Monday, September 12, 2011

[] La Femme Blush swatch []

Hey all~~~.
Just wanted to share with you guys about La Femme blushes.
First of all I want to say.. the quality of these are SOOOO GOOOD for the price you pay. Unbelievable. the colour pay off is AMAZING... so pigmented. though that means you gota be careful when applying blush because you can so easily over do it and end up looking like a clown.

I purchased mine from :
The ones I purchased are called La Femme Blush on Rouge at $3.00 USD each.
Their shipping is very reasonable as well. Also have a TONE of colours to choose from.

So here's four colours I bought.
Top LTR: Coral Spice, Peach
Bottom LTR: Dusty Rose, Mocha
Here's a watch on the hand. Coral Spice is like Nars Orgasm. and PEACH is such a pretty summer colour. same order as above.

Then A lightly swatched on my arm. LTR: Coral Spice, Peach, Dusty Rose, Mocha.
These blushes are SOOOO pigmented, with the lightest touch on the finger gives you enough for 5 people's faces. HAHAH exaggerating, but you get what I mean.

So be really careful when applying. layer it bit by bit... you can always add more if you like.

HIGHLY recommended. lots of makeup artists use these. but the only thing is I can't apply these when I'm in a hurry, because there's just not enough time. LOL.

Cheers ......... have a great week. leave me questions or comments regarding these blushes.

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