Monday, October 25, 2010

[] Eyeliner Show Down~~~~~

Hey all ~~~~
Today just gonna do an eyeliner comparison. Pretty much comparing the staying power and water resistancy. I got a couple eyeliner here that I have, I'm not sure if it's common ones where everyone have these but hope it's informative.

Here's all the eyeliners laid out. from Left to Right:
- Palgantong Eye Tatoo Eye inner Crazy Black
- Integrate slim liquid liner (black)
- L'oreal lineur intense liquid eyeliner felt tip (mica black)
- Dejavu lasting fibre eyeliner (24 hours)
- Majorlica Majorca eyeliner black
- Prestiage waterproof eyeliner
- Mac technikal eyeliner
- Mac powerpoint eyeliner in Duck
- Mac fluidliner black track

Lets put it to the test shall we?? LOL
The liner drawn is in the same order listed from left to right

This is what it looks like perfectly after drawn onto my arm and waited for the liners to dry. No base applied.

This is what happens when I rub the top of the liners quick vigorously....

This is what happens when I rinse it under water and slightly slide my finger across the eyeliner up and down.
So clearly, rubbing and water takes off the liquid eyeliners plus the majorlica majorca eyeliner. The rest stayed pretty solid. So clearly Mac ones are pretty durable and so is the dejavu one.
Here's the ranking of eyeliner's staying power.
1. Mac fluid liner black track/ Mac powerpoint liner
2. Mac technikal liner ( though I would use this for lower lash line only.. too soft for the upper lid)
3. Prestiage waterproof eyeliner / Dejavu 24 hours eyeliner
4. Majorlica Majoca eyeliner
5. I think all the liquid eyeliners there seem to be rubbed out pretty fast. Even though the Palgantong one says it's waterproof. But the Integrate one stayed on a bit better after rubbing.

To take eyemake up off at night, I use the Pond's cleansing oil. Something my mum bought for me when she went over seas from watsons. A drugstore kind of place in Asia.

That's all for the eyeliners. Any questions please leave it in the comment box. ^^

This is me at the Mac x Disney Villians launching event at Myer. LOL The SA there make me dress it all up and take a photo.. quick fun actually though I didn't but any thing from this collection.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

[]EOTD with all my eyeshadow palletes~~

Hey all
I thought that I can do a EOTD for all the eyeshadow palletes I have collected. well the ones I really like. They are pretty much all in the neutral earthy tone family. Feel free to click on the image for an enlargement.

I wanted to do it on the tissue papers but they were too soft and broke>< so I used a kitch paper towel.. Might need some improvement on that. I might do this again on a different paper. May be on a white piece of paper instead.

So here's the palletes laid out under natural sun light during the day.
The palletes name is written on the paper underneath the EOTD. I thought this could help with some people if they wanted to buy a certain pallete or something.

A close up view.

Think my favourite is the Lunasol Coral coral, Coffret D'or 01 and The Visee one.
Take Cares all, just a quick post today.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Updated Skin Care & SKII Facial Treatment Essence Review

Hey ~~~
How's every one doing?? Just gonna update on my skincare routine.
I know alot people uses serums like a concentrated form of active ingredient. and usually used at night to help with skin repair and recover.
I read alot good reviews about the SKII Facial Treatment Essence. It's so called miracle water, It helps with the skin cells to regenerate faster. I'm not sure if this is suitable for teenage skin but definately for people above the age of 25-30.

When I use this, I can feel immediately my skin is hydrated, no fine lines. and so supple and smooth. It controls my oiliness bt balancing between water and oil. SERIOUSLY!!!!. no joking. like it doesn't stop the natural oil from producing. it just prevents the oil from over produced. if that makes sense.
It 's got a weird smell, but for the effect it has.. I can deal with that. It's got great effect.. after just one week of using I can tell a big difference in my skin. but the price is not pretty.... If you can get it from duty frees or they sell cheaper. I suggest you give it a try.

So here's my full skincare routine. I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning because I don't need harsh face wash in the morning, just to take off some left over (unabsorbed) cream from the night before and excess oil. And I wash with Sana foaming facial cleanser at night to take off make up and dirt and what not.
I tone with Clinique mild calrifying lotion to get rid of all the dead skin and what's not cleaned by cleanser. I put some on a cotton pad and wipe gently all over face. then I use SKII Facial treatment essence, just pour some on the hand rub together and press onto face. Finally moisturise with Medicated Sekkisei Kose moisturiser. Whitens my acne scars over time. helps with redness and other problems I have with my skin><
Final step is eye care.. currently using Khiels Avocado eye cream. I really like it. not oily but really moisturising. gets rid of fine lines, but i'm not too sure about dark circles.. I don't really have dark eye bags.. so I have no say on that.
That's all for today... Any questions about any of the products don't hesitate to leave a comment.
Take Cares..~~~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple FOTD.. Using Kate Br-1[]~~

Hey all ~~~
Nothing Interesting today, just another FOTD. Thought to dig out my old eyeshadow pallete. Kate Br-1. I love neutral earthy colours. I swear I think all of my eyeshadows are neutral toned. I mean it goes with every thing.. and can't really go wrong with it.. I some times think colours like blue /green might make my eyes look bruised unless it's like DARK blue (navy) for smokey looks.. that ... I like ^^

On with the post. here's the list of things I used.
- Estee Lauder Double Wear in Fresco
- Coffret D'or Powder Foundation in OC-C
- Clinique Sunkissed bronzer for contouring
- Mac Warm Soul mineralised blush.
- Mac eye brow gel in beugile
- Majorlica Marjoca mascara
- Mac Creamsheen lip gloss in pink poit
- Kate Eyeshadow Pallete in Br-1

Here's the swatches again.. hehe

And Here's how it turned out.
Some how I reckon the wavy hair makes me look mature?? would you agree?
Take Cares guys.. skincare and some review stuff coming up soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Hair Care Routine~~~

Hey all
It's been a while I updated, been busy with work. Any hows.. I'm been watching GOSSIP GIRL.... A girl at work got me into it.. it amazes me how much can a high school girl do.

Any ways. My new Hair Care Routine is the TSUBAKI White range. for damaged hair.
Every time I go to the hair dresser.. I always get told that my hair is dry like grass. I get it. I gota do hair treatment twice a week. This has really been helping.

The Shampoo is gentle. it doesn't lather like crazy.. so ont much sodium lauryl sulphate ( stuff in most shampoos that lathers which is used in industrial cleaning products..) way too harsh for the scalp. The Conditioner is thick but not too thick, a good consistency and really helps to repair my hair. my hair's actually shiny after washing. Last but not the least. the hair Treatment.. That's really thick.. super nourishing like a paste almost. but after leaving it in the hair for 20-30min. The hair is super soft you gotta try this.. Higly Higly Recommended.

That's all for today.
a quick update.

Take cares all