Friday, October 31, 2008


Hey all ;

Like I said before, I was sucked in to the trend of NARS blushes.. which is still on going...

So I went and got my self 3 other blushes.. LOL.. I got them off ebay which is SOOO much cheaper than buying it from department stores.. AUD$60 for a blush will make me broke.. and plus all these other holiday collections coming out.. so be sure to have some money left for that.. don't want to miss out. so here's the photos.. TADAAAAA
So I got my self, Top is Laguna bronzer (left to right) Zen, Gilda, Deep throat.

OK.. I just reckon why can't their marketing group find some other nice/sensible names for the blush?? I mean sup with orgasm and deep throat?? doesn't that sound a bit awkard?? Imagine a 15 yr old girl goes to counter and buys NARS blushes.. it's just ... no comment..
Any ways, on to the blushes.

Zen. This is like a neutral beige, peachy browny colour,with matte finish. looks dead boring in the pot right?? but you're WRONG!!! this is the thing about nars blushes, it looks different once it's on your face. I applied lightly with an angled brush and it looks nude peachy/brown which gives a hint of colour makes you look so healthy.. great colour for summer. I tried to use it for contour, I think the colour may look dirty because it's a bit more red toned than laguna so I don't recommend using it as a contour colour.

Gilda. LOOK at that COLOUR!! how can you not love it?? It's a pinky coral colour. matte finish no shimmers. I love it. If you have not much eye make up, may be just some browns or warm toned eye shadow.. This is great.. makes you look all young again. gives you this elegant kind of look instead of the FULL on hit of pink which tend to be more cute than mature and elegant. If you get what I mean.
Deep throat. (sigh the name~~~) any ways, this is a more pinky/peachy colour with shimmer. I don't know if you can see it, I didn't use flash to take these photos I used natural lighting, because I thought it's pretty much the real colour. The flash tend to alter the colour a bit. I heard that orgasm is a beautiful colour too, but might be a bit too pale and too much shimmer. I swatched it when I went to check it out at the department counter, I didn't like it. didn't show up much just a bunch of glitters.. T___T But this one, I like... not too pink not too peachy. just right.

So a photo with flash.. you can see the glitters.. LOL

So on to the swatches.. I use a Mac 275 brush I think, can't remember exactly. I swiped it 3 times, So the colours are really intense.... If you look closely, Laguna is more brown were as zen is more red undertoned.. and a bit more peachy.. no shimmer. Gilda is definately really peachy/coral and deepthraot is just a pretty natural pink...

So what you guys think? I might go and collect more now.. I had my eyes on Amour, but they didn't have it.. I want Dolce Vita!!!.. sigh I want the Dolce Vita lipstick too... so hard to find, always out of stock...

Monday, October 20, 2008

My first NARS =]

Hey all...
I have good news and bad news.. So i always start with the bad news... 1/3 of my thesis was lost because my USB decided to DIE on me last friday... So I have to redo some of the stuff.. and I lost nearly all DATA I had.. all my graphs and things are gone.. So have to retrieve them AGAIN!!!!...

So bad news over... time for good news

MY FIRST NARS.. so you've heard i'm sure.. there's a wind out there, that's blowing nars pettles every where. So I got caught in the flu as well.. So I went out and bought my self the Laguna Bronzer by NARS, because I thought I hardly ever use blush every day, but I do use bronzer.. but the bronzers I have never stay on the whole day... So i gave NARS a shot...

And here's a swatch, under sunny day, with no flash.

So, the first swatch on the left was lightly applied once only. I did the swatch by just using my finger on the powder and swipe lightly once on my hand. The middle one is swipped twice, and the last one I swiped it many times and I made it REALLY intense.

OMG I tell you.. that bronzer is SUPER pigmented.. I just use my angled brush MAC 168, and lightly touch the powder and that's enough for use or else you get too much and look REALLY brown.. this bronzer would suit people that's pale to about NC 35 or even may be NC 40. For reference i'm NC 25. and this bronzer lasts ALL DAY!!! like SERIOUSLY.. once it touches your skin it just grabs on to it and never letting go.

BUT to be honest I HATE the packaging.. rubber box what were they thinking?? it gets stains all over it.. finger prints and things i don't even know what's on that.. But for the goodness of the product WHO cares =p..

definately worth the rave and DO try it!!!! highly recommended.. Now i'm thinking of getting their blushes too.. HEHEHEHE.. but have to save up a bit.. or just buy it from E-BAY..

Take cares guys.. this is just a super quick update. finished this post with in 7 minutes.. LOL..

gota run..

P.S. NO FOTD for now because I look like SH*T.. haven't been sleeping because of my graduation final year thesis.. I SUGGEST don't do honours/thesis.. It will suck the life out of you!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

STRESSING!!!! but still on going~~~

HEY all..

i haven't been posting any thing new.. just been reading other posts.. so tempted to buy so many things.. but I just haven't got the time.. lacking of sleep the entire week because of THESIS!!!!... ok I will stop whinging hehehe.. and get on with my post ^___^

I received my 28 colour neutral pallete from Coastal Scents.. and @___@ I have to say.. I LOVE it.. the colour pay off is SOOO good and yet look so natural.. but It's kinda boring in a way because it's all browns, beiges and peaches. No other colours.. but it's ok.. it's an every day sorta colour pallete.. SO I did a FOTD.

TADAAAA.. here's the pallete.. brand new.. looks good =p

Firstly want to show a picture of finished FOTD with eyes open.. hehe the colour pay off is pretty good, except the photo is a bit blurred.. didn't hold the camera properly..

SO this photo can see the eye shadow.. like WOW looks pretty love it <3>

So this picture is just showing my face with my Chanel Teint Innocence Liquid.

Things I used:
Chanel Teint Innocent Liquid Foundation
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Natural DUO in light medium/shimmer
(use shimmer for highlighting and the matte side for all over face to set foundation)
MAC warm soul blush
MAC blushbaby blush

MAC Paint in Bare Study
CS Neutral Pallete :Roll 2: #2, Roll 3: #2, Roll 4: #3, Roll 4: #6, Roll 4: #7.
MAC blacktrack fluid liner
Maybelline Full& Soft in black

So what you guys think about the foundation application?? is it too sheer?? cuz I can still sorta see my acne scars... T___T sad...

have a great week...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

[]Heart Felt~~[]

Hey all..
Ok this is the first time I'm duing a tutorial and close up eye shots.. I don't think it's any good, but I will give it a try.
So the main product today is Lavashuca's Heart shaped eyeshadow in BR-1.

It's like a Neutral toned eyeshadow actually I think it's similar to my lunasol eye shadow.. So I seem to have like 2 of the same colour?? LOL

Here's the Swatch for it.. This is Under natural light, no FLASH!!!! and It didn't turn out that CLEAR.. Sigh..
Ok SO lets start.. Here I'm showing a photo of my bare eyes, no make up at all. Looks scary.. I think.
So Here's how I used my Eyeshadow:
- Use pencil to line your eye first so it looks natural
- Use A all over mobile lid and highlight brow bone
- Then use B in the inner part of the mobile lid
- Use C for the outter part of Mobile lid
- Used D to draw a line closely to the lashes..
- Use A again for for the bottom inner corner of the eye
- Use D on the bottom outter corner of the eye

Finish off with coats of your favourite Mascara

Then it's all done ^___^

OK.. so this is my first Tutorial for EOTD.. LOL.. I don't think there's a much difference btw my finished eyes and naked eye.. but yeah... please give comments and advices as to how I can improve???

Thank you.. take cares.. have a great weekend..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blush Blush Blush, baby, yeah...


I am so BORED of my ordinary blushes..and everyday minerals blushes are too much of a hassel in the morning to work with.. cuz it's in a POWDER form and you have to tap some out and then swirl swirl to evenly coat the brush or else you will have pathes on ur face; pplz think you have some kind of skin disease.. hehe lol ok i'm exaggerating but I'm DAMN lazy for all you know...^___^

So I went out to find my self a NEW blush.. thought may be swatch some different colors and stuff.. most drug store blushes I browsed over was either too boring ie the same color as the ones I already have.. or It doesn't even show up on my skin.. sigh.. So then the next step was to go into department stores.. I was SOOOO tempted to buy two products but I ended up purchasing one.. SO what is it??/


Well, I was looking for a good blush.. some of them were too sheen, too shimmery, too orange, too pink, too brown.. ARGH... was driving me insane... LOL.. until I picked up this and swatch it on my hand with the rest of the swatches.. I was like @_@ this is da one!!!! (btw, I think this picture is pretty close to how it would look like in real life)

So how does it look like compare to my other ones ??

So the BlushBaby is like a dirty pink color, where the next one down is Rimmel's Santa Rose which is like a pink pink.. and the Warm Soul from sonic chic collection is a more peachy pink shimmery colour and the last one is Clinique bronzer in sun kissed that one is a pure light brown bronzer great for asian skin I think...

I think blushbaby is more of a daily look blush and idiot proof won't make you look like a clown if you over apply... which is GREAT....

So yeah.. that's all for today........

P.S if you were wondering which other product I was going to purchase, it was the Laura Mercier's 4 colour shimmer contouring cheek pallete. But I also saw a Dior 4 colour contouring blush pallete.. I don't know.. too many to choose from =p