Saturday, June 25, 2011

[] Bourjois Healthy Mix...& blush ~~[]

Hey all
I have been using the bourjois healthy mix foundation ever since I got it beginning of the months. I have dry/combination skin because Australia is in middle of winter, and my skin is dry because of heater at night. I do masks and things to keep it hydrated but I can't use my Estee Lauder double wear any more, because it's too drying, looks cakey and accentuates my dry patches.

This foundation gives a satin/glow finish without looking oily. Perfect for my skin. It says 16 hours stay, for me about 5-6 hours it starts to fade. THe coverage i have to say medium. Not really light. I apply it with my fingers, If i use a foundation brush the coverage is even more.

So this is what the bottle looks like, it has a PUMP!!!!! so happy for that, and the pump is great u can get as much as you want out. and not wasting product.calims to have apricot, melon, Pomme and ginger. It says fruit therapy and radiance boosting. I bought colour 52 and 53. right now i'm using 52 Vanilla. because I'm quite pale at the moment.
This is what it looks like a bit spread on my hand.
And this how it looks after spread out on my hand.

Lets see how it does on my face.
Here's a picture of my bare skin. (freckles, acne scars, large pores. blah blah blah, you get the idea)
The next picture is the foundation alone. (with flash)
Foundation with powder (no flash)
foundation with powder (flash)
Then apply the blush. the blush is #16, for swatches see my previous hauL post about bourjois. the blush is only 2.5 grams. so tiny. but the colour is gorgeous.
This is the face with foundation, powder and blush with no flash ( natural indoor lighting)

I would say the foundation gives a pretty good coverage covered 50-60 % of my imperfections, though concealer might be needed for dark eye circles. It covered my pores, not drying, doesn't stick to my dry patches and make them look worse. It doesn't last 16 hours though. i 'd say about 5-6 hours, may vary from person to person. I don't see my self wearing this during summer, the heat might make this foundation melt off my face.

But overall i would give it a 4 out of 5. Recommended for people to try it. Alot raves from other beauty bloggers too.

any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

Have a great week ^^

Monday, June 20, 2011

[] Cezanne Foundation Haul~~[]

Hey all ~~~
Some how these days, I keep on buying Foundation, or wanting to try new foundations. I heard Cezanne is a really good drug store brand in Japan, and alot people recommend their pink case powder foundation for coverage and they recently came out with a 2nd generation pink case foundation. Which has higher coverage and lasting power.

So I purchased two of their foundations,
Left: UV essence neri foundation
Right: Ultra cover foundation UV II

for both i picked the 2nd lightest colour. 20, and 2. you can click the image for enlargement.
Pack of the package, absolutely no idea what it says. as I can't read Japanese. So lets see what the website says.

UV Essence Neri Foundation
(SPF26 PA++)
The combined effects of a moist cream and a silky powder. Excellent covering power that even covers dryness!! (great for winter)
Full coverage:
Makes wrinkles in a dry face and pores less noticeable in one application with the great coverage while providing a glossy but natural finish.
Moisturizing and skincaring effect:
Keeps the skin moisturized but with a silken surface.
Contains Hyaluronic acid, Apple extract, Yeast extract, Collagen and Amino acid system extract (moisturizing ingredients)
The 3D Fit Polymers make it easy-to-spread and fit every curve of the skin.
Its stretch effect helps withstand clumping regardless of what facial expressions you make and keeps makeup from coming off pores.
SPF26-PA++ / UV absorber-free / For all seasons
Fragrance-free / Non-mineral oil / Alcohol-free
Contains a moisturizing ingredient.

UV Essence NERI Foundation is an evolver version of UV NERI Foundation R.
It is a highly functional foundation that has even more powerful covering, moisturizing and UV protection effects than its predecessor, feels light and fresh on the skin, and is highly resistant to clumping.
I would say this foundation suits dry sensitive skin.

Ultra Cover UV Foundation II (SPF 35 PA++)
Covering effect:
Coverage effect has been 20% improved. Provides complete coverage for skin imperfections.
And also protection against UV-rays has got much better.
※Compared with CEZANNE Foundations
Shade-Off Powder: Catches the light and makes it reflect diffusely, for a natural look that is free of dullness.
Double-Block Powder: Protect the skin against both UV-A and B.

Formulated with new ingredients, Sebum-clear powder and Sebum-fixing powder that blocks unwanted sebum that is produced over time.
Keep skin moisture:
Contains twice the amount of moisturizing ingredients, but still has a nice non-greasy feel.
Moisturizing ingredient···Squalane, Chitosan, Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, Hibiscus extract
Natural finish:
Its minute particles provide thorough but very natural coverage.
Cover and Natural Powder contained.
SPF35-PA++ / UV absorber free / for all seasons
Fragrance free / Non mineral oil / Wet or dry use / moisturizing ingredient contained
Cover and Natural Powder contained.

The packaging looks quite simple. nothing special. but still
Lets compare it to the old blue package cezanne UV EX foundation in colour 2 as well.It seems like 2 for the blue case is slightly darker than the pink case. and the essence neri foundation is quite yellow.

We will see how they go. and then I will do a review on it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

[]Shiseido Maquillage Lighting White Powdery UV Foundation Review[]~~~

Hey all ~~~
Just wanted to do a review today. Bought this product: Shiseido Maquillage Lighting White Powdery UV Foundation with SPF 25 ++. Super long name. It is a powder foundation, designed for summer I think, It claims to create bright and pure white skin with continuous use. The powder contains whitening ingredients.

The website says:

A powdery foundation formulated with Glow All-over Powder that lights-up your skin to create a translucent, pure-white finish.
Absorbs only sebum to prevent makeup wearing-off.
Formulated with Pure White Essence* to nourish, smoothen and brighten your skin with continuous use.

* Formulated with moisturizing Pure White Essence
(Saxifraga sarmentosa extract, Zingiber aromaticus extract,
Sodium hyaluronate, Glycerin, Sodium magnesium silicate)
・Tested and proved to stay for 8 hours.
(Source: SHISEIDO. Effects vary between individuals.)

I got this foundation as soon as it came out, because The case look so pretty.. haha i'm a sucker for packaging. and also the foundation sounds amazing... I got it in the colour OC10, a neutral toned foundation suits my NC20 ish skin. I think i'm a bit lighter than NC20 right now as it is winter.

This is what the foundation looks like. It use to have a Maquillage logo on the powder foundation but I've been using it every day for about a month, so that logo is gone.
Lets start with my BARE FACE.... disgusting ... freckles, with large pores, and acne scars.
For reference I am about NC20, (a bit lighter now for winter). Combination dry skin in winter, combination oily in summer. oily T zone. all foundations slips off my face only estee lauder DWL and DW stays on during summer.
So now lets see the effect of this foundation There is no base applied. no primers no nothing. It covers the pores pretty well and some redness, but you can still see some freckles and acne scars. This foundation gives a natural look, not too MATTE, gives a bit of glow, especially after a couple hours it looks more natural. Freshly applied foundation may look a bit powdery if applied too much. I normally wear my Clinique city blocker as base if I am going to just wear powder foundations. It covers the pores first so the foundation goes on smoothly.
This is what the foundation looks like with flash. Honestly, it does give a white cast. I'm not sure if you can tell, but in photos it gives a pretty strong white cast. may be because of the SPF25PA++. But I like my foundations with SPF, atleast it protects my skin from harmful UV rays. Also please note that Especially with powder foundations and UV protection, you have to put enough of the product to form a layer to protect the skin. If the layer is too thin, the UV index is nowhere near SPF 25.

This foundation does not Oxidise through out the day. stays true to its colour. It doesn't look cakey and heavy if I put too much. It covers flaws but still letting your natural skin shine through. It can be used as a setting powder or foundation on its own depending on what you want, what you feel like.

The cons of this foundation is that, its oil absorbing powder is not 100%, by 4-5 hours I need to blot oil and for me by 7-8 hour time it's kind of disappeared. So I will need to reapply. I use this in the afternoon before I go out at night. also for touch ups. The foundation is quite pricey too. But a nice foundation to have. If you are on Budget, you can try the Cezanne powder foundations. They are really good too.

Any questions just leave them in comments below. hope every one had a great weekend.
Monday is tomorrow............ dread...........

Thursday, June 16, 2011

[] May & June Favourites~~[]

Hey all,
Decided to do a May & June combined favourites post. Not just about make up items, but also skincare.

So the products include:
- Sana Nameraka Soy Essence
- Sana Nameraka Soy Q10 Milk Lotion
- Shiseido Maquillage Powder Foundation
- Nars Penny Lane cream blush
- Canmake powder blush PW05
- Bobbi Brown rich color lipstick in crimson
- Clinique lipgloss in Grapefruit (sample)

And also the
- Estee Lauder Pure White Linen ( I get complimented when I wear this )
- MOR hand cream

I was using The body Shop's Aloe sensitive skin range for a while because I had some allergies to other products, but now my skin is better I switched to using Sana Nameraka's skincare range, I have been using the face wash for ages gets rid of make up and dirt for the day. The essence is great for winter time, the moisturiser alone is not hydrating enough. But probably will be great for summer.

I have been using the Shiseido Maquillage powder foundation since I got it, great for a quick touch up or if you are in a hurry in the morning. I normally use it as a setting powder, but if i'm in a hurry i just use that, less than 1 minute your foundation is done. put on some blush and your ready to go.

Talk about blush I have been using the Nars Penny Lane, some times my skin gets dry and powder blush makes it even worse, looks so powdery and dry. Penny lane is great, natural colour gives a hint of flush and I use the Canmake powder blush in PW05 in the afternoon for touch ups if I'm going out to dinner. So I use penny lane first then go over with the canmake blush.

Favourite winter lip combo. a dark wine shade with a gloss over it if you like, but I sometimes prefer the matte version. Sexy red lip without being too over the top, Bobbi Brown Crimson!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's swatches of products mentioned.
Top: Bobbi Brown rich lipcolor Crimson, Clinique lipgloss in grapefruit
Bottom: Nars Penny Lane, Canmake PW05 blush

Also have been using Estee Lauder's Pure white linen fragrance!!! Smells nice not too over powering, lasts all day. gets compliments when wearing that. plus my bf loves it^^

The MOR handcream, was a gift from a student of mine, she was so sweet!!. I work in a lab and washes my hand constantly, gets all crippled up like an old woman. This hand cream is really nice. No kidding, absorbs fast/nicely, and moisturizes well!!!. and smells great, product is free from parabens, mineral oil and synthetic dyes. and is NOT tested on animals. GREAT!!!.. hurry up get out there and try it.

Finally just a quick update about my hair... I was in a hurry and tried to blow dry it nicely.. FAIL>>> the ends are so frizzy, but it has volume now. LOL.. atleast that's comforting.

hehe weekend soon yeeeepeeeeeyyy^^

Saturday, June 11, 2011

[]Bourjois & Mac Haul[]~~~

Hey all~~
Just wanted to tell every one that there is a Priceline Sale.. ending on the 20th of June, and 1/2 Price on Bourjois and discounts on other brands. I've always wanted to try Bourjois products but their foundation is $32 AUD and $20 AUD for their blushes which is pricey for a drugstore brand. but since now it is 1/2 Price...... think it's time to give it a try.

I heard alot good reviews about the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. Gives a semi matte/satin finish, giving skin that glow without the oiliness. And it's a drugstore dupe for Chanel's Pro Lumiere. I bought it in Shade 52 and 53. The shade 52 matches me perfectly right now as it is winter in Sydney, I'm about NC20 but a bit lighter now. I also bought the Healthy Mix powder foundation, just using it as a setting powder.

I picked a Bourjoise blush in the shade 16 Rose Coup De Foundre, I wanted to find the shade 34 Rose D'or, but they didn't have it. I also wanted the Mac creme blush in Lilicent, because This shade will be discontinued as Mac will bring out a new formula cream blush with different shades.

The powder has a sifter so you can close it and bring it around with you for touch ups as it is only 5 g. Handy ^^
Here's some swatches, The first row is foundation swatch, in 52 and on the right is 53. I have to say 53 is quite yellow. the next row is Blush comparison. ON the left is NARS Deep Throat, and on the right is Bourjois 16 blush. And at the bottom is Mac Lilicent cream blush.

I think the Bourjois 16 blush is quite a close dupe for Nars DT, but a bit more pinkier, but shows up very similar on face. The only thing is the blush only have 2.5 g, quite a small amount.

Thats all for today, hope every one have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[] Bobbi Brown Lipstick[]

Hey all~~~
I am addicted to these Bobbi Brown Lipsticks. this is actually my first time using Bobbi Brown products. One of my friend is addicted to buying BB products. heard great things about their product especially their great quality.

So I bought three of their lipsticks.
left to right:
- Bobbi Brown Color rich in Crimson
A deep berry colour great for winter I use this as a stain every day

- Bobbi Brown lip color in Salmon
A nude neutral peach colour doesn't make you look dead great for summer

- Bobbi Brown lip color in red
Classic red for a night out.

Picture taken in natural indoor bathroom lighting.
Here's the swatches as the order before.
Lets see how it looks as a whole picture. These lipsticks are really moistursing, not drying on my lips and doesn't get that flakeyness and things. wears for about 2-3 hours and may need reapply. But then I talk alot and eat and drink.

This is lip color in red. A didn't put a really thick layer on. but a sheer layer. so It appears more wearable during the day. If you want a more classic heavy application think you would need a lip liner and brush for precision. This colour is suitable for warm and cool skintone because it is neutral enough for both. and it doesn't make my teeth look yellow. but quite dramatic though.

This is lip color in Salmon. A neutral nude peach colour. Great for summer and paired with Nars Luster or any peach toned blush. really nice. LOVE...

This is rich lip color in Crimson. It is a dark berry colour without looking Gothic.
The picture above I wore it as a stain. Brightens up my face straight away. and also great for a night out. It's so nice for winter times. LOVE.. I'm using this every day .

This is what Crimson looks like if applied heavily. Quite a strong look, paired with a sultry eye look might be really nice. But I don't have time in the morning so just wear it as a stain.

If you have the opportunity, go try these lipstick. In my opinion it's better than MAC lipsticks because some mac lipstick can be really drying. and not that easy to wear. Bobbi Brown offers lots of shades and in my opinion the sales ladies in BB is way better than MAC.................

That's all for now. tell me what you think about these lipstick...^^