Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Help ~~~

Hey all
First I would like to say; Hope every one have a very happy/sweet/romantic valentine's day!!!
Mac's Brunette,Blond,Redhead collect is FINALLY out in Australia. So I went out yesterday to have a look, quite disappointing the only thing I got was the MSF degrade in redhead, I was going to get the lipstick from redhead section too, called Marquise'D. Swatched that on my hand and er... It looks just like Maybelline moisture lipstick in SAND.. if not exactly like that. LOL So i didn't end up getting that.
I was running around yesterday buying valentine's day present and er booking restaurant. I'm such a last minute person. Any hows I have trouble figuring out what to wear on that day.. At first I thought i should wear a dress, but Sydney has been cold these days/ raining and couldy so miserable. ~~~
So I'm so undecisive~~~ the restaurant is a pretty semiformal-formal place... NO Idea what to wear. Until I saw a really pretty vest in the window of a shop and I was like WOW..~~~ I tried it on and bought it HAHAHA
So here's what I came up with.. ~~~
Is that too simple for valentine's day?? mostly you would imagine a girl wearing high heels, nice dress or skirt.. ~~~ but I'm a simple person. What you guys think??? you think is appropriate??
It's sad my mum took my camera so I had to use my phone.. Sorry for the crappy quality pictures..
And Here's some picture of my FOTD for today~~~ using red head's MSF. I'm sure every one's seen it by now so I dono't have to swatch and take a photo of it right??
Under natural light no flash:
( NO eye make up just glasses and my eyebrow is like weird .. any ways)
It's like a very light flush of colours, If I put on too much gets too glittery.. LOLUnder yellow light with no flash..
That's all for today will update soon =p
P.S I want Mac's new studio sculpt foundation !!! heard reviews say it's really good... I need to get my hands on that LOL.. but when is it ever going to come out in Australia???

Saturday, February 7, 2009

FOTD ~~~

Hello all ~~~
I realise that every one's reviewing the Dr Jart's bb cream.. LOL may because it is good~~~ and everyone is in love.... I've tried so many the only 2 I really like is this Dr Jart silver label and Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream..~~~
So here's a FOTD with the bb cream.Here's a photo of the things I used.
Dr Jart bb cream Silver Label
Diorsnow sublissime powder
Nars Laguna bronzer
Nars Dolce Vita blush
Nyx flamingo
Nyx deep purple
MJ trick on powder pallete the pink part
L'oreal liquid eyeliner in mica black
Kiss Heorine volume mascar
Nars Dolce Vita lipstick
I gota apologise for the bluriness of the photos, I tried not to use flash because I think it wouldn't give the right colour but then the camera didn't focus properly without the flash.. I don't know.. I don't like Sony Cyber Shot all that much. planning to get a new camera soon..~~~
So here goes... The bb cream does look pretty pale on me LOL... but it's actually quite natural in a way sounds contradictory... Also I think dolce vita is more of an autumn/winter colour.. too rosy for summer.. But like Nic Nic said, apply it lightly and looks really pretty...

HAHHAA tried to smile here and instead gave a funny facial expression.. oh wells ~~~~

That's all for today~~~ simple quick post nothing special..
hope you all have a great weekend..
P.S vanity: miemie I gota wait until next month for you to post?? sigh~~ lol

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dr Jart BB cream Silver Label REVIEW~~~

Hello All~~

Hope you all having a good weekend?? I' BBQing here in Australia, today will be hitting 39 degrees and sunday is going to be 40+... I aren't going out there..

I thought that the bb cream craze would've died down but it's coming back again. I finished my Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream and I thought since it's summer lets use foundation. Currently I'm using Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation in Intensity 2. It's a tad bit darker on me but it's summer here so it's ok.

But I saw Dr Jart BB cream on the web and got me interested so I bought it over at Ebay LOL..

and doing a review now.

This is what it looks like when it comes out of the tube. No Flash pretty ashy greyish colour.

Tested on my hand.

Ok here's a picture of my BARE face.. SHOCKING isn't it?? No flash under day light

Large pores, freckles + acne scars, OMG looks terrible.. T___T

Then here's a picture of my face after applying a thin layer of that bb cream No flash natural day light.

It did cover up some of my pours and mild acne scars but you can still see som freckles left on my cheek But gives a really nice glow and healthy look for my face.

The silver label is for combination/oily skin. It comes in a 50 mL flip top tube easy to carry around and pretty convenient packaging too. []Click Here[] for the official Dr Jart Website. It's in korean so I don't really understand it.. Can't find any ingredient list because it's all in korean but I think this one contains Arbutin~~

I've been using it for 4 days now, no break out, redness, allergy itchy reaction. But I do realise that I don't get little pimples no more.. YAHY~~~.. Haven't used long enough to know if it can get rid of acne scar and whitening the skin. Oil control wise it's pretty good. I have pretty oily T-zone and oily on my cheek that's why I have large pores T___T. So I normally get oily pretty quick but with this I think 4-5 hours then start to get oily and then blot the oil and looks as good as freshly applied. Plus it has SPF35 PA++ so good sun protection.
So No more hassel of sunscreen and primers. i'm happy.
So far so good, looks really natural when put on, none cakey. easy to spread, a pea size product can cover entire face for thin layer, If you want more coverage can add more to areas that needs coverage.
I tried applying a pretty thick layer on my face, It still doesn't cake and gets absorbed into skin pretty quick. LOVE this stuff...
To be Honest, I think I like it more than Missha M Perfect Covr bb cream. Give this product 5/5 so far. Highly Highly RECOMMENDED.. If you are going to buy bb cream for comb/oily skin and ur skin is about NC15-NC 20 Go for this one !!!! if you are any darker than NC20 I won't recommend it because would look too white on you.
Ladies out there Give it a go !!! it's good.. and it smells nice too a bit herbalish LOL
That's all for this, If you have any question please post in comment or in the cbox thing..
have a nice weekend~~~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nars Blush Swatches~~~

Hey all~~~
This is a post for those who want to buy Nars Blushes.. and Not sure what colour to get.
I'm MAC SFF NC20, Dior Forever Flawless in 020, Estee Lauder DW in Sand 36.

So here's the four blushe I have.. I think Nars blushes are worth the investment compare to Mac. but mac has some awsome colours.. so it's just depending on you....

The four blushes are:
Top = Gilda, Deep Throat
Bottom = Zen, Dolce Vita

With Flash

Without flash under natural sun light in my room.
Here's the swatches on my hand
Without flash under natural light

With Flash under natural light as well.

Super pigmented, only DT is a shimmery blush, the rest are all matte. I personally like matte blushes more. Dolce Vita is a pretty colour, but good for winter I think.

If you are looking for more swatches of all the NARS BLUSHES. this girl has really good ones..
And she also did a comparison between NARS Blushes and MAC mineralised blushes. I have warmsoul and she compare it to Luster, it's basically the same colour.
Hope you find it useful.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Haul-age Time ~~~

Hi all ~~~
Thank you so much for the supportive comments for my last post... It's very disturbing and angry, but it's the truth unfortunately.

I had a job interview yesterday morning, afterwards I went to grab some lunch and picked up a few things. I was SOOO happy and then when I got home, a postage was out side my door. hehe.... My Dr Jart bb cream in Silver Label has arrived, I got it on E-bay US$29 free shipping, the seller included a Dr Jart's lip treatment and a bunch of samples. LOL
The seller was really kind and even emailed me saying that it was shipped will be arriving soon. very very kind..~~~ I bought the silver label because I have combination/oily skin. and the Black label is for dry/normal skin. Haven't tried it yet, will review it later after a while of using it.

Here's a bunch of samples she gave me:
Skinfood rice mask ( been wanting to try that)
Skinfood aloe sun bb cream
Skinfood grape seed oil bath gel
and a Mask, not sure what brand that is, all in pink and korean.
then that's a missha cleanser (from gel to peeling) their new product

I went past Missha yesterday, was just browsing wasn't intended to buy any thing. Then I saw the Secret Recipe Whitening Rice Mask. tried it on my hand.. wow smooth and smells so yummy. So I bought it LOL. and the silver tube is Missha's Procure hair treatment, something to heal those damage split ends and dried up hair. Gonna give that a try.

Then I went to Myers, Department store in Sydney. probably equivalent of Sephora?? not too sure. I wasn't gonna buy any thing because I was intended to buy Mac's Mineralized blush in Gentle. Was comparing it to Nar's SIN~~~ I went to Mac counter had a swatch of that colour on my hand. Didn't like it Nothing really special just a cool pinky/gold shimmer blush.. and it wasn't really smooth like Nars.~~~ So I thought I won't buy it.
Wondered over to Nars Counter.... Had a swatch of SIN thought beautiful colour but might be too dark on me, So I had a look at Oasis. LOVE that colour was about to buy it...... and then the sales assistant came over to ask me if I needed any help. She recommended the "O" blush. I told her I don't like that blush because the glitter makes my pours look bigger plus I have DT already so no point. Then She looked at me and suggested Dolce Vita.. I swatch it on my hand~~
WOW dusty rose/red undertoned blush very warm. thought might be a bit dark on me too.. and a very winter/autumn colour. She Insisted to try it on my face. I thought yeah why not If it looks horrid doesn't matter because I will be on my way home LOL...
But I fell In LOVE!!!!~~~ super pretty blush.. I like it more than DT HAHAHA... I'm so unfaithful... I ended up getting the dolce vita lipstick too..
Wish Flash
With No Flash

Dolce Vita Lipstick
Hehe, you bored of my haul yet?? here's pic of my dog Mac Sleeping. I was stalking him LOL

Such a big baby...

Yeah, that's all for now.. will do swatches and look later.~~~
Take cares...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Against Animal Cruelty~~~!!!

Hey all

This post will not be about beauty, but instead about animal cruelty.

I just saw some posts from beauty bloggers talking about the new rabbit farms in China & France slaughtering the rabbits for their fur because some expensive brands like Giorgio Amarni is including fur as the new collection of fashions.

I watched the video from PETA []Click Here[] ... I was absolutely horrified, disgusted and totally speechless. poor rabbits to have their fur stripped off them while they may still be concious. Or have their throat slit open, paws cut off, electrically shocked. It makes me sooo angry.. Wish I could do the same to those people so they know how it feels. how much pain it is to have their skin ripped off them while they are still concious.....

I seriously don't understand, Why do humans have to force those animals like this. Hunt them until extinction and then come back and say it was wrong blah blah blah... There are many animals around the world that are currently endangered, firstly because of human hunting, secondly is because humans are destroying their homes, disrupting their food chain.

Not only animals skins are acquired for making coats, but also their furs are needed to make expensive make up brushes !!!! natural animal hair brushes... I am devestated...... T___T

On top of that, I am extremely upset about Japan Whaling incidence. Their excuse was for scientific research but most of them are for making sushi and whale meat. I mean, what did whales do to us that we have to hunt them to extinction???? We live on land they live in water, it's not like they are taking our land space...

On Sydney Morning Herald, an article said Australian government made a secret deal with Japan suggesting that Japan will be allowed to take more whales in the northern hemisphere, in exchange for scaling back or phasing out its Antarctic whaling program.

Seriously, WHAT difference does it make if Japan are allowed to hunt more in northern hemisphere and less in southern hemisphere? It's sooo stupid...
[]Click Here[] for the article....

This is how CRUEL humans are....~~~~