Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picture Inspired ~~~

Hey all

Since I haven't been updating much thought might as well do a look. I saw this picture on a fashion blog some time ago and thought she looked gorgeous.. don't you think so too?? The title is cute too called don't look away. It's basically a brown smoky kinda look.~~~

Any ways I like my neutrals =D

So Here's a list of things I used.


- Revlon Age Defying Spa foundation in Pale

- Palgantong Make up Theatrical Powder in OB (it's a korean brand powder)

- Nars DT Blush

- Mac MSF degrade in redhead


- Integrade deep eye shadow pallete in Br750

- Majolica Majorca eye shadow pallete in Br751
- Mac technical eyeliner in photogravure

- L'oreal liquid eyeliner in mica black

- Maybelline Full & Soft mascara


- Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon

You gota give me credit for the diagrams i made =p even though I know my drawing sucks~~

Close eye

Open eye

A = beige/cream colour from integrate

B = grey taupe from MM pallete

C = Dark brown colour from integrate

Used a bit of gold from MM pallete too

So all that rambling no picture?? hehe here it comes ~~ hope you like it

the foundation looks dewy right I told you... ~~

Here you can see the nice eyeshadow I think may be the color is not dark enought to match the one from the photo T___T and I LOVE the MAC MSF ~~ you have to get it if youdon't have it already ~~
Here's another picture ~~

That's all from my look hope you like it.. ~~~

Ok now I'm gonna talk about something else, A friend of mine from Sydney called LADYFEI, she started her own blog yesterday.. and I said to her your blog is going to be popular because she is so pretty.... look at her (photo below) ~~

She has like the perfect skin and big eyes, cute smile ~~~
Click -->[]HERE[]<-- to link to her blog.........
That's all for today.. take cares~~


GiLiNG said...

aw pretty !

Ladyfei♡ said...

wehhhh wei i love this look!
im gonna try it myself<3
u look so pretty
post this pic on facebook oi!
waaaa u posted my photo >///<
hahaha thankssss but i dont have perfect skin~ -_- lets catch up sometimessss

miemiemie said...

oh my your eyes look way bigger than mine! so pretty, i love this look plus the blush! haha my eye photos make my eyes look big but they aren't in real life -_- pwahaha..the blush/highlighter you asked about-i got it from a swap from yumeko, she lives in japan. its probably a jap drugstore brand? its brand is written in japanese so i have no idea what it is -_-

oh and i know your friend..i see her posts at soompi :)

Askmewhats said...

I can't help stare at your eyes, you have wonderful eyes and you look so pretty!!!!

Chiara said...

Aww i love this look! It's actually looks kind of ulzzang

miemiemie said...

hahaha yes i do..i've been seeing her posts for quite some time now..haha would you like to swap with me? hahha isn't australia much nearer to me than the US? haha

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww you are so cute with your eye diagrams hehe. cute neutral look! you actually remind of you frd of the last pic!! you are just as pretty :))

fuzkittie said...

Omg how DEWY do you look!! I wanna touch your skin... hehehehe

cheryl said...

hey how r u? the guerlain foundation i'm selling should be pretty good. are u able to swatch it at a beauty counter in australia and see what your shade is?

applecider918 said...

You look SO pretty.
The neutral looks really nice! You're right, the foundation has a really nice dewy look.

Anonymous said...

how did you like the revlon age def. foundation? did it work for you?

right now i am testing out their tinted moisturiser because if its good enough for Jessica Alba.. then hey! heheh.

i LOVE this look its so sheek i love it!

Ladyfei♡ said...

hei hei ^^
my eyes r not big, its actually monolids.. ish.. haha. its not balanced..xD
its the effect of eyeliner wei xD tmr is indonesia food fest and im gonna sell some food =) at tumbalong park~

Agnes said...

ahh... when i see your dewy face, makes me wanna get that revlon foundie too =x... but i am on a short shopping ban till Hello Kitty collection is out LOL!

nice make up! me love!!

gio said...

This is so pretty!

purple snowflake said...

Hihi Mei Zi~~
I think the foundation is pretty good, stays pretty long, but the oil control is kinda average as it isn't a Matte finish foundation.... and the coverage is light to medium...

hehe ur right about the tinted moist, if it's good enough for jessica alba then it's good. But for me the coverage is too light as I have acne scars i'm trying to cover up =D

purple snowflake said...

Anges:~~~ Thx for dropping by and leaving me a msg I think I should go on a ban for buying things til hello kitty too. I wanna their lip tint and beauty powder blush.. and MAC just came out with the Grand Duos~~~ gonna be so broke ~~

Gio: ~~
Thank you for ur comment..(o^_^o)

Anonymous said...

yes. love this text :)

Anonymous said...

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