Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Help ~~~

Hey all
First I would like to say; Hope every one have a very happy/sweet/romantic valentine's day!!!
Mac's Brunette,Blond,Redhead collect is FINALLY out in Australia. So I went out yesterday to have a look, quite disappointing the only thing I got was the MSF degrade in redhead, I was going to get the lipstick from redhead section too, called Marquise'D. Swatched that on my hand and er... It looks just like Maybelline moisture lipstick in SAND.. if not exactly like that. LOL So i didn't end up getting that.
I was running around yesterday buying valentine's day present and er booking restaurant. I'm such a last minute person. Any hows I have trouble figuring out what to wear on that day.. At first I thought i should wear a dress, but Sydney has been cold these days/ raining and couldy so miserable. ~~~
So I'm so undecisive~~~ the restaurant is a pretty semiformal-formal place... NO Idea what to wear. Until I saw a really pretty vest in the window of a shop and I was like WOW..~~~ I tried it on and bought it HAHAHA
So here's what I came up with.. ~~~
Is that too simple for valentine's day?? mostly you would imagine a girl wearing high heels, nice dress or skirt.. ~~~ but I'm a simple person. What you guys think??? you think is appropriate??
It's sad my mum took my camera so I had to use my phone.. Sorry for the crappy quality pictures..
And Here's some picture of my FOTD for today~~~ using red head's MSF. I'm sure every one's seen it by now so I dono't have to swatch and take a photo of it right??
Under natural light no flash:
( NO eye make up just glasses and my eyebrow is like weird .. any ways)
It's like a very light flush of colours, If I put on too much gets too glittery.. LOLUnder yellow light with no flash..
That's all for today will update soon =p
P.S I want Mac's new studio sculpt foundation !!! heard reviews say it's really good... I need to get my hands on that LOL.. but when is it ever going to come out in Australia???


fuzkittie said...

You look really good with those glasses~ :] Hmmm the vest is very cute! I would do something other than the black pants though... they look more like work pants. Hehe..

Stephy said...

Hey girl! I would wear something else... a skirt would be sexy! If you are just jumping off the car and right into the restaurant, I am sure u won't freeze to death! :) Afterall it's Vday and we all wanna be hot!! :D
Oooo and I think I would wear some kinda accessories to brighten up the white shirt too!

Askmewhats said...

I vote for skirt too! Maybe if too girly, go for longer skirt :)

You look too pretty even with glasses and your skin is super glowing! :)

Happy V Day to yoU!

xphoenix06 said...

Hey there, the vest looks nice. The restaurant's semi-formal so maybe pair it w/ some dark tights or skinny jeans w/ some nice dressy boots. I think a white turtle neck long sleeve shirt would go nicely w/ the vest too, and either a light-weight scarf or long necklace would tie it all together. You're very pretty w/ and w/out glasses girl!! ☆ ^-^ Happy Valentine's Day since you live in the down under AU!! Let us know how it goes and take pic.s! :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi PS!

Love the glasses!! Very sophisto and chic.

I think pants are OK, but you might go for a more adventurous shape, like harem pants or pegged trousers.

Skirts are good too, and a bit of jewllery is good!

You have the best accessory of all--flawless skin!

Happy V Day!

purple snowflake said...

Thank you guys for the help..

I think I might have to go with a skirt after all =p

since every one is suggesting a skirt LOL.. um.. It's raining here right now. Hope tomorrow won't be pouring and miserably cold like now.

Happy Valentine's day to every one..

miemiemie said...

happy vday dear :) how about changing the white top to a dressier one? the vest looks fine too me, do you wear heels?

you look cute with glasses!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you looks good with glasses! i look so frumpy with glasses on haha

cheryl said...

oh heck all rules of dressing goes out the window! the most important thing is to make yourself happy first, haha... hope u had a great valentine's day!

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi PS!

I've nominiated your blog for a Triple Award! Go to

to collect your nomination!

fhen said...

haloo.. this is my first visit to your blog... your makeup review is so detail yaa
like it :D

Sandy said...

hey sis. my niece is okay. thankfully~ she got out within 4 days. damn doctor i swearrrr!!

thankfully the weather has cool down now. thank goodness for air conditioners too!!

mac is so expensive, it makes me hate the damn brand. lol. i got the 2 beauty powders of HK already. not sure if ill like it.... o_O

hope you had a great valentines too xx

Ji said...

I really like the outfit!
And the glasses match perfect!<3