Saturday, June 25, 2011

[] Bourjois Healthy Mix...& blush ~~[]

Hey all
I have been using the bourjois healthy mix foundation ever since I got it beginning of the months. I have dry/combination skin because Australia is in middle of winter, and my skin is dry because of heater at night. I do masks and things to keep it hydrated but I can't use my Estee Lauder double wear any more, because it's too drying, looks cakey and accentuates my dry patches.

This foundation gives a satin/glow finish without looking oily. Perfect for my skin. It says 16 hours stay, for me about 5-6 hours it starts to fade. THe coverage i have to say medium. Not really light. I apply it with my fingers, If i use a foundation brush the coverage is even more.

So this is what the bottle looks like, it has a PUMP!!!!! so happy for that, and the pump is great u can get as much as you want out. and not wasting product.calims to have apricot, melon, Pomme and ginger. It says fruit therapy and radiance boosting. I bought colour 52 and 53. right now i'm using 52 Vanilla. because I'm quite pale at the moment.
This is what it looks like a bit spread on my hand.
And this how it looks after spread out on my hand.

Lets see how it does on my face.
Here's a picture of my bare skin. (freckles, acne scars, large pores. blah blah blah, you get the idea)
The next picture is the foundation alone. (with flash)
Foundation with powder (no flash)
foundation with powder (flash)
Then apply the blush. the blush is #16, for swatches see my previous hauL post about bourjois. the blush is only 2.5 grams. so tiny. but the colour is gorgeous.
This is the face with foundation, powder and blush with no flash ( natural indoor lighting)

I would say the foundation gives a pretty good coverage covered 50-60 % of my imperfections, though concealer might be needed for dark eye circles. It covered my pores, not drying, doesn't stick to my dry patches and make them look worse. It doesn't last 16 hours though. i 'd say about 5-6 hours, may vary from person to person. I don't see my self wearing this during summer, the heat might make this foundation melt off my face.

But overall i would give it a 4 out of 5. Recommended for people to try it. Alot raves from other beauty bloggers too.

any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

Have a great week ^^


maya said...

The foundation looks great. I love the satiny finish. Thanks for the review ♥

Mary in Wonder said...

+hmm everyone seem to like this foundation...
thx for the review!

Jamilla Camel said...

This IS a very good foundation. It gives you a very nice finish.

Askmewhats said...

The foundation gives a good amount of coverage! Thanks for sharing!

tifuani said...

The foundation looks good! And that blush is such a lovely colour! <3

DAWN S said...

hi there.. i asked about ur edm shade about two post before this one and you've yet to reply.. hope u reply soonnnn...

Rei said...

Hi snowflake, thanks for your comment on my blog :-) You are so sweet! Of crs you can add me on your blog, I will be very flattered :-) I will add yours too.
Btw I like all the chinese blogs you have on your blog roll, I read some of them too :-)

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graci3 said...

Will this give a white cast in flash photos?

Anonymous said...

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