Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 HauL~~ EL & Dior

Hey all ~~~
How was the Chinese New years??? had heaps of nice food, spent time with family?? and alot of red pockets I assume?? hhehe.
Ok I think by now, you guys would've known that I'm a foundation FREAK..~~ I love purchasing foundations. People would think you gota have like alot of eyeshadows in different colours.. For me Is different. I don't wear alot of eye make up. normally just a hint of earthy colour with eyeliner and mascara and i'm good to go.
But I think the look of skin is more important, like if you see some one with perfect eye make up but bad skin. you wouldn't think that makeup would look good. Where as if a person has a perfect skin then you would think the make up looks good. If you know what I mean. may be you have different point of view.. ok i'm just blabing on..
Main Content:
So I was attempted by alot of Asian Bloggers because alot of review site give out awards to like the top rank make up items. And in the foundation range, Estee Lauder Double Wear Original Formula constantly win awards like year after year after year. So I had to try it.
I got it in the color SAND 36. It's a tiny bit light on me. But after 20 mintues the foundation becames more natural and trust me it LASTS. I tried it the other day went out in 36 degrees heat. (it's like if you move too much, causing too much friction and you can catch on fire =p) The colour is not too yellow, nor pink. Just right LOVE IT.. i'm MAC SFF NC 20. but NC 20 is really yellow. Super great coverage. Covers like every thing.... matte finish. you need to contour with this foundation, or you would look really "flat"
So show you some photos..

Here's the Ingredient List:
lets try it on my hand..
Here's my Bare Hand ~~ nothing on ( the picture is a bit blurred sorry)

Here's a picture of the foundation on the right half of my hand
Then applied my MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural in Light/Medium on top. (that's a full coverage there)

It dries really quick. It may look too cakey or " OMG you have massive amounts of make up on". I don't suggest using foundation brush, it will turn out NASTY.. use a sponge. that's what I do.. spreads perfectly. and little goes a long way.
The next Item I got is the Dior Snow Sublissime whitening foundation powder in 020.
It's not avaliable in Australia or European countires I think not sure about US, I asked a friend to buy it for me from overseas. The price on it is 6200 yen. But I paid more than that for it. It's quite expensive. it's 10 g product. Comes with a cute pouch.
The pouch is this dark navy colour and the compact it self is white. The case is sparkly. LOL Super cute.

It's got 2 compartment, One for the sponge, the bottom is the powder.

I took a photo of the powder to show the colour. (Wish Flash)

(No Flash)
I Haven't tried it on yet. But will let you know.. ~~~
P.S I can't wait for Mac's brunette, blonde, redhead collection to come out in Australia. I wanna that MSF and lipstick!!! hehehe
P.P.S I love fuz's new videos.. her voice is really nice and soo cute..
Take cares~~~

Friday, January 23, 2009

BB cream/Foundation Comparison 2

Hey All ~~~
Thank you for the kind comments from last post. Just trying to help girls out there who are thinking of purchasing products that I have.. to look up review and things..
oh and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARS!!! hehe this is the year of OX/COW. LOL hope every one has a good year and wishes come true.
Ok I will get on with the post. Here's a list of the bb cream/foundations I have. The swatches are in my last post.

So here's some tips for my review and how I set up the table. Obviously the Full score is out of 5 for every thing. The scores are given relatively in this comparison means they are compared against each other therefore not comparing to a set standard. If that helps.

Also the review is given solely on own opinion and based on the effect on my own skin. I have combination/oil skin. Sometimes it's actually quite dry as well. Have oily T-zone especially around nose area, forehead and cheek area around the nose. I am not extremly sensitive, but alcohol contained products dries out my skin like crazy. ( Do NOT use The Body Shop's Seaweed range for oily skin. It was SO harsh, had bad reactions return it after a week.)
I use sunscreen before applying any of these product because I don't believe the sun protection factors on these. I use Shiseido Anessa SPF 50+++ golden label sunscreen. LOVE this stuff. Non-oily sticky, no white caste, smoothes out ur make up. Never got darkened from the sun by using this. On top of that, I finish the bb cream/foundation with MAC Mineralise Natural Finish Powder.

All Products has been tested for atleast 2 weeks to actually come up with a score /review.

I did the table in Excel and made it as a picture so I think it's a bit fuzzy but still literate I guess.

Chapter 1:
  1. Missha M Vita is suitable for dry/normal skin it's very moisturising. Best to use in the winter. contains multi vitamins and plant extracts. Is a good BB cream had no acnes when I use it but too oily for me So I stopped using it.
  2. Missha M Perfect Cover is great. I love this stuff, I gave it a 4.5 instead of full score is because it can look cakey if applied too much and does oxidize a bit and it rubs off LOL... so becareful. other than that I love it. great coverage, high SPF and used it all winter made me 2 shades lighter
  3. Hanskin Magic BB... er...... I have to say I only used this for a week. because I realised it gave me pimples/bumps. Made my skin oily hardly have any coverage. didn't like it at all. Some people say is good So I tried it. but T___T Not for me
  4. DermaRX Skin79 bb is quite good. pretty good oil control, nice coverage. Did go whiter from this bb and less acne because it has anti-bacterial content. But the only thing I didn't like was the Colour. 1 shade only and SOOO Dark Grey. good for summer but in the winter I think better stay away. This is 2nd to my M Perfect Cover. But it's a bit thick to spread, have to use it when ur moisturizer is still wet then you won't have a problem.
  5. Skinfood Gingko bb #1 is yellow based bb cream, I like every thing about this one except for the oil control. doesn't seem to control oil that well. and It doesn't last that long either, half way through out the day it's like nearly gone already.. the coverage is not all that good but it did clear up my skin =p
  6. Skinfood Aloe Sun bb #2 is pink based bb, It has silicone in it. SPF 20 Oil control is better than Gingko and stays on my face longer too. and Some how the coverage is better than Gingko.

Chapter 2:

  1. CD forever flawless, I got this foundation from Fuz Kittie's Recommendation. I acually quite like this one. A natural make up look, non-cakey. Lasts for a long time. But does oxidise on me a bit, gotten darker as the day goes on. may be cuz My face is going oily LOL.
  2. MAC SFF NC20, LOVE this foundation. Some people say it breaks you out. This one didn't break me out. I was happy with that. great coverage, lasts all day, pretty good oil control too. In the summer heat of 36 degrees it still stays. A BIG plus for this one is that it's Oil FREE...~~~ but contains alot of silicones in the product. PERFECT Match to my skintone. FULL SCORE.~~
  3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, new foundation came out last year. A modification over the original double wear. I Like this one too. Stays all day, great coverage, the only thing is that it oxidies a bit. other than that I like it =p great for summer. cuz I got #2, a bit dark on me I think... The sales assistant said #2 for me.. but guess she was wrong. DOUBLE WEAR LIGHT coverage
  4. Rimmel Lasting Finish. This is really creamy textured foundation. similar texture to DWL, at first I liked this one, but it oxidised on me SOOO BAD.. you wouldn't believe. I walked around with a dark face in the afternoon =__='''
  5. Chanel TI liquid, I don't know what happened to this one, It was SO oily On my face after 1-2 hours. I tried it with a primer, a different powder just didn't work for me T___T... If it wasn't so oily It would've been great. It has fine pearlised powder which gives that GLOWY look. Looked SOOO nice when first applied. but after a while just melts off my face. I am swapping this one away If I can't make it work..

Chapter 3:

Up coming post on different powders I have.

I also bought a new BB cream, Dr Jart Silver label. This one is for Oily Skin as for the black label is for dry/normal skin. Don't know how that will go. Saw some websites and youtubes on that review. So was Tossing between BRTC or Dr Jart. Dr Jart Silver Label Review

P.S: that's a LONG post.. hope it helps every one. If any questions just put it in comment or the box on the right hand side.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Foundation Comparison

Hey all ~~~
I haven't really been home for the past week. Been over at my aunty's house for a visit and It's Chinese New Years soon, so getting busy with family functions and stuff. Um.. this is off topic but I am Addicted, to this show called " The Big Bang Theory".. lol I consider my self a nerd too cuz I did Chemical Engineering and those quantum physics and maths and chemistry is not new to me.. LOL... When I was in 2nd yr Uni would love to transfer to Berkley's Uni In USA for a semester or two. hehe.. It's a funny show, I find it funny because I can so see how those nerd are acting the way they do. Cuz with the knowledge you have of physics/maths and chem you can see show much illogical things around you. Ok I will stop here and get on with the post
So I promised a foundation/bb cream comparison post. So I will do this in 2 posts, just incase it gets too WORDY..
Here's the bb cream and foundations I have.

Top Row is all bb creams: ( From left to right)
1. Missha M Vita bb cream
2. Missha M Perfect cover bb cream #21
3. Hanskin Magic bb cream
4. Skin79 Derma RX bb cream
5. Skin food Gingko bb cream #1
6. Skin food Aleo Sun bb cream #2

Here's a picture of these bb creams in the same order Left to right correspondingly.
Bottom Row (Left to right)
1. Christial Dior Forever Flawless liquid foundation #022 ( a bit pink toned)
2. Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC20
3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light #2
4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral wear #100
5. Chanel Tinte Innocence liquid foundation #020 Cameo

Here's a picture of the foundations in the same order from left to right.

In general, the bb creams has a more of a greyish tone and has more benfit for skin. I do realise that using missha M Perfect Cover bb cream over the winter gave me less pimples and a dramatic whitening of my skin. As for scar reduction, I think it does work but not entirely sure because I do scrub and removal of dead skin. and scars naturally fade over time. But I do have to say that I didn't like the Hanskin Magic bb cream, I have combination/oily skin and that is just Horrid, super oily after like 1 to 1.5 hours. had no coverage what so ever, it was like a pre makeup base kinda finish. Goes on EXTREMELY sheer, didn't like it. and Notice that it gave me pimples T___T I was kinda shocked So I stopped using it.
As for foundation, it I bought different tones for different times of the year and My skin colour kept on changing cuz of Bb cream during winter so My shades were like lighter and ligther. but now it's summer here, BBQing in 36 C degrees heat I don't want my face to look so white casted so I go for a more tanned darker shade of foundation to make me look sun healthy. The foundations have different textures and coverage. I will do a table for the next post to compare the different factors.
Stay Tuned~~~
that's all for today. hope it helps..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

MM FOTD/ Super Inspired!!!

Hey all
After the MM haul i've been excited to try out the new shadows.. hehe and I was surfing the net and found these pictures of a Chinese celebrity named Fan Bing Bing, not sure of her english name. She was in many films and series. She has really nice facial structures, big eyes, perfect jaw line, thin/tall nose, soft lips.. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. and I was a bit into 1980's style of make up and that Hat. So I thought I give it a try too.
Look at that SEXY body.. envying wish my boobs were as big as hers =p but that style is chic/ sleek an FAB.!!!~~
This photo shows a stronger side of her but look at that CONTOURING!!! and her eye make up.. hehe Ok getting over excited here..T___T

SO I tried to combine both of these photos and came up with my own style and make up. Super inspired!!! here's the things I used for today's FOTD.
- Dior forever flawless foundation
- Mac Mineralised Skinfinish natural
- Nars Laguna for contouring
- Nars Zen as blush ( I packed this stuff on like you wouldn't believe =p)

- MM BR- 751 pallete
- MM gorgeous wing mascara (used this one first)
- kiss me heroine volume mascara
- L'oreal liquid eyeliner in mica black

- Mac Cherish lipstick
As for the eye make up, I used the silvery taupe colour all over the lid. then used the dark brown colour for the outter corner of the eyes. Used the Gold colour for inner corner of the eye and highlight the brow bone. then that white trick on powder was used on the first 1/2 of the eyelid to make it more shiny. Um.. I should've a picture or a diagram makes it easier for explanations ><

So the result?? DAAATAH~~~

LOL I borrowed that hat off my dad. He had this hat for ages and he got it from US when he was there on a business trip. It's a bit squashed cuz he doesn't wear it and it was like under a pile of stuff =p
Here's another photo. I did my hair like the first photo of the celebrity put it in a bun on the side. and curled the side bits..

A photo to show the eye make up. um.. Not that clear cuz I didn't want to use flash as it was during day light time. but some how my camera can't focus as good when flash is on.. weird...

And here's a close up photo...

I had heaps fun doing this. My dad was like What are you doing with my HAT?? LOL Um I didn't want to use any pink blush cuz It wouldn't fit in the theme. Now I totally feel like a 1980's party.. hehe So what you guys think?? Like it??

Here's a photoshoped picture..

Hehe. I had loads of fun =p.. That's all for today..... hope you guys like this kinda style as much as I do.. take cares...........

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Majolica Majorca/ MM & HauL


Haullage time again =p. This time I have products mainly from Majolica Majorca/ (MM). I received the package yesterday all the way from Hong Kong. you can guess I ordered it from Adam Beauty.

So MM is a sub-brand of Shiseido on a drugstore level, I think it's equivalent to Kate & Lavshuca from Kanebo. It's super affordable in Japan and prices increases for other places due to tax and stuff.

Don't let the drugstore catagory fool ur mind. The products from MM are of high quality and it's even comparable with department store products. Those who have use it will agree with me i'm sure =p. So here's a photo of things that I purchased.

I got 3 of their Majolook eyeshadow pallete with the trick on powder. I heard so much good reviews about them and the colours look beautiful. and when I got the postage ripped it open and I was like .... OMG I'm in LOVE!!!~~ they are so worth the money and the packaging are soo cute.. and looks antique-ish... I also got the two of their lipglosses and their mascara and 1 Kate 5 colour pallete in Br-2

This is a photo of the pack of the eyeshadow packaging. says that the trick on powder changes the colour of other colours with different lightings..

A photo of the actual packing it self.

The colour is GR-750

The colour is Br-751

The colour is BR-742

Here's a swatch of Gr-750 (top row) and Br-751 (bottom row) haven't done a swatch for Br-742 yet.. The eyeshadows are super pigmented.. love the colours. a satin/frosty finish .. a pearlised sheen to it. I personally don't like chucky glitter eyeshadows.. just doesn't work for me.. but pearlised I love ~~~

And then here's the two lipglosses in PK-102 and BE-210 (BE-210 is the new colour)

Here's a close picture of the lids to the lipgloss.. hehe Looks so pretty.. Haven't opened them yet.. will show swatches later. but they are full of find pearlized glitters. pretty =p

and Here's the kate pallete. Compare to Br-1 of Kate. this Br-2 is more coppery red undertoned. haven't swatch it yet...

Um.. that's all for now hopefully will use these eyeshadows to do some look =p
Take cares
P.S thx for all your comments

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where to Shop~~

Hey all
thank you so much for the comment you left...

I just want to do a quick post today on Where to Shop guide. I got a few questions as to where I bought my Japanese brand makeup. I know a few places I will list them all and I will recommend to you the ones I think you should consider.
First of all, if you have friends in Taiwan/ Hong Kong/ Japan / Parts of China (mostly big cities) you have the best option to buy make up. Taiwan & Japan has the cheapes products because they charge costumers with reasonable prices and has HUGE range of products.
If you don't have friends in those places then ur option is Online buying or Local stores. I'm not sure about USA or EUR, but in Sydney there's shops in China Town and George St called AKA cosmetics. A Hong Kong based companies which sells alot of japanese products from skincare/masks/cosmetics to misc items like cotton pads and things. But you gota becareful because some items they are ridiculously overpriced.... but some are reasonable. So here's a list of things I saw in that shop which is reasonable to buy:
- Sana Nameraka range
- DHC oil cleanser
- some liquid eyeliners/ eye products
- kracie Naive facial cleanser ( this one I like the grapefruit one)
For Online Stores:
1) Number 1 recommendation is Adam Beauty. A Hong Kong based company provides the most reasonable priced service. I love their service super fast postage & handling time. only cost you US $2 for registered post and is the cheapest I'm seen. Reliable service, but you can pay with PayPal only. One thing about them is that they are some times out of stock for certain things and not the quickest updated providers for Newst items.
2) Number 2 recommendation is Ichibankao. I Japanese based company provides the latest items and a wide range of products avaliable in Japan from drug store to department to misc brands. So much choice. But lately I've seen its price gone up, perhaps due to the exchange rate fluctuations. If I can't find the items selling in Adam Beauty I would most probably buy it here. Excellent service.
3) Number 3 is JpMon. This site is in Chinese, because it's a Taiwanese based company. So if you can read Chinese, give this a go. It's shopping security is same as Amazon so it's safe to buy. they accept Visa,Master and paypal. Just register and ur GTG. This site has alot of other things not just makeup and skincare. Reasonable price and a wide range of products..
4) Number 4 is ofcourse Ebay. The thing about ebay is that there's a lot of private sellers on there. also alot of scammers. So becareful. Look for power sellers. There's a couple of good ones I can recommend:
- Skinfood2you
- mojel98
- babysweetie7
I'm sure there's alot more just do a search on Ebay, and compare the prices.
Hope those information helps. Take cares

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kate 5 color Shadow

Hey all
How's everyone's new year?? I went over to grandparent's place and watched fireworks at the back of their yard. the fireworks was right above my head.. was awsome ^___^. Haven't been blogging is cuz been out with family and friends for new yr gatherings and stuff, so busy busy busy =p

Any ways I won't waffle on and get on with today's post. So here's a new eye shadow pallete I bought. it's by Kanebo a Japanese brand, the sub-brand is Kate. it's the 5 colour eyeshadow in Br-1. the gold glitter and black eyeliner colour attracted me. there was GD-1 which was a more gold colour but I didn't think I would use their pink so I picked this one.

And here's the swatches of the colours. I guess I don't need to label them cuz they are pretty obvious as to which colour is which. =p. The base I used for the swatch is Mac's Paint in Bare Canvas.
So today's FOTD I used Kate's 5 colour eyeshadow and a bunch of other stuff LOL so here's a photo of the things I used. The look I'm trying to create here is a summer glowy look as it is summer here in Australia and is DAMN HOT I tell you.. today the temperature hit 36 degrees celcius.. getting totally BBQed here.
Dior's Forever Flawless foundation
Mac Mineralised Skinfinish Natural (i've hit pan on this stuff)
Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring
Nars Zen blush
Mac Warm Soul blush on the apple of the cheek
Kate eyeshadow pallete in BR-1
Mac Technikohl liner in black
Mac paint in bare canvas (forgot to include in the photo)
L'Oreal liquid liner in black mica
Kiss me Heorine Mascara in volume
Mac Jubeli lipstick
Revlon lipgloss in nude lustre (my HG mixture)

So Here's my FOTD, SO inlove with warmsoul.. didn't regret buying it.. perfect blush for summer.... give you that cheek pop without overdoing it....

Another photo, but showing a more of the eye make up

That's all for today....... I still gota do my promised post of comparing foundation and BB cream. ad my sunscreen review post.. Sigh never got around to doing it.. started working now.. kinda busy.. but I will try.. cuz I promised...
Take Cares.... may be I should also post my 2009 new yr resolutions?? hehehe
in such Happy mood these days.. hope every one is ^___^
P.S if you are staying under the sun. plz use sunscreen !!! especially in Australia... it can kill..