Thursday, November 12, 2009

[] Pink Rosey Champagne [] ~~~~

Hey everyone;
First of all I wanted to THANK every one leaving me really kind and nice comments...
Didn't expect so many of you leaving me nice comments for my posts =D
thank you thank you thank you thank you all ~~~~^__^
Well I'm back with a FOTD and some reviewing.~~~

Here's the products used:
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in intensity 1
- Laura Mercier Mineralise Foundation SPF15 Real Sand
- Nars blush in Oasis
- Nars Laguna bronzer
- Lavshuca Eyebrow powder in LB-1
- Mac browset in Beguile
- Fibrewig mascara
- Benefit lipstick in Lala land
Here's a picture of the Nars Oasis blush. From the website it's described as pink champagne colour. It is kind of true but it has a mauve undertone with chunky glitters. OK If u DON"T like glitters.. I think this blush won't suit u unless u use MAC 187 brush the application will probably have the least amount of glitter/shimmer on your face.
Check out that Glitter. But it's a really nice colour. Gives a warm cheek and quite natural. A really really good winter colour. not so much of a summer colour though.

So the next thing I want to share with every one is the Laura Mercier Mineralise Foundation powder SPF15. I've been using this for about a months now. Remember How I had the Prescriptive Mineralised Foundation?? I thought that was good but it's a bit too dark for me. because it oxidised a bit on me. I read a few reviews.. I came across this one.

This foundation is the best mineralise one i've tried so far. I tried Everyday Mineralise (EDM), Prescriptive, Mac's MSF natural and this one. This has a really nice packaging. Has a shifter you can close if you decide to bring it travelling. The powder is finely milled. NO cakey-ness NO matter how many layers you put. with EDM i found that it will cake.
And When my face gets oily mid day, It looks natural... The powder has some shimmer in it which gives you that GLOW...... healthy skin GLOW without making you look all OILY and yuk.
Fuzkittie Had a post on this before. The coverage i'd say light to medium but buildable. oily control is SOSO not great but has some oil control. No break outs..... The application is just like any other mineralised foundations. Buff in with kabuki brush.
If you want, you can use it as a setting powder. So just lightly sweep it on. I use it semi buffed. I use a kabuki brush but I don't fully buff it in.

Here's a swatch. Top half of my hand has no poweder... so it's matte. the bottom half is applied with the powder.. You can see that sheen it creates.. HEALTHY skin.. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I high recommend this. I mean seriously. Save your money trying all other stuff. This one is the one.. Atleast for me It is. I can see my self actually finishing all that powder. while the other ones will be sitting in the draw waiting for me to use them LOL.
Hope you like my new blush...... =D
P.S: I got a pharmacology exam coming up.. all those drug names and mechanisms is making me crazy............... wish me luck..... and have a great weekend.. BACK to study.>__<

Friday, November 6, 2009

~~~~[]Mac & Benefit HauL[]~~~

Hey all;
How is every one's weekend? I didn't do much this week. I think i'm going to be like super super busy next week >< sigh alot planned to be done. Any ways
I got something this week because Mac's Holiday collection just came out. I had a look at the things they had. Nothing really interested me..... so I just got a few things.

2 Mac and 2 Benefit Items...~~~
- Benefit lipstick in Lady's Choice
- Benefit lipstick in Lala Land
- Mac's Cremesheen lipglass in Partial to Pink
- Mac's Cremesheen lipglass in Boy Bait

Here's swatches of the product:
Top (LTR): lady's choice lipstick, lala land lipstick
Bottom (LTR): Partial to Pink, Boy Bait

Here is a picture of me wearing Benefit's Lady's Choice on lips only. Quite a neutral every day colour. It's exactly what they call Own Lips But Better kind of colour LOL...

Another one of those artistic attempt photos HAHAHAHA...
Hope every one have a great weekend.. take cares... =D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

[]Perfect Brow []~~~

Hey all.
Just fulfilling a request today by Jo. I was asked to show how I do my brows. Well I thought I might as well include some magazine scans as how the professional people does it.

Sorry that this is in Chinese but the pictures are quite clear and understandable.
[] You can click to enlarge the pictures[]

Brows are quite important I think, because they shape your face and different brow shapes give people different impressions. So it's best to have a natural and tidy brow so you look more awake and defined.
This picture above is how I do my brows. basically the same. I first decide what kind of shape of eye brow I want, I just follow the natural hair line for my brow. Trim off the access long hairs. DO NOT SHAVE UR eye brows to SUPER short or non existent. Unless you want to TOTALLY reshape ur brow.. it will look super un-natural ><

After you plucked away unwanted hair and trimmed ur brow so they are neat. Then you apply ur eyebrow powder. Light colour for inner brow near the nose bridge. and Darker colour towards the end. and blend in so that it looks natural.

Then I set my brow with brow set. and good to go ^___^

The next few pictures is for people with different eyebrow shapes and as to how to fix them.

The picture below shows how to do your brow if u have very faint brows to begin with.

The next picture is for people with dark/thicker brows.

THe next picture is for brow corrections.
the next picture is for uneven toned brows where one is lighter than the other.

The Next picture is for 2 weird shaped brows.

The next picture is for incorrect brow defined shapes. or uneven brows
I personally have Dark harid brows. My natural eye brow hair is quite hard and dense. So I can't really redefined my brow shape. I try to make my brow look a bit lighter ie a dark /medium brown colour so it's matched with my hair. THey said normally your brow should be 2 tones darker than your hair colour.
So all I use Daily is
- Mac Brow Set in Beguile
- Lavshuca's Eye brow set in LB-1

There are many brow items out there. brow pencils, powder, brow gel.
But normally you use a pencil or powder to fill in your brows and use a gel to set ur brow shape.
That's all I can think of. Hope it helps. ^____^
Takes all.. weekend is coming up.. YEAH =D