Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey all~~

Loose Powders and Mineral Makeup is something every one have. Often we think that the finer the powder the better, but it DOES pose a health problem for the users.

There are alot reasons listed on the internet about if mineral make up is really good for us. The ingredient used in mineral make up is good for our skin in terms of the inertness of the minerals meaning there are no chemicals and binders so less reactions towards our skin and skin chemistry.

But the health hazzards concerned with using mineral make up and loose powders is the size of these particles can sometimes be classified as nano particles. when you swirl your brush with the powder you can see fine dust flying around and when you apply to your face, there's a high chance of you breathing in those fine particles.

I did some research, micro sized particles doesn't to as much harm because it won't be small enough to enter the lung's vacuoles but the nano sized particles can enter and hard for the lungs to get rid of them, over time the tissue of the lungs deteriate.

I know this because in lab I work with silica particles for column choromotography. and they make us wear masks because of the dangers of breathing in fine particles. This eventually cause a disease called silicoses which has NO CURE... Click []HERE[] to read about silicoses.

Titanium dioxide is often used in sunscreen SPFs in the cosmetic products, but when breathed in it pose a health hazzard for the lungs and labs have tested to have carcinogenic (cancer causing)effect.

Please Read this Article []CLICK HERE[] about the dangers of powders and mineral make up. I also found another website which lists the ingredient to mose mineral make up brand out there. [] CLICK HERE[] and also []CLICK HERE[]

so my warning is if you are using mineral make up DO NOT BREATH IN.. I have changed all my loose powders to compact powders, applying with a sponge. and also tossed away my loose powders.. Not worth the health risk..

PLEASE PASS ON THE MESSAGE>>!!!!! Post it on your blog to tell every one.. I'm trying to create an awareness about this. people should know about the dangers involved in what they are using on a daily bases.


enchi said...

OMG!! Good thing I don't have any mineral makeup!!

Thanks for sharing.. :)

Much love,
enchi :3

Penelope said...

Thanks for the post! I didn't realise you were a scientist too!

purple snowflake said...

hehe.. yeah.. some brand uses no nanoparticles.. so it's safe to use. so better check the ingredients to loose powders and stuff you use.

skysenshi said...

Thank you for reminding us. A long time ago, I've read about titanium dioxide in powder form being dangerous (at the website). I've stopped using swirly powders because they were becoming inconvenient for me to carry, but now I am reminded that there's more reason to not use them. Thanks again. :)

- Angie - said...

Hello! I'm new here.
I hope you don't mind me reposting this information on my blog.
Spread the words.
I didnt know abt this!!!

Hmm, so it is bad tt I just bought a loose powder from Bobbi Brown..?
The list didnt show it as having those dangerous or carcinogenic ingregdients though.

Thanks for sharing your chemistry knowledge with us!

Zero said...

Hi, Nice to meet you.

I want to ask about makeup from Everyday Minerals.
They said that they don't use nanotechnology, but their products still contain powder of TiO2 and silica.

Should it be safe to use them?

Zero said...

Sorry, I have mistyped. EDM claims to be silica-free.