Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where to Shop~~

Hey all
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I just want to do a quick post today on Where to Shop guide. I got a few questions as to where I bought my Japanese brand makeup. I know a few places I will list them all and I will recommend to you the ones I think you should consider.
First of all, if you have friends in Taiwan/ Hong Kong/ Japan / Parts of China (mostly big cities) you have the best option to buy make up. Taiwan & Japan has the cheapes products because they charge costumers with reasonable prices and has HUGE range of products.
If you don't have friends in those places then ur option is Online buying or Local stores. I'm not sure about USA or EUR, but in Sydney there's shops in China Town and George St called AKA cosmetics. A Hong Kong based companies which sells alot of japanese products from skincare/masks/cosmetics to misc items like cotton pads and things. But you gota becareful because some items they are ridiculously overpriced.... but some are reasonable. So here's a list of things I saw in that shop which is reasonable to buy:
- Sana Nameraka range
- DHC oil cleanser
- some liquid eyeliners/ eye products
- kracie Naive facial cleanser ( this one I like the grapefruit one)
For Online Stores:
1) Number 1 recommendation is Adam Beauty. A Hong Kong based company provides the most reasonable priced service. I love their service super fast postage & handling time. only cost you US $2 for registered post and is the cheapest I'm seen. Reliable service, but you can pay with PayPal only. One thing about them is that they are some times out of stock for certain things and not the quickest updated providers for Newst items.
2) Number 2 recommendation is Ichibankao. I Japanese based company provides the latest items and a wide range of products avaliable in Japan from drug store to department to misc brands. So much choice. But lately I've seen its price gone up, perhaps due to the exchange rate fluctuations. If I can't find the items selling in Adam Beauty I would most probably buy it here. Excellent service.
3) Number 3 is JpMon. This site is in Chinese, because it's a Taiwanese based company. So if you can read Chinese, give this a go. It's shopping security is same as Amazon so it's safe to buy. they accept Visa,Master and paypal. Just register and ur GTG. This site has alot of other things not just makeup and skincare. Reasonable price and a wide range of products..
4) Number 4 is ofcourse Ebay. The thing about ebay is that there's a lot of private sellers on there. also alot of scammers. So becareful. Look for power sellers. There's a couple of good ones I can recommend:
- Skinfood2you
- mojel98
- babysweetie7
I'm sure there's alot more just do a search on Ebay, and compare the prices.
Hope those information helps. Take cares


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh thanks for sharing. everything is so easy in reach for me... that is the problem for me :P though im in more control now of what i should buy. i never want to buy it anymore, since ive been to japan. i used to lem so much!

RYC: nah wouldnt buy uggs, though i heard from Lizz, they are very cheap in Oz, I have a cheap ugg-style instead :P im not sure soft pause is a limited edition, i got it from their Red She said collection :/

Askmewhats said...

great recommendation!!!! I also buy from mojel :) She's a great ebay seller :)

miemiemie said...

wow thanks for the info. i've been wondering where to order some asian makeup online.however, when i asked permission from my she told me not to even try especially if they're based in asia..well, you know how everything gets cheated around yes poor me

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Japan Fashion said...

Great info thanks for sharing keep it up and happy 2009..

Ahleessa said...

I'm so glad you found me because I lost all the links, and I'm too lazy to find them all... hehe~ I miss seeing your cute face and thanks for telling us where to buy Japanese products! :)

heartofpearl♡ said...

oo will be going back to japan soon so cant wait! but ill have limited spending money :( ohwel haha x

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lilpil said...

Thanks for the guide, I'll have to check out some of these site out as I'm always wanting to try out more Asian brands :)

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