Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[][][]Favourite Nail Colours [][][]

Hey all
I know I have never showed any nail related post, because my nails are UGLY.
I never do any manicure or any thing like that, just cut them regularly and bite them sometimes when I'm bored. But I do like some nail colours >< I'm not a bold coloured person, those bright yellow, oranges and reds, I don't think it would suit me. So I'm more into neutral, subtle colours.

So this post is just to show you my favourite nail colours.
L to R: Essie (eternal optimist, chinchilly, mink muffs and secret affair) L To R: Essie (not just a pretty face), OPI ( Barefoot in Barcelona), OPI sephora (metro chic), China Glaze (for audrey)

Um... The ones I wear the most is probably Barefoot in Barcelona, it's just a nice neutral earthy toned pink, not over the top goes well every thing you wear. For autumn, winter I like Mink Muffs and Metro Chic. modern elegant colours suits my skintone so well and Metro Chic is such a unique colour, purple with grey undertone may be even a bit browny, there are tones swatches online. For spring I think For Audrey is a very nice colour, fresh funky and elegant because it remind you of Tiffany & Co's blue.... I like it....

1) China Glaze probably have the most pigmented nail colours.
2) OPI has the easier application, very creamy smooth. Doesn't chip for 4 days with no top coat.
3) Essie is dependent, Depends on the colour you get. I used Not Just a Pretty Face, it chips like crazy after just one day. but Mink Muffs is fine.. Very nice after 3 coats.

What Am I Wearing NOW????
OPI Barefoot in Barcelona... The flash took a bit of the colour out >< But you can see swatches online just search in google...

And another picture. see how ugly my nails are?? T___T
That's all for Today.. Hope it helps ^^
I'm planning to get more OPI colours, because they are really creamy, nice and easy to apply. Thinking of getting Tickle My Francey next ................
Take Cares all ~~~~~~~~


Jess said...

The Essie nail polishes are really pretty! Love the shades!

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona is a gorgeous nude shade too!

eri said...

ooh. i love barefoot in barcelona! i must go out and find it!

eri said...

ooh. i love barefoot in barcelona! i must go out and find it!

Askmewhats said...

no, your nails do not look ugly! i find them cute! the color is gorgeous

bunee said...

i dont know why youre saying your nails are ugly cuz theyre honestly not . and theyre the perfect length for dark nailpolishes ! it looks like your cuticles are clean cut and exactly the way everyone wants theirs to be in your pictures !

i love the barefoot in barcelona ! i think your pictures are convincing enough for me to make it my next purchase . have you tried the rimmel lasting finish pro ? especially the steel grey that EVERYONE seems to love ! you need to see the brush that comes with this nailpolish . its amazing, it makes me wonder why not all nailpolishes come with this brush !

miemiemie said...

what? your nails are not ugly! love love mink muffs shade, it would be my shade!

Reese said...

AHHH! that color is so cute! :)