Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[] Stila Lovely in London Travel Pallete Review & FOTD[]~~

 Hey all ~~
I bought the Stila Lovely in London Travel Palette, because the colour really attracted me also the cute packaging. last year I got the Stila travel palette in Haute in the Hamptons. Click HERE to see the review for that.

 So the palette is a bit different to other palettes last year is that it flips open vertically. instead of from right to left like a book. but I don't really mind that.

This is what the front looks like.

This is what the colours look like. you got 5 eyeshadow colours and 1 cream covertible colour for lip and cheek. eyeshadow colour:
top = Notting Hill
left = Tower Bridge
right = Duchess
bottom = high street
middle = castle

So for the swatch, top light pink colour is the primrose cream convertible colour.
Then the darkest brown is high street.
then last row from left to right is castle, notting hill, tower bridge and duchess, all colours are matte, except for duchess which is a pearly colour.

For today's FOTD, I used these products:
- Sofina Primavista Perfect Fit foundation in 03
- Nars Laguna bronzer
- Bare Minerals Rose Radiance (as blush) over Primrose
- Urban decay primer potion
- Prestige waterproof eyeliner in black
- Active Girl full long mascara
- Mac Modesty lipstick
- Mac brow gel in begiule
- Stila Lovely in London Palette

So here's what the eye makeup look like.
- used castle all over the lid up to the brow bone
- then notting hill up to the crease
- duchess in the first 1/3 of the top eyelid
- used tower bridge all the way in the lower lashes.
- then used high street as an eyeliner colour for top lid and 1/3 in the outer lower lash
- applied black eyeliner pencil
- top off with mascara and done.

The photos are taken in natural in door lighting. excuse the not groomed eyebrows.
It is actually a really autumn colour, because it's so brown and coppery. I really like it. could be used in summer if you add a bit more gold. I think it suits warm skin tone really well. The primrose convertible colour is  a bit too light for my skin tone. I didn't like it on my lips. on my cheeks barely showed up.

here's my normal look with glasses.

I highly recommend you go out there and buy this travel palette, for $16, and it's worth it I think.

Have a great week every one.
P.S. recovering from a cold.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sigma F80 brush review. ~~~

 Hey all ~~~
I wanted to do a brush review today, saw a lot of positive reviews on the Sigma F80 brush for buffing in foundations. So I decided to give it a try because my Everyday Minerals flat top kabuki brush is quite old now. may be about 3 yrs old? but still good. ~~~~

 So I bought my brush from the Sigma Website, it came in at about 1 week since the day of order. so the shipment is not bad. It came in the blue cardboard packaging with a pamphlet talking about other brushes in the collection. (see picture below)

 So I wanted to compare the Sigma F80 to my Everyday Mineral Flat Top Kabuki brush.

 Comparing the two, the handle of F80 is longer, I actually prefer the longer handle. the way you buff while using the brush is different to Everyday Minerals. I feel like i tend to press harder against my skin while using Everyday Minerals.

 Fiber wise, both brush have synthetic fibers, super SOFT!!!. the density is quite similar, it's just that the fiber in F80 is shorter than EM flat kabuki. not much shorter though may be about 3 mm.

So this is a top picture to show the fiber density and the size of bristles. so Left is F80 right is EM flat kabuki. sorry its a bit dirty, just used it for my powder foundation.

I like both brushes, can be used for multiple things. liquid foundation, cream foundation, powders, minerals foundation. but I prefer the F80  for liquid foundation. gives a SUPER nice finish!!!. Love it, highly recommended.

Please leave question and comments and tell me what you think about Sigma Brushes, and or other brushes you would recommend me to try.

sigh Monday blue for me ~~~~

Friday, August 17, 2012

[] Gun metal Grey Obsession[] ~~

Hey all ~~~
I am obsessed with this Gun-Metal Colour. a bluey/metallic grey. I think it's such a cool colour where it changes with different lighting. I recently picked up the Benefit crease less cream shadow in Busy Signal and Strut. Busy Signal is a coppery brown colour, where as Strut is the gun metal blue. It can be used as a shadow or eyeliner.

The quality is amazing. I find it better than Mac's Paint pots, and also it lasts on my eyelid without creasing as much as MAC PP. but the product will dry out if you didn't tighten the lid. so I wanted to try this out with a FOTD just to see how it turned out.

 List of Items I used for this look:
- Princess Eye Lashes, hand made from taiwan in number 7
- Duo eye lash glue
- Sofina, Primavista powder foundation in Ochre- 03
- Nars Laguna Bronzer
- Bare Minerals Rose Radiance all over face colour
- Urban decay naked palette
- Benefit crease less cream eyeshadow in Strut
- Mac brow set in Beigule
- Mac Craving lipstick
- Prestige waterproof eyeliner in black
- Urban decay primer potion
- Maybelline Colloso Mascara( forgot to put in the picture)
 Above: taken under natural indoor lighting

Here's some swatches:
- top is Bare Minerals Rose Radiance as blush
- Urban decay Sin all over the lid
- Urban Decay Gun Metal in the crease
- Benefit Strut as base.
- Mac Craving lipstick

 Above: photo taken with flash
 Here's what the whole face looks like. I think it's quite dramatic. Probably an evening look too much for me during the day.

 A closer look at the ye make up. The eye lashes looks quite natural. not as dramatic as I though.
The colour is more dramatic in real life.
Probably get more use out of Busy Signal even though strut is such a pretty colour I feel like it is too cool toned for my warm yellow toned skin. What do you all think?

Have a great weekend every one ^^

Thursday, August 16, 2012

~~[]Senka BB cream review[]~~

 Hey all
Today, wanted to review the Shiseido Senka Mineral Water BB Cream UV  SPF41 +++
I bought recently bought this BB cream before I headed off to Europe, It has SPF of 41 PA+++ so it's great for summer. also it comes with two colours, a bright shade and a healthy shade. I got the darker one a bit more natural on my face I think. as well as in summer I get a tan any ways.

 This BB Cream is refreshing, non-sticky, long lasting and has a super light texture. Another unique feature of the BB Cream is that you don’t even have to do double cleansing – just a foam cleanser will be able to wash it off. Using also double potency Acid Hyaluronic, this BB Cream keeps skin hydrated, refresh, without any burden to the skin.

This BB cream also is formulated with  special powder which gives that great coverage with out looking cakey or heavy. The product packaging is great because it's a plastic tube, hygienic and light to carry around.
 can just through in your make up bag and not worrying about dropping it and breaking it and all that sort of mess.

On my skin it feels like I'm wearing something I wouldn't say it feels light but it's not heavy either. It doesn't have great oil control abilities so may be not for oily skin. I got combination some times comb/dry skin. It contains skin moisturizing ingredients so I think it's suited for all year round if you have normal dry skin. In summer I found this to be a bit heavy, the staying power is not too bad if I didn't sweat like crazy it would last about 4-5 hours in summer, in winter weather it lasts longer around 6-7 hours but I set it with a powder.

 This is what the BB cream looks like after squeezed our from the tube.

 It spreads easily and feels really watery, don't really have a scent. For Ingredient list please check out this site: []HERE[]

 Here's a look at my bare face >___<
please forgive the redness- the large pores the freckles the acne scars you name it.

 Here's an After picture with out any powder or concealer. Pictures are taken in natural indoor bathroom light without any flash.

 I think it covers my redness and pores quite well, but it still didn't cover my freckles, I mean I don't really mind it looks a more natural looking face. It also gives that glow/radiant feel to the skin so I would say a Semi matte finish. which I like.

It hasn't break me out, and no allergic reactions. I quite like this. The most thing i LOVE about this is that it can be rinsed clean with just normal foaming face wash, no need make up remover. that's a plus point for me.

I bought this on any questions just leave in comment section.

P.S. yes weekend soon.. can't wait.

have a great one every body

Saturday, August 11, 2012

[]Berry-Licious Products []

 Hey all
It is Winter right now in Sydney, and I was just recent in Europe experiencing the scorching summer heat of Italy. embracing my tan, but I some how miss the Berry Mauve tone make up that you can wear in Winter.
So back home now pulled out my favourite products for winter and have been obsessed ever since.

 Here they are
- Mac Craving Lipstick
- Maybelline color sensation lipstick in yummy plummy 405
- Nars blush in Oasis

 Here's couple swatches of the three products
left is Mac Craving
Middle is Maybelline yummy plummy
right is NARS Oasis

 Above: Natural Bathroom Lighting

Above: Flash photography

If you are like me like berry tones, then I highly recommend trying these products out.

MIA & Europe Haul

 Hey all
I know I have been away for couple months. That's because I was busy organising a trip to Europe and then spent 1 month there. half due to work half touring. So I went to Italy (beautiful places, and yummy food.), France (duck l'orange. yum), and Czech republic.

 So along the way I picked up some items.
French Pharmacy is so cool they have EVERY THING, and all the amazing brand you hear about on Youtube. like Bioderma, Vichy, La Roche Posay, Embroylisse, Bourjois, Avene, Caudelie and many many more.

Here's a list of things I picked up though I think there are couple things I forgot to put in this photo,
- La Roche Posay Toleraine Teint foundation
- La Roche Posay Toleraine Soothing protective skincare (moisturiser)
- Stila Lovely in London Travel Pallet
- Bourjois 123 perfect foundation  in 53. (was so tanned in Europe and now too dark for me)
- Clinique Anti-blemish Solution moisturiser (contains SA, think my skin got allergic reaction to this acne ingredient)
 - Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
- Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Strut and Busy Signal
- Tea Tree oil ( for blemish and anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation effect)
- Neutrogenal Healthy Skin liquid make up in 40 Nude
- Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie and Cherry Tart
- Vichy Mattifying face fluid dry touch SPF 50 (for combination/oily skin)
- Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre moisturiser(cant wait til try this out)
- Clarins Daily Energizer cream-gel moisuriser (really good for hot weather in Europe/ Not in this picture)
- La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 (for face and body/ Not in this picture
- Nars Orgasm blush (Not in this picture)

 Here's a swatch of Revlon Lip butter Left is Cherry Tart, Right is Berry Smoothie

Here's a closer look at the Stila Lovely in London palette, I wanted to get the In the Light palette but I already have the Urban Decay Naked Palette thought probably don't need it.

though MUA just came out with the Undressed Palette, saw some blog posts which has pretty much 90% similarity to the Urban Decay Naked, if I ever runs out then I just buy MUA for 4 pounds... can't beat that.

Have a great weekend every one. will update more often now that I'm back.