Thursday, September 5, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics- Review & Swatch

 Hey all ~~~
I purchased the Naked Basics a while ago, been using it now and then. Its quite popular amongst the beauty world, it is really hyped up, but I personally not a big fan of it.

 The texture is really smooth, the packaging is great, sturdy, doesn't get finger prints all over it.
the shadows are buttery soft, the lighter colours can be a bit chalky if applied too much. but I don't see the hype. there are 3 really similar light colours, WOS the pink toned one doesn't suit my me at all, because I am asian and yellow toned. The Naked 2 is the worst. it shows up grey on my eye lid. and it looks dirty.. like just looks like I put dirt all over my eyes. I tried it over MAC groundwork paint pot. seems a bit better, but I don't like that brown/grey tone.

The colour Faint is a nice brown. but is dupable. i found that MUA single eyeshadow matte in colour 19. is really really similar. can't tell the difference once its on the eyes. the black is really pigmented. you can use it as a liner or darken up the whole look. 

 Here's some swatches.

The top Row is swatched with no primer. the bottom row is swatched with UDPP.

you can see that the Naked 2 colour is this dirty brown grey colour. not a Fan. Not sure whats all the hype is about. I'm swapping it away in MakeupAlley. username Tomatosauce.

let me know if any one is interested.

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