Monday, February 2, 2009

Against Animal Cruelty~~~!!!

Hey all

This post will not be about beauty, but instead about animal cruelty.

I just saw some posts from beauty bloggers talking about the new rabbit farms in China & France slaughtering the rabbits for their fur because some expensive brands like Giorgio Amarni is including fur as the new collection of fashions.

I watched the video from PETA []Click Here[] ... I was absolutely horrified, disgusted and totally speechless. poor rabbits to have their fur stripped off them while they may still be concious. Or have their throat slit open, paws cut off, electrically shocked. It makes me sooo angry.. Wish I could do the same to those people so they know how it feels. how much pain it is to have their skin ripped off them while they are still concious.....

I seriously don't understand, Why do humans have to force those animals like this. Hunt them until extinction and then come back and say it was wrong blah blah blah... There are many animals around the world that are currently endangered, firstly because of human hunting, secondly is because humans are destroying their homes, disrupting their food chain.

Not only animals skins are acquired for making coats, but also their furs are needed to make expensive make up brushes !!!! natural animal hair brushes... I am devestated...... T___T

On top of that, I am extremely upset about Japan Whaling incidence. Their excuse was for scientific research but most of them are for making sushi and whale meat. I mean, what did whales do to us that we have to hunt them to extinction???? We live on land they live in water, it's not like they are taking our land space...

On Sydney Morning Herald, an article said Australian government made a secret deal with Japan suggesting that Japan will be allowed to take more whales in the northern hemisphere, in exchange for scaling back or phasing out its Antarctic whaling program.

Seriously, WHAT difference does it make if Japan are allowed to hunt more in northern hemisphere and less in southern hemisphere? It's sooo stupid...
[]Click Here[] for the article....

This is how CRUEL humans are....~~~~


Askmewhats said...

oh no :( that looks awful!!!! I can't believe how cruel humans are , but humans can be cruel to fellow humans so I'm sure they can do worst to animals :(

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

I was disturbed with the idea they eat whale and dolphin meat too. Norway has traditions of whale hunting too >_< im also against SEAL hunting. In some places they hunt baby seals for their skin. its totally disgusting!

fuzkittie said...

It is RETARDED to eat dolphins and whales... just... absurd. Sometimes it's difficult to believe how human beings are so hard to satisfy.

Mlle_Lou said...

this is so sad.
why can we just stop abusing animals? poor whales, rabbits..
Sometimes I just want to set up a garden and quit all meat.
Thank you for posting this.

miemiemie said...

I've never seen people do stuff like that to rabbits and it makes me feel sick and disgusted that a fellow human being would have the guts to do such things. Doesn't their conscience bother them at all? How could they kill those animals just like that when "they"/the people have brains and are far of more knowledgeable than animals. How would they feel if animals had brains and would do the same thing to us? And to those who own those shit factories that sell animal fur, they should be put to JAIL! along with their workers! how could those workers even bear the thought of killing thousands of innocent animals for money. its truly disturbing! there's no excuse for such acts! Whatever animal it may be, they should not be subject to torture and death by mere humans. We're not God to claim their lives. We just happen to cohabit with them. We shouldn't be taking their lives for something superficial as being vain. so pathetic people. i felt so angry when i watched the video and while seeing those whale pictures. If they won't cease from doing that, God shall be the one to judge for what they deserve.

P-ham said...

This is the reason why I am a vegetarian. Thank you for this post=)

Emilita said...


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Anonymous said...

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This is so cruelty because they killing those animals just for take them off some organs, I think that's a fatality.