Friday, July 16, 2010

[] Kose- Softymo (Nose Clean Pack) [][]

Hey all.
We all have some black heads/white heads pore clogging material at some stage of our life... Especially for people with big pores and oily skin. For me I have Combination/oily skin and I use make up every day. Things tend to get stuck in between pores and once a week I clean them out.

So Today I'm going to review the nose clean pack from Kose Softymo..... It's the black one. There is a white one but I heard the review say the black one is better. I bought it from for about $5-$6 USD? Forgot not too sure but inexpensive. The pack comes in 10 pieces So It's not too expensive.
This is what the pack look like. front and back.
So What I do is I wash my face, Boil a kettle of water and put it in a bowl. get a towel and steam up my face for 5 minutes so the pores open up and also softens the black heads a bit so it's easier to pull out. So just wet the nose strip with a bit of water. put it on and then wait until it's dry. You know it is dry when it's all hardened like paper mache. then you just peel it off slowly from the edges. It's not that painful... I think it would be less painful than some of the nose strips I tried. But If you are very sensitive then may be avoid this one.
. Scroll down for yuky photo of how much junk I pulled out

Well Atleast My nose is clean now. HAHAHAHA
I don't think this can be used on other places on the face.. may be the chin area.. but it's too strong for cheeks and other areas on the face.

Highly Recommended. Gets all the junk out from your pores.....

Have a great weekend. ^__^

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

[][]Lunasol Summer Nature Eyes EX-02 [][]

Hey all
I know it's summer every wherel else in the world ( north hemesphere) but In Australia it's winter right now........ But Who cares about that?? because Make up is all year round.. ~~~~
That being said.. I purchased the Lunasol Summer Nature Eyes in Ex-02.. Fuzkittie has shown swatches and photos I think she did a better job at that than me. Never the less.... I put pictures of mine ^^ It's surpose to remind you of the beautiful sand at the beach. the white sand, golden sand.......... and okay now I feel like going to the beach...

A natural colour quad.. Comes in four colours. Above ( no flash) Below ( fill in flash)
The colours are shimmers.. Fine silver shimmer. I find the shimmer size is smaller than my coral coral quad... from sheer contrasting eyes...

Here's a swatch ><>< href="">[] HERE[] and []HERE[] and []HERE[]

And thats how the package look like...

So I use it on my eyes today... I didn't use the white colour on the top left hand corner because it's too shimmery and just a high light.. I personally think that the pink colour looks better. So Pink shimmery colour all over lid. used the Gold shimmery colour inside the eyes crease. and Brown colour as liner colour. and just lined the top with Prestiage waterproof eye liner.

Here's a close up of the eye make up. Wearing Acuvue Define (brown one ) as contact lens. This one is quite natural. looks just like my eyes
So FOTD products
- Clinique Superfit Fondation in Bare
- Laura Mercier Mineralise Powder in Sand
- Nars Laguna
- Nars Deep Throat Blush
- Mac Eye brow tint in beguile
- Prescriptive concealer
- Kiss me Heroine long & cure mascara
- Lunasol Ex-02 Pallete
- Prestiage Waterproof eyeliner in black
- Benefit Lipstick in Lala Land.. SUCH A PRETTY COLOUR!!!!

Over all face.......... I tied my hair up today.. Because It was getting in my way when I was working... so yeah

That's all for today ^^... I'm so into neutral palletes these days................. I think they all look very similar. bust just an addiction. and I think it will take me years to finish all that eye shadow...... hehehe

Friday, July 9, 2010

[][][] Visee Nude Glam Eyes in N-2 & FOTD ^^[][][]

Hey all~~~
I have seen alot magazines and Asian bloggers talking about the Visee Nude Glam Eyes- eyeshadow. It comes in all nude colours..... (I'm a big fan of nude, earthy colours) So obviously I was attracted to these automatically. Had a look at their website and the swatches on line.. I picked N-2 (girly nude)... Which is a pinky toned Nude Beige colour range...
A photo showing the package and the instruction at the back to show you how to apply the eyeshadow...

A closer look at the pallete
Here's the swatches. So The top two colours are swatched on the top row... The Right white one is a creme base.... But extremely oily/wet formular, just a Nice Creamy finish which acts like a base Very fine shimmer no chunky bits. and the Left one is beigey/white shimmery colour used as high light.
The bottom row is for the other 3 colours...The photos are taken indoor with filled in Flash.. so the colours are pretty true compared to real life.. and it shows the amount of shimmer in the product too.

Here's the products I used for the FOTD.....

First Row (LTR):
- Laura Mercier Mineralise powder in SAND
- NARS blush in Oasis (new fav blush)
- Visee Nude Glam Eyes in N-2
Second Row (LTR):
- Mac lipgelee in Moistly (nice berry colour)
- Prestiage waterproof eyeliner in black
- Mac brow tint in Beguile
- Too Faced shadow insurance
- Kiss Me Heroine Mascara ( Long & curl)
- BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream ( need to do a review of this)

So I applied it to how the instruction says........... and here's the photo for FOTD...

I think it's a very subtle girly colour.. which I LIKE......... can be used for every day or even night out..... Depending on how heavy you apply the colours.

Here's one with Glasses (or else I can't see properly)(>__<)/div>

That's All for today ^^, Hope you like the pallete too......... In case you are wondering.. I have Essie's Mink Muffs on my nails.. people say It's very similar to OPI's You Don't Know Jaques... Which I think it's kinda true..........
Take Cares.. Have a great weekend ^^

Thursday, July 8, 2010

[][][]What's in my make up BAG?? [][][]

Hello all
WOW.. I didn't know that my nails were classified as "perfect for dark colours." hehe Thank you

but I do really like that colour by OPI (Barefoot in Barcelona)..... Essie has alot nice nude neutral shades which is really nice....

Any ways, this post is to share with you guys.. what's in my make up bag. This is not EVERYTHING I own.. but the stuff I use the most.. nearly on a day to day bases. This bag is a fake Longchamp makeup bag. Pretty good quality actually. quite impressed. Bought it from ebay... they have all other colours... but this is surprisingly good quality..... HAHAHA.... I chose the colour purple.......... I don't need to explain why..... ^^

Full ON packed with STUFF.............
So here's all the things Out of the bag....

First ROW: (LTR)
- Laura Mercier mineral finishing powder in SAND
- Prescriptive Concealer
- Everyday Minerals Kabuki brush( super soft)
- Estee Lauder Cyber white primer/sunscreen
- Estee Lauder Double wear light in 02
- Eco Tools Powder Brush (used for blush)
Second ROW: (LTR)
- Benefit Lipstick in Lalaland
- Maybelline colour sensation in pink please
- NARS laguna bronzer (Hit PAN)
- NARS oasis blush
- NARS deep throat blush (Hit PAN)
Third ROW:
- Missha brow shaver
- Twizer
- Too Faced eye shadow primer ( pretty good one)
- Prestiage waterproof eyeliner (quite good better than Mac)
- Mac technikal eyeliner in black
- Mac technikal eyeliner in (browny colour forgot the name)
- Kiss me Eye brow pencil
- Kissme Heroine long and curl mascara
- Majorlica Majorca mascara (gorgeous wing)
- Mac Brow Tint in Beguile
I have eye shadows, blushes, high lighting powders, setting powders and some other foundation bb creams stored next to my bag for easy access^^
I don't bring all these around with me... I just bring a compact around for touch up, a lip blam for dry lips and a lipgloss if I feel like looking a bit special:p
That's all for today ^^ It's quite boring actually.
Take cares~~~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[][][]Favourite Nail Colours [][][]

Hey all
I know I have never showed any nail related post, because my nails are UGLY.
I never do any manicure or any thing like that, just cut them regularly and bite them sometimes when I'm bored. But I do like some nail colours >< I'm not a bold coloured person, those bright yellow, oranges and reds, I don't think it would suit me. So I'm more into neutral, subtle colours.

So this post is just to show you my favourite nail colours.
L to R: Essie (eternal optimist, chinchilly, mink muffs and secret affair) L To R: Essie (not just a pretty face), OPI ( Barefoot in Barcelona), OPI sephora (metro chic), China Glaze (for audrey)

Um... The ones I wear the most is probably Barefoot in Barcelona, it's just a nice neutral earthy toned pink, not over the top goes well every thing you wear. For autumn, winter I like Mink Muffs and Metro Chic. modern elegant colours suits my skintone so well and Metro Chic is such a unique colour, purple with grey undertone may be even a bit browny, there are tones swatches online. For spring I think For Audrey is a very nice colour, fresh funky and elegant because it remind you of Tiffany & Co's blue.... I like it....

1) China Glaze probably have the most pigmented nail colours.
2) OPI has the easier application, very creamy smooth. Doesn't chip for 4 days with no top coat.
3) Essie is dependent, Depends on the colour you get. I used Not Just a Pretty Face, it chips like crazy after just one day. but Mink Muffs is fine.. Very nice after 3 coats.

What Am I Wearing NOW????
OPI Barefoot in Barcelona... The flash took a bit of the colour out >< But you can see swatches online just search in google...

And another picture. see how ugly my nails are?? T___T
That's all for Today.. Hope it helps ^^
I'm planning to get more OPI colours, because they are really creamy, nice and easy to apply. Thinking of getting Tickle My Francey next ................
Take Cares all ~~~~~~~~

Monday, July 5, 2010

~~[]Lunasol Coral Coral & FOTD[]~~~

Dear all
Thank you for the kind comments from last post. you guys gives me the encouragement to keep writting ^^....

How was every one's weekend? Ready for Monday? well my monday was a DISASTER.. I forgot my wallet at home (had zilch money on me), forgot my umbrella and it was raining, forgot my access card, can't get into where I work (had to press door bell every time), and finally forgot my house keys......... HAHAHA so forgetful. T___T

That aside, I just realised I have neglected this pretty pallet of mine at the back of the draw some where. Lunasol's Coral Coral. A very nice, subtle pallet with complementary colours for an everyday look. The pallet still looks pretty new. (I should certainly use it more) The photo and swatches are taken under natural lighting, not in direct sunlight and no flash.

The swatches are below
It looks very sheer but shimmery on the eyes, The colour didn't really get picked up by the camera.
No eyeliner, just mascara. Used Pink all over lid, Gold colour at the crease and Brown as liner colour, White used for highlighting brow bone.
and an overall face picture.

The items used for this FOTD is practically same as the last one I posted couple days ago, just that I used Maybelline's Pink Please lipstick. A very natural subtle eye makeup.

Enjoy rest of the week!!!!!!!!!!........
Please leave me comments or suggestions, or questions. thank you ^^

Friday, July 2, 2010

[] Change of Hair Colour and FOTD[][]~~~~

Hey all~~
hope you all had a great week. All happy and busy doing things you love.
Well I decided to dye my hair a Darker colour. I used Garnier Nutrissue in Cinnamon Stick, I throwed away the box because it got soaked by water, If you wanted to check the shade you can see it from Garnier's website.

I am just sick of my light brown hair, which looks dry, brittle and unhealthy. So I just dye it darker. It didn't turn out too bad. Alot of friends said that darker hair actually allows my facial features to stand out more. I don't know if that's true or not. Any ways. On with the post.

FOTD products:
- Esteelauder cyber white primer
- Missha perfect cover BB cream #21
- Esteelauder doublewear light #01
( I mixed bb cream and foundation together 50:50)
- Laurer Mercier Mineralise power in Sand
- Eyebrow tint MAC (beiguile)
- Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring
- Nars Oasis as blush ( this is like the perfect winter blush.. so good)
- Kissme Heorine mascara (long and curl)
- Mac cremesheen lipgloss it boybait

and TAH DAH~~~

My every day Uni look nothing special.

argh my lips are kinda dry. O wells. Hope everyone have a great weekend.
STAY WARm.. cuz it's so COLD here. T___T