Friday, November 18, 2011

[] Proenza Scouler PS1 ~~REPLICA[]

Hey all ~~~
I've been looking into buying a new bag that I can use for every day purposes. big enough to fit every thing I need. including folders may be If some times I need to bring work home. also easy to use, that is having compartments for me to organise my things.

I love my long champ bag. but... I can't find any thing in there just one big mess and you standing in front of your door tossing through your bag trying to find your house keys..

I've been looking around.. and Spotted Mulberry Alexa bag or Proenza Schoulder Ps1.. was tossing between these two for the longest time. Decided I prefer the PS1 as it has for details in the front and some how to me it looks more feminine.

Mulberry ALexa is still a really nice bag, but I just think it's not for me..

So I decided to get the PS1, but so many different colours.. and what to choose from?? ARGH>>~~~ was driving me crazy.. I saw some pictures was tossing between midnight blue or Suede Tan colour? I ended up with the dark blue colour because Suede is so beautiful but OMG so hard to take care of it and clean it, gets dirty so easily.

ok Real Proenza Schouler is $1595.... I don't think I can afford to spend that money on a new bag. So of course looked up online for a replica.
I got mine from


that being said. the quality is AMAZING!!!. it's so damn heavy. made from real lamb skin.

Above: Picture with flash

Below: pictures taken with natural indoor light.

Look how soft and slouchy this bag looks.. love

The details of the tag.
The lining inside.

Look how roomy it is. and with so many compartments

Another picture.

You can wear this bag in two ways. Hold it by the handle.. or the strap that comes with it.

Holding by handle

Holding by strap.

I love how this bag is nice blue colour during the day. then turns into a near black/dark navy colour at night.

This blue colour goes good with neutral coloured clothes. like greys, beige, whites, blacks.
And I think it's a colour you can use all year round. Doesn't particularly have a season feel to it.

What you guys think of PS1 bags??

have a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[] Skin Care Haul []~~~

Hey all ~~~
been using very steady skincare routine products.

Decided to try the new Naruko skincare range. The red job tears range is used for whitening and brightening of the skin. It uses supercritcal CO2 extraction technology to extract the essence from the Job's Tears. It promises to whiten and decelerate aging. while create younger skin that is white and healthy. It uses combination of ingredients like Tranexamic Acid, Vitamin C derivatives, and Arbutin which blocks Melanin products and diminish dark spots and impeding aging.

I also ordered a bunch of other stuff.

Left to Right:
- Naruko Apple seed and tranexamic acid soothing white hydra essence
- Naruko Apple seed and tranexamic acid soothing white hydra milk
- Naruko Raw JOb's Tears Supercritical CO2 whitening serum
- Naruko Raw JOb's Tears Supercritical CO2 Foaming wash
- Naruko Raw JOb's Tears Supercritical CO2 whitening toner

Left to Right:
- Bobbi Brown Oil Control Lotion SPF15
- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery complex
- Naruko Acne and Oil out Targeted Treatment
- Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Classic Whitening night eye gelly

Australia's Sun's just crazy.. get sun burnt super easily. So lots and lots of sunscreen and lots and lots of whitening products. or else going to be sooo TANNED.. and will take AGES to go back to normal skin colour.

A bit of tan is good but I don't want to go too dark.

Hope every one enjoys their week. Will update soon...

[]shiseido foundation brush 131[]

Hey all ~~
how's every thing? just wanted to share with you this awesome foundation brush. I got this on Adam Beauty website. Think they are restocking now.. but it is an awesome foundation brush.

what it looks like.
This brush is round shaped with really dense bristles. Slanted cut on the top. it feels SOOO SOFT...
It is used for buffing in foundations no matter if it's powder or liquid.

This is a size comparison. On the left is Mac 187, and right is Shiseido 131.
because of it's perfect size. it's so easy to buff around the under eye area, around the sides of the nose. edge of the lips. just convenient. only thing is, it might be a bit hard to blend thick foundations. and a bit difficult to clean as the bristles are sooo dense.

Highly recommended. !!!