Sunday, August 3, 2008

My ]-[AUL....='3

Hey hey..
Remember the foundation problem??? Thank you every one for your advices.. I went to try all diff brands foundation in liquid/cream and powder form. I finally Picked 2 which I really like cuz I couldn't decide which one, so I just got both =p.. Here's a picture of the stuff I got. Warning: Picture loaded...
Top Row: Mac Blotting Powder (medium), Dior Forever Flawless Liquid Foundation, Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara, & Revlon Lipgloss in glose rose and nude lustre.

Bottom Row : Laura Mercier Tinted Moistureizer in Nude.

Here is a picture closer to the lipgloss and at then followed by its swatch.

Left ( Gloss Rose) Right ( Nude Lustre)

The lipgloss I really love, Was tempted to buy those Dior Lipglosses, but the price is T___T They sell it double the price compare to USA.. So I didn't end up getting them. The Nude Lustre is like a pale soft browny pink no glitters and the Gloss Rose is a more pink and pigmented colour which contains fine shimmer not too much just to make the lips a bit more glossy.. LOVE them both.. hehehe

Mac Blot Powder in Medium, I heard good reviews about this I use it over the Dior foundation, it tends to sink into pores><.. it's weird.. the oil absorbing power is ok.. not Superb but does the job.

Maybelline Full& Soft Mascara.. I like it. It actually coats every single strand of the lash and thicken it nicely but not TOO dramatic.. and safe for contact lense wearers. It doesn't smudge and flake.. hehehe I think it's worth the try... suitable for every day use.

Ok Here are the photos of the clothes i bought.. hehehe

I also got a Guess Bag white.. What you guys think of the bag?? does it look to bright??

That's all for now.. hehe I think I bought heaps stuff that day.. went crazy =p


N a b i said...

Wow you got some nice Haul right there :D I heard real nice comments about Diro lipgloss also, but hey, revlon is not to bad :) I really like that 2nd button shirts it's very cute !I can't wait to see you wearing them! And the purse is not too bright, we never get enough purses do we ? :P

Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola said...

Hi! To avoid foundation sinks into the pore you can try the routine i'm used to do, my mac favourite make up artist explains it to me:

1-after your skincare is completely absorbed and the your face looks dry, apply a light amount of your favourite primer. I use Sensai Brightening make up base by Kanebo.
2-Apply foundation using a flat brush, as Mac 190, then lightly dress your skin with a wedge sponge and spply the blotting powder.

Primer create the ideal base canvas for apply foundations and minimizes pores and lines of your skin, using a wedge sponge you remove any excess that sinks your pores. I guess Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is a great make up base too!

Askmewhats said...

I love your hauls. The bag looks nice, not too "flashy" so you don't have to worry! :)

purple snowflake said...

Nabi: hey girlie.. I agree with you.. we never have enough purses and bags =p.... Dior lipgloss is nice.. but revlon ones are good.. i like them... 2nd buttoned shirt?? the long one??

Alice: WOW thank you so much for the tip.. i'm gonna try that!!! I use a flat foundation brush too. But primers.. i never use primers.. may be i should start..

Nikki: hey thx for dropping by.. Glad that you think the bag looks nice. hehe the good thing is it's BIG enough to have all my stuff in it =p...

Nic Nic said...

Nice haul!! ohh im glad you bought the LM tinted moisturiser, I hope you'll like it as much as I do :)

Alyssa said...

The purse doesn't look white in the picture. I thought it was gray until you mentioned it was white. It's nice though! :) I like Guess purses.

fuzkittie said...

Wooooo~ so many goodies!! :D The glosses do look very pretty, I can't believe they sell Dior glosses for double the price there?! That's crazy.

Anyway, about the Dior foundation. I have #21 shade, you are probably a lot lighter than me!

I currently do use Laura Mercier's makeup base before my sunscreen, and then I put on liquid foundation. This helps the makeup not sink into pores.

Before I got La Mer The Powder to use as a finishing powder, I used to use Laura Mercier's finishing powder. I don't like to use mineral makeup as a finisher, because it doesn't give the flawless look... I think it might be because mineral powder's particles are a lot bigger than regular powder.

I highly recommend LM's Loose Setting Powder, it gives that soft-focus look! :D I have the translucent one.

Oooh, did you see that LM came out with a new tinted moisturizer? The illuminating one... hehehe. Tempting~~~

About foundation being transfer-proof, I think it only works in the first few hours, then once it sinks in, you're pretty much going to lose some of it. :|

miemiemie said...

cool haul, you finally got some foundies :D

cheryl said...

wow what a nice haul. i think the guess bag is cute. white's classic... hope the new foundation works out for u!

Stephy said...

hey nice haul!! :)

about the MAC mineralized skinfinish duo i have been using, i just LOVEEE it!!! it provides the coverage that i need and it isnt heavy or cakey or anything. but mind u that i only need sheer coverage so i just put once swipe across each area on my face and that's it, but i think this powder is highly buildable if u need more coverage.
one side of the compact is shimmer and the other side is the matte foundation. the shimmer side is used to highlight but it's TOO shimmery to be used on its own, so i usually swirl my brush on the whole compact and mixed the shimmer highlighter and foundation together to give my cheeks, brow bones and nose a nice glow. for the other areas, i tend to use more of the matte side and not swirl as much to get the highlighter.
and yup i think it's quite comfortable, i dont get oily or anything but just make sure u dont touch ur face or else u'll get the shimmery highlighter on ur hands!

ooo is the Acuvue Oasys a new product of Acuvue? i have been sticking to acuvue 2 for a realllyyyyyyy long time and i think it's definitely time for me to go to an optometist to do a refit!

(g)ezebel said...

nice haul! i love those lip glosses.

Anonymous said...

thanks for showing me what the revlon lipgloss (nude lustre) looks like i wasn't totally sure about buying this, but you have sure changed my mind and i'm definately gonna get it when i next go shopping :)
thanks a million!!

Anonymous said...

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