Friday, March 18, 2011

[]New hair cut & HauL []

Hey all
it's been a while since I updated, been so busy working. Went away for a conference, and then when I came back was working even harder pretty much nearly 7 days a week.

I got sick because I wasn't eating properly, so I had gastric intestinal problems. Ie acidic stomache and Vomited all over the place. yeah doesn't feel nice at all. So have to eat easy to digest food and eat at regular intervals.

That aside. I went to cut my hair, and I said to the lady I want a trim. then she just got the scissors and chopped off most of my hair. LOL I guess she couldn't stand the unhealthy part and just cut it all off.

I wasn't use to it at all because I can hardly die it up and feels so much lighter. Dries so quickly after washing. Becomes quite convenient. Though my hair is still wavy. So this is how it turned out. LOL
My hair applied with Garnier surf hair texture paste. (wax) it's semi wet just after shower, got changed did my foundation.

Oh on the lips I'm using Barry M 147 (peachy pink) lipstick, with Mac Ample pink lipgloss. I love this combination. very springy look. The lipstick is quite drying and matte on its own. but with a gloss on top. looks great.

So for all that time I wasn't posting, I bought a few things. So here's the haul part

My beauty diary mask: Strawberry yogurt, Q10 masks
I bought the Clinique city block sheer SPF 25 and the even better foundation and rest came as gift with purchase. pretty cool.

I'm IN LOVE with fragrances. HAHAHAH I went perfume mad and bought so many but here's the two that I LOVE and use often, if it's this one, it's the other.

Gucci EDP II, LOVE the smell!!! so feminine, I use it for when I go out or dating . hehe

This one Estee Lauder Pure White Linen, is my every day stable. Use this to go to work, tutoring classes and things. I've got couple compliments as to how good I smell when I have this one on. feel a bit embarrassed when I got complimented.

This is my new Laneige White plus renew night cream. 50 mL
Bought it recently still trying it out. Do review soon.

Bobbi Brown shimmer eye shadow pallete. This I got as a gift from a friend of mine.

Barry M lip paint 147 peachy pink
Nars eyeshadow duo in Cordura ( I was lemming this palette for the longest time) finally gave in
Visee glam shadow in PU-7 the purple one, I bought this after i saw Fuzkittie's haul. hahaha
Clinique even better foundation in 03

This is what it looks like under natural lighting.

A swatch of Nars eye shadow and the Barry M lip paint.

This is the Visee glam shade Pu-7.
This is what it looks like swatched, photo taken with flash.

That's all for today.

I think I need to review my Naruko Skincare products. Because I'm nearly finished or h alf way through most of the products.

Have a great weekend.