Sunday, September 9, 2012

[] Augst Favourites~~ []

 Hey all
It is September there fore its time for August Favourites.
This month there's not much of skincare because I had an allergic reaction to something not entirely sure what. So I stopped using every thing just 1 skincare item. and then slowly let it heal.

- Benefit creaseless eyeshadow in busy signal
- Wet and Wild walking on egg shell trio
- Benefit high beam highliter
- Clinique even better foundation in 03
- Nars Orgasm blush
- Sigma F80 kabuki flat top brush

- A'kin Pure emergency gel, it is made from Aloe Vera and Penthanol Pro vit B5, and other natural ingredients to help skin heal

- Gucci Eau de Parfum II
- Cadbury chocolate..... yummy

Just a short post today. hope every one had a great weekend.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

[] Nyx round lipstick haul ~~[]

 Hey all ~~
Lately I've been on a lipstick kick. wanted to try out different colours, but didn't want to fork out lots of money. and Nyx lipsticks are so affordable, and great quality. reviews say it's like putting butter on your lips. they are right about that. the texture is super soft. and highly pigmented. and it comes in so many oclours.

 So I got 6 lipsticks plus one I had from before. so here's my Nyx round lipstick collection:

The lipstick is arranged in the order of ( Left to Right):
- Fig
- Doll
- Thalia
- Indian Pink
- Chaos
- Tea Rose
- Pumpkin Pie

 It's smart how they have a swatch of plastic colouring at the bottom of the lipstick, so you know what colour you are looking for. makes think much easier.

So here's the swatches for your guys.
Top Row
Fig, Doll, Thalia, Indian pink

Bottom Row
Chaos, Tea rose, Pumpkin Pie

 Above: photo taken with flash

 Above: photo taken in natural indoor light

Here's a picture of me wearing Fig.. I like that colour.. not too crazy pink. wearable.

have a great weekend guys.. ~~~