Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Hair Care Routine~~~

Hey all
It's been a while I updated, been busy with work. Any hows.. I'm been watching GOSSIP GIRL.... A girl at work got me into it.. it amazes me how much can a high school girl do.

Any ways. My new Hair Care Routine is the TSUBAKI White range. for damaged hair.
Every time I go to the hair dresser.. I always get told that my hair is dry like grass. I get it. I gota do hair treatment twice a week. This has really been helping.

The Shampoo is gentle. it doesn't lather like crazy.. so ont much sodium lauryl sulphate ( stuff in most shampoos that lathers which is used in industrial cleaning products..) way too harsh for the scalp. The Conditioner is thick but not too thick, a good consistency and really helps to repair my hair. my hair's actually shiny after washing. Last but not the least. the hair Treatment.. That's really thick.. super nourishing like a paste almost. but after leaving it in the hair for 20-30min. The hair is super soft you gotta try this.. Higly Higly Recommended.

That's all for today.
a quick update.

Take cares all


Askmewhats said...

I've used the red version and so far, its nice but not fabulous to me! I've had itch and dandruff! I think I should try this, milder version!

Lilladylife said...

been using this range forever, love it! glad it;s working for u