Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 Hey all ~~
I purchase Luna Apocolips when I was in UK. I don't think Australia has this shade I'm afraid, I haven't seen it in priceline or any thing. This is a lovely peachy/orange shade something that I'm obsessed with. just ordered The Balm's Frat Boy blush too. was tossing between that one or Mac's Melba. any ways.

 So the product comes like a lipgloss but its a liquid lipstick. its none sticky. the colour is really opaque. covers your natural lip colour. but ofcourse you can apply sheer and blend it out. gives you that coral lip really nice. I like the texture the colour. the only thing is it doesn't stay very long on my lips even when i don't eat or drink. so have to reapply many times.

 So here's some swatches. the top applied sheer, bottom applied thick. so photo above is with flash.

Photo above taken in natural indoor lighting. I think this can be used as blush as well. It's got that creamy consistency. so if you apply it sheer it can be a multi purpose product blush and lippie in one.

Here's a photo of me using Luna, hope you enjoy your apocolips too. if you haven't tried them, highly recommended.

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