Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blue + Green = Aqua

First of all I need to apologise because I haven't been updating for like the past 2 weeks??
The reason being that I was going for Med Exam trying to ge into Med School. That's finally over. It was dreadful and mentally challenging. 11 hours examination process. Killed my brain... like I think I had hardly any brain cells left by the end of the day... and still recovering from that LOL.. T___T

Any ways. that a side. I broke up with my BF, because things didn't work out between us.~~ and it's been just dragging on So I finally decided to end it.. ~~~now I kinda feel reliefed ..

So I was looking around and saw really pretty blue green mix of colours. very refreshing so I thought I might do a look just with blue/green...

I stole the eyeshadow from my mum. she had a duo pallete from REvlon that's half green half blue. I donno what is it, it's old and the cover's breaking and it's like REALLY OLD LOL..~~~

Um. today's just a quick FOTD update I guess, nothing special.

Things I used:
- Dr Jart Silver label BB cream + EL DWL in 02
- MAC MSF Natural in Light/medium
- Nars Dolti Vita Blush
- Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring
- Maybelline Mineral Concealer

- Revlon Duo Eyeshadow Pallete (blue/green)
- Majorlica Majorca GR750( dark blue/white)
- Covergirl Volume Exact Mascara
- Mac Fluidline blacktrack

-Revlon Superlutrous lipstick (Ginger Rose)

Wondering how it turned out?? I think Average.>__< Nothing exciting but kind of wearable for outtings. I kinda like this look.. hehehe

A clearer view of the eyeshadow colours.

Wee.. I'm addicted to PHOTOSHOP.. T___T HELP ME LOL ~~~
here's another one

I got a couple things since last update and will do review soon..
P.S have a mascara and powder review coming up.. ~~ since now I have more time at hand. and probably next week will be working.. so busy again....
Take cares.

I need to update reading all those blogs posts I missed out XD

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Enjoying my Enchanted Land ~~

Hi all ~~
LOL you're probably wondering what's up with the post title.. Well~~ there's a story behind it.
So in a beautiful enchanged land there's the greenist grass and the field of blooming flowers... sounds so cliched... but it's gonna be a spring look ~ (even though it's still sumer in Australia)

I found this picture from some where I don't remember exact but it looks so beautiful~~ I think it's the YSL spring collection but I could be wrong.. but she looks so pretty.. (drools)

Well I tried to replicate the look.. I think I failed T__T the colours didn't turn out as vibrant as her. may be is my camera or something.. any ways~~~

Things I used for the look
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Light(02) Mix with Dr Jart Bb cream
- Mac MSF natural in light/medium
- Nars Gilda Blush
- Nars Laguna bronzer

- MAC Paint in Bare Canvas
- NYX Flamingo
- NYX Deep Purple
- Majolica Majorca shadow Pallete GR-750
- MAC technikal liner in black
- L'oreal Liquid eyeliner in Mica Black
- Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara

- Revlon superlutrous lipstick in Soft Seude (pretty lipstick I like)

So How did it turn out???

I think the Gilda Blush kinda matched up with the lipstick suprisingly well... I just realised. I thought that Gilda would be too orange/peachy On me.. guess it turned out ok

A Better view of the bottom eye colour (green)...

Here's some freaky PhotoShopped pictures HAHAH~~
Was just mucking around cuz I was bored after dinner ....

Here's another one with my hair down~~~

So what you think?? Like it?? Did I do a good job?? (o^__^o)
But Honestly; I don't think I would wear this look out~~ not my style I guess I like neutral colours when I go out.. this is too flashy.. Looks good for magazines ~~~

Hehe That's all for today~~~
P.S Thank you every one for leaving comments on my blog ~~~
If you have questions please post them in C-BOX it's easier to reply and find my replies I guess...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picture Inspired ~~~

Hey all

Since I haven't been updating much thought might as well do a look. I saw this picture on a fashion blog some time ago and thought she looked gorgeous.. don't you think so too?? The title is cute too called don't look away. It's basically a brown smoky kinda look.~~~

Any ways I like my neutrals =D

So Here's a list of things I used.


- Revlon Age Defying Spa foundation in Pale

- Palgantong Make up Theatrical Powder in OB (it's a korean brand powder)

- Nars DT Blush

- Mac MSF degrade in redhead


- Integrade deep eye shadow pallete in Br750

- Majolica Majorca eye shadow pallete in Br751
- Mac technical eyeliner in photogravure

- L'oreal liquid eyeliner in mica black

- Maybelline Full & Soft mascara


- Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon

You gota give me credit for the diagrams i made =p even though I know my drawing sucks~~

Close eye

Open eye

A = beige/cream colour from integrate

B = grey taupe from MM pallete

C = Dark brown colour from integrate

Used a bit of gold from MM pallete too

So all that rambling no picture?? hehe here it comes ~~ hope you like it

the foundation looks dewy right I told you... ~~

Here you can see the nice eyeshadow I think may be the color is not dark enought to match the one from the photo T___T and I LOVE the MAC MSF ~~ you have to get it if youdon't have it already ~~
Here's another picture ~~

That's all from my look hope you like it.. ~~~

Ok now I'm gonna talk about something else, A friend of mine from Sydney called LADYFEI, she started her own blog yesterday.. and I said to her your blog is going to be popular because she is so pretty.... look at her (photo below) ~~

She has like the perfect skin and big eyes, cute smile ~~~
Click -->[]HERE[]<-- to link to her blog.........
That's all for today.. take cares~~

Monday, March 2, 2009

Delayed Updated.. ~~~

Hey all ~~

I haven't been updating for like more than half months.. sorry T___T my computer died on me for some reason. guess I was playing too much Everquest 2 LOL.. ~~ I'm a gamer I admit.....

Any ways. I had all these pictures taken but I had to retake them and then upload them again.
So here's what I got from the days I haven't been updating.. The two type of masks I got is from a quite famous Asian brand I think. It says on the package that it's called My Beauty Diary. ~~ They have all kinds of different paper masks. The pink one is Red Wine Mask, which whitens and firms the skin also provides antioxidant properties too. It's made from Red Wine esscess I guess grape concentrate?? not too sure.

You put it on for 20-30 minutes and WOW I love the effect. makes my skin fells soft and my pores looked smaller and it does firm. not too sure about whitening yet. It smells nice too.

The blue is Sake Yeast Mask, made from yeast extract which helps to whiten, hydrates /moisturises and enhance the skin growth mechanism like makes your skin replacement faster which helps to get rid of acne scars I guess?? That's what the shop assistant said LOL.. ~~ Haven't try this one yet. I think they have all kinds of masks for different purposes.

Another thing I got was the NEW Revlon Age Defying Spa foundation. I got this in Pale the lightest shade they have. I saw some review on Makeup Alley and said it is really good. I was a bit unsure, because most products for aged skin are usually very moisturising and not suited to my combination/oily skin. But some people said it is really good even for comb skin. So I bought it.

It claims to have contain Vitamin C which revitalises tired skin and micro pearlised particles to give you that GLOW look. It has light - medium coverage non-cakey. I've been using this for about 2 weeks now. No break outs no funny things growing out.

This is not a DEAD MATTE finish, a dewy kinda finished which looks pretty good I think. I have swatches on my hand so you can see. texture is not too thick, easy to spread and you can always add more if you want more coverage and it doesn't cake up. I set it with Mac MSF Natural and good to go. but after about 4 hours start to get oily and then I just blot and look as good as NEW. ~~~

It's staying power is pretty good too not as LONG as the Revlon Colorstay Foundation with softplex but this stays on for about 7-8 hours no problem. As for the brush It's actually pretty soft washable. I heard people wash it in brush cleanser and then with alochol to get rid of germs. I Don't use the brush I use my fingures..

This foundation is not that hard to clean. Revlon Colorstay is like PAINT, you have to use make up remover like cleansing oils then face wash, even then you get some left when you wipe your face with your toner. For this one it's easy.
I think this foundation is like Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation, except it's a dewy finish instead and doesn't stay as LONG. If you are looking for a cheaper option go EL DW Light, this is the one to go for. pretty gentle on skin too. Feels really light Not like a layer of PAINT on your face.
Sigh ~~~ I will update more soon =p

Take cares.. ~~~