Monday, August 23, 2010

[][] Clubbing/Party Neutral Look[][]~~~

Hey all....

Just want to do a look for parties... a neutral eye look. The items used are quite simple.. and the eye make up is quite simple too. tried to volumise the hair by teasing it and hair spray.. but FAIL>< hahahha
Close look at the eye make up.
& looking Down..~~~

Lunasol Eye Palette
A (white shimmer) - used for the eye's inner corner and under brow bone
B ( golden beige) - used for all over lid
C ( pink beige) - used for the 1/3 of eye lid towards the inner corner and first half of bottom eye lash
D ( shimmery brown) - used for eye liner colour & bottom eye lash towards the outter corner.
- Estee Lauder DWL (intensity 1)
- Laura Mercier Mineralise Powder
- Nars Deep Throat blush ( hit pan.. yayyy)
- Mac brow gel in beguile
- Mac Powerpoint liner in Duck
- Kiss me heroine Mascara in long and curl
- Mac Florabundance lip glass..( great nude lip without being too nude... & smells great.)

[][] Voce Magazine Scans[][]~~~

Hey all

Just wanted to do a quick post today.. Here are some Scans to the VoCE magazine for the september issue.

This is my favourite part.... it lists the top products voted by 120,000 fans on the net.
From eye shadows, blush to powder foundations & liquid foundations. you can click the image to enlarge it.



Mascara base/ Blush

Lip stick/ Nails/ UV make up base

Lip Gloss/ Concealers

Powder foundation

Liquid foundation

Just some pictures I like.... find them really pretty

Saturday, August 14, 2010

[][] BB CREAM & FOUNDATION comparison[][]~~~

Hey all ~~~
Hope you all had a great weekend. Today I will be doing an experiment for foundations and bb creams.

The reason is because I have combination skin, tend to be more oily during summer and in winter some times it can be so dry that when I wake up in the morning I have fine lines around my mouth/eyes and stuff >< (think it's the heater)...

Any ways.. I did a little experiment to find out what kind of foundation I should use in water conditions my skin is in. So I got a piece of oil blotting paper, and just put a dot of foundaiton/bb cream and wait for the absorption of the water/oil. This blotting paper absorbs mainly oil and some water.

First start off with Foundations:
Top Row: Estee Lauder DW, Estee Lauder DWL, Revlon Colorstay, Mac SFF

Bottom Row: Kate High Coverage Lasting foundation, MAybelline AngelFit, Prescriptive Virtue MAtte, Clinique Superfit

So for this picture.. I labelled all the Foundations on the blotting paper. So this is what it looks like at about 10 minutes.

This is what it looks like in about 3 hours.

And that's what it practically look like after more thatn 3 hours.

So My conclusion from this little experiment is that.
Estee Lauder's DW and DWL is more for summer use. It has least amount of oil and they are long wear foundations. I think revlon colorstay is pretty good too, a little more moisturising but still good for summer usage. (I don't think they are suited for extra dry/dry skin unless you are SUPER well moisturized before hand)
for MAC SFF, Clinique and Px, they are good for normal skin, I guess combo skin need to blot a bit more often and can be used during winter if you are well moisturized.
Lastly the Kate and Maybelline angel fit foundation is more for dry/normal skin I guess. Combo skin (for me) I need to blot more often and it's not as long wearing as the Estee Lauder's foundation. From what I can see, I think Kate is a bit more Oily... because the circle of oiliness around the dot is darker..... ie more oil. ( may be it's not really suited for combo/oily skin) But the coverage is AMAZING!!!!!

Now On to the BB creams:
Top Row: Skinfood mushroom bb, BRTC caviar bb cream, Lotree BB base, Dr Jart silver label
Botton Row: Missha perfect cover bb, Legere, Skinfood Aleo bb, Skinfood Gingko bb

Here's what they look like 10 minutes in
( Ignore the BIG BLOB.. I made a BOoBoooo) LOL

Here's what it looks like after 30 minutes

And here's what it looks like after 3 hours.

LOOK at Lotree!!! DISGUSTING!!!!
I think it is pretty clear that Lotree is way too ily for combination skin... I had to blot so many times during the day.... Disco ball already><>
And For combination skin I think Skinfood Aleo & mushroom BB cream is the best. I personally like the mushroom one the best. Buildable coverage, ok oil control after 4-5 hours It gets oily. And the mushroom scent doesn't bother me at all. But the staying power isn't all that great So I mix it with my Revlon Colorstay or Estee Lauder DW.. Dr Jart 's Silver Label is quite good for combo skin too, except its' a bit thick hence a good coverage.
That's all I have to say about the bb creams & foundation.
Any questions or comments are welcome ^^...........
P.S: Vanity.. If you reading this I like your Angelika Blush from NARS.. ^^

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[] Lippies Collection[]~~~

Hey all ~~~

Hope you all had a great weekend. and Thank you for all the kind comments from last post :p

This post will be about my lipstick collection. Just strictly lipstick, no glosses.

So I will start with MAC.. Mac makes great lipstick range...... The variety of colours, finishes.. I'm sure you can find one you like there.

LEFT to Right:

1st Row: Cherish, Modesty, Blankety, (middle one: Lollipop Loving)

2nd Row: Jublee, Angel, Please Me

Here are the swatches on my arm ( My arm's pretty white, about NC15 I would say)

Cherish, Modesty, Blankety, Jublee, Angel, Please Me & Lollipop Loving

Here's my other brand lipsticks I have.

Left to Right:

1st Row: Revlon Smokey Rose, Revlon Soft Seude

2nd Row: Rimmel Airy Fairy, Rimmel Asia

3rd Row: Benefit Lady's Choice, Benefit Lala Land

Left to Right: Nars Dolce Vita, Maybelline Pink Please, Missha in BE02

Another picture of Nars Dolce Vita


Top Part:

Maybelline Smokey Rose Airy Fairy Lady's Choice

Pink Please Soft Seude Asia Lala Land

Bottom Part: (All Vertical Swatches)

Missha BE02, Nars Dolce Vita, Lollipop loving, Please me, Angel, Jublee, Blankety, Modesty, Cherish

That's all the lipsticks I have. My favourite GO TO lipstick is Rimmel Airy Fairy ( MAC FABBY dupe), Mac Angel, Benefit Lala land.... some times Dolce Vita.... I don't really have a favourite but I want to know what you like......

So tell me your favourite lipstick ........... please leave a comment of in my c box.

Have a great week ^^take cares

Monday, August 9, 2010

[] Eyeshadow Collection[]~~

Hey all~~~

Thank you so much for the kind comments left from previous post.. *HUGS* to all of you guys.
This post will be about my eye shadow collection. I find my self just tend to collect eyeshadows rather than using them every day light my blushes.

Here is an over view of my eyeshadow collection~~~~
Here's another closer look at the eye shadows.
There's Coffret D'or, Lunasol, Marjolica Marjoca, Visee & Integrate.

Here we have some Kate (all first row), Lavschuca, Shu Uemura ( my daily beige & brown eyeshadow). and Stila's eyeshadow ( really nice one for every day look too)

Here's a little haul:
Sana Essence Concealer for Eyes (LEFT), and mouth & eye concleaer (RIGHT)
THe packaging is so cute................

I use the eye concealer for under eye, it doesn't really cover any thing to be honest, It just brightens the eye area and super soft/smooth and gentle. But I don't have any really bad dark circle to cover so I'm fine with it. If you have dark eye circles you want to hide I think this one isn't for you.
I use the mouth/eye concealer for around my mouth (some fine lines when it gets dry) and my pores. Amazingly it covers my pores perfectly........ just the area around my nose. So far so good.

And here's a swatch.

thats all for today a super quick update..
take cares^^

Sunday, August 8, 2010

[]Blush Collection/ Swatches[]~~

Hey all~~~
Been caught up with some work for awhile so haven't had the time to update. Was planning to do a July favourites but haven't got around to it.

This post will just be showing you guys my blush collection and some thoughts on them as well as swatches.

I start off with NARS:
I am a big fan of NARS blushes because they are pigmented, not powdery, stays on all day. really pretty colours. I'm sure every girl/boy out there would love NARS blushes.

The order is from Left to Right:
1st Row: Laguna, Deep Throat, Oasis
2nd Row: Gilda, Zen, Dolce Vita
3rd Row: Torrid, Penny Lane (cream blush)

My favourite has to be Deep Throat, then by Oasis. I use DT blush nearly every day, so I've hit pan on that one. it's just a nice every day colour for any occasion, when I don't know which one to pick. I go for DT. But Oasis is such a nice winter blush colour. gives you the flush as if you just had a run out side. Another one I'm loving is the Penny Lane gives you the right amount of flush very natural similar to deep throat, less pink and a bit more frosty.

Here's the Swatches:
Left to RIght
1st Row: Oasis, Dolce Vita
2nd Row: Deep Throat, Zen, Penny Lane
3rd Row: Laguna, Gilda, Torrid

Another photo for swatchie goodness.

Here's some Random blushes:
Rimmel ( Santa Rose) Dupe for Nars Orgasm
Clinique Sunkissed (a nice bronze)
Shu Uemura Rythm
Integrate blush highlight duo in the brown one

NOW, On to the MAC ones:

I started off with MAC then slowly expanded into NARS.
I think both MAC & NARS have good blush range, obviously MAC has more colour selections and their limited edition MSFs is just irresistable... LOL

Left to Right
1st Row: Well Dressed, Blush Baby, Daft Pink (Middle), Red Head MSF
2nd Row: Gentle (mineralize), Warm Soul (mineralize), Stereo Rose MSF

Here they are Opened up.

And here's the Swatches:

Left to Right
1st Row: Daft Pink
2nd Row: Blush baby , Warm Soul, Stereo Rose MSF
3rd Row: Well Dressed, Gentle, Red Head MSF
I use Daft pink as a high light, over NARS DT or MAC well dressed. really pretty. I love Gentle in wintery months pretty fall colour and goes well with a pink lipstick ( Mac Angel lipstick). Warm soul is a great one for summer, because it's a nude beigey bronze colour, in the photo here it looks kind of orangey, I'm not sure why. and Mac's Redhead MSF would be my favourite.
I do regret not getting Moon RIver... It's so hard to find now><

And here's a photo of the famous MAC Stereo Rose MSF. When In The Groove collection came out that day, I went to get it the same afternoon and the counter said only have 2 left.!!!! I was like OMG it just the first day of launching and by that afternoon only 2 left. CRAZY...

It does look Pretty in the pan.. pink coral with golden veining. It's not as corally as Gilda, but in between Gilda and DT I would say.

Here's another swatch. It's not as Shimmery as other MSFs I heard, so the colour pay off is good.
I really like this one. Great for summer/spring I would say. Not really for winter. But I'm not it's worth the Hype... It is pretty though I gota admit.
Hope Every one have a great weekend, and take cares..~~~