep/dark blue shades, I find them compliment my skintone/eye colour quite well for some reason. I saw their Nature Eyes Collection had that kind of dark blue I was looking for. It was the 04 palette called Nature Beige. these palettes are based on the natural scenery of the Earth and this one is based on desert sand.

Warning: Picture Heavy.
Yeah the box is a bit squashed in the mail. but the content is all good.

Really nice packaging, simple elegant, I like... :)
This is what the Lunasol Nature Beige 04 looks like the box comes with instruction which I don't really understand but the website has English version which is handy.
This is the Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes in 03 and its instructions.

Picture of both with flash.

Ok Lets start with the Three Dimensional Eyes in Mysterious Beige

A picture of it with flash.
Under natural indoor lighting.
A close up.
Here's a swatch of the colours in natural indoor lighting
A picture of swatch under the sun. Love that purple and the dark brown.. actually every thing is nice.. matches perfectly, If you are going for a more natural look. you can just skip the purple and it becomes an every day palette. how handy........

So next is the Lunasol Nature Eyes in Nature Beige.
Pictures taken all under natural indoor lighting. It is a bit more shimmery than the Three dimensional eyes. but not over powering.

Here's a swatch of it. Very desert like...... which is quite neutral which can be used every day.

That's all for today....... Hope I don't cause some Lemming and Wallet breaking ........
hehehe but I think they are worth it.. was SOOOO happy when I received these in the mail.

Have a great weekend every one.


Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE Lunasol - thanks for the pics!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Great swatches!! :) I am in love with this palette!!

Pammy said...

Those Lunasol quads are gorgeous!!

emotional_pear said...

I cannot wait until I go to Japan. will totally pick up some lunasol palettes!

comprar yate said...

This won't actually have effect, I suppose like this.