Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coffret D'or CM eyes & FOTD

Hi ALL ~~~
Seems like I haven't been updating this blog for a LONG time. I'm sorry. I am trying to find a place to live closer to University so I don't have to spend 1 to 1.5 hour of travelling each way every day.
That's aside, Haul time ~~ LOL I got the Coffret D'or Colour Mixing eye shadow pallete. It was released a while back, A summer orientated pallete. well Summer is approaching in Australia. So I thought might as well =D.
I Picked the colour #1. because it reminds me of the golden beach, the bright sun light. (sound so cheesy). But it is a pretty pallete. shimmery, but not like CHUNKY glitter falling off. But fine silvery particles. I also got the Majorlica Majorca's Honey lip gloss. in BE 211. A pretty shimmery beige colour. Quite moisturising. doesn't feel sticky, but it is a bit thick when it comes out of the tube.
Below: Coffret D'or CM eyes in #1
Below: Swatch on hand, under natural sun light, no flash
Another picture, A bit blurred............. sorry
Below: Here's the things I used for my FOTD.. ~~~
- Prescriptive Virtue Matte Foundation
- Prescriptive Mineral poweder Foundation
- Mac blush in Well Dressed
- Mac Mineralized blush in Daft Pink
- Lavshuca's eyebrow powder
- Mac brow set in beguile
- Coffret D'or CM eyes #1
- Mac technikal liner in graph black
- Fairy Drop mascara
- Mac lipgloss in Prrr
The result:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

I'm in love with this lipgloss Prrr, pretty colour, not in ur face kind of colour at all. just gives that shine and a touch of sexiness LOL..
Also I am amazed as to how my hair turned out. I just tied it into a bum, and when I let it all out, it had that natural wave in it. WOW.. didn't even have to get my iron curler out. LOL

LOL a kiss for you all =D.. the lipgloss is making me wanna do that HAHA.. ~~~

P.S: Hope you guys like this look........ The eye shadow pallete is pretty. very everyday kind of pallete. So can be used while working and still look professional. Take Cares.. Until next time =D