Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hey every one.
Just wanted to drop in and say HAPPY new year to every one.
2010 has gone by so fast.. a blink of an eye and it's gone ><

have a good one...

see you in 2011~~~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[] Integrate BE303 []~~~

Hey all
How's every one's weekend?? Hopefully christmas shopping has been complete? I still gota go get some photo frames and print off some old photos.

So today is about the new Integrate BE 303 eye shadow. I got this a while ago from AdamBeauty, haven't had a chance to use it yet. I've been mostly using the Visee Nude Glam in N-2. That one is like my go to eyeshadow for every day look.

So i'm on holidays now, just going out with my Bf and and some other friends for dinner. So I thought I would do a FOTD just to see how this pallete turns out. Nothing dramatic, very wearable. Not too much shimmer, but enough to make it look elegant. If that ever makes sense. HAHAHA

So Here's how it turned out. I don't know why my bathroom light is so BLUE..... no idea why. This is taken under natural light in my bathroom , no flash no special effects.

I'm so lazy these days to put contact lenses on, just glasses will do.
So here's the pallete, Integrate BE303. With flash
Here's a swatch of it. I would say this is really close how it looks like in real life. Some how the camera doesn't really pick up the colour once it's on the eyes. beats me why. may be need a DSLR.
Here's the list of items used for Today's FOTD:
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
- Laura Mercier Mineral Power (i'm nearly finished with that)
- Mac Stereo Rose blush
- Lavshuca Eyebrow set
- Mac brow set
- Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
- Shiseido Integrate Be303
- Mac powerpoint liner in Duck
- Kissme Active Girl mascara
- Nars Dolce Vita lipstick
This is what it looks like with eyes open
And Eyes Closed, You can see the Sheen and sheer colour of the pallete. Kind of Natural, I added the eyeliner to be a bit more dramatic, If I was to wear it during the day. May be just just shadow by it self. And use the dark brown as a liner. More natural.

That's all for now. Christmas Soon.!!!! Wish every one a Very Merry Christmas......... hehe

Saturday, December 18, 2010

[]Kao Curel Sensitive Skincare Range[]~

Hey all
Just going to do a review today. I have been trying out a new skincare set. Just trial size one. you can purchas it from or Ichibankao.
Curel is a sub company of Kao. It's designed for sensitive and dehydrated skin. I had some rash on my face few weeks back. I needed something to calm my skin down. I had little little bumps and also itchy patches. So I tried this range. It claims to have allantoin, ceramide and eucalyptus extracts and also anti inflammatory ingredients to calm the skin down and build up the skin's natural defense.
It is pH adjusted, free from fragrance, alcohol, Allergy tested. But I checked the ingredient list It contains paraben as a preservative. Though very small amount. If you are allergic to paraben may be you should avoid this. Also I looked up online Paraben isn't exactly good for skin either. But as a preservative and small amount it was ok for me. No reactions.

So the skincare trial set comes with four items.
- Make up removal gel
- Foaming cleanser
- Moisturising lotion
- Moisturising emulsion

So here's the makeup removal gel, On my hand I got estee lauder double wear foundation, kissme heorine mascara, Mac powerpoint liner in duck and Mac blankety lipstick. On the top is the makeup removal gel.

Rub it all together for a while it becomes all milky and wipe off with a cotton pad and rinse with water.

And here it is.. all clean. It is pretty good at removing foundations and lipsticks, not really eyemake up.

Wash face with the foaming cleanser the foam is dense. very comfortable to massage on to the face. It doesn't really clean the make up off.

The next step is the moisturising lotion, it has the consistency of water. Not very thick. no smell but very very moisturising. It feels like Hada Labo 's skincare range. But this lotion gets absorbed way faster.

This is the moisturising emulsion.

Abit rubbed in. and after a while it is completely absorbed really moisturising, acts like a barrier to keep all the moisture in. not heavy at all. But it is a bit too heavy for my combination skin in summer. I think it would be great in winter. or for normal and dry skin.
It calmed my skin down, with in a week my bumps and itchy patches are gone. back to normal smooth skin again.
Highly recommended to those who have sensitive skin and dehydrated, but do check the ingredient list if you are really sensitive. But Hada Labo's moisture range is pretty good for sensitive skin too. If you are extra cash to spend. Freeplus by Kanebo is another good one for sensitive dehydrated skin, but a bit more expensive.
That's all for today. Take cares. have a great weekend.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[][]Recent Favourites[][]

Hey all
Some one requested me to do a hair tutorial, I'm not sure how I go about that. Because My hair is permed so after hair wash it's already wavy. but any how I try to explain and show you guys the products I used and things like that.

So today is going to be some Recent Favourites, I was going to do a November favourites but I didn't have the time, and it's mid of December and so can't really call it monthly favourites right?
So any hows... on with the post. Here's the items:

- China Glaze nail polish in For Audrey. Really nice colour for summer, very light fresh and fun. gives a feeling of beautiful blue summer blue sky. LOL

- Estee Lauder Double Wear in Fresco. I really really really like this foundation, I tried Mac studio fix, revlon color stay and other ones I still find this one the best. Not particularly great for dry skin but I have combination skin and It is SUMMER now, SOOO hot out side. this stays put ALL DAY!!! No kidding. I'm a lazy person I hate touch up, The way this make up comes off a bit after a long day is pretty natural NO streaks, No patches, No ugly powdery looking. JUST Great. .. LOVE. Though I think Fresco is a bit dark for me now. When I finish this one I probably will go for Desert Beige. the lighter shade N1.

- Clinique All About Eyes. This is the Original Version not the rich one. I find this really great for summer around eye area, Gets rid of my puffiness, dry lines and etc. I accidentally got it in my eyes once, Didn't sting, just a bit uncomfortable after a few blinks it was fine. LOL silly me.

- Dolce Gabana Light Blue Fragrance. SOOO NICE. smells so fresh on me. Super nice summer fragrance, some ppl say it smells like toilet refresher on them LOL. I donno about that, but ON me It's a very fresh scent to begin with then tones down to a floral type of smell. I think it's quite refreshing for summer.

- Cezanne UV EX Powder Foundation in 02. This foundation is powder form I use it to set the Liquid foundation with a brush lightly dusted. I tried with a sponge before CRAZY coverage. All japanese magazine review it saying it's like number 1 or 2 powder foundation. I think It beats all the big brands. you can buy it from MAKEUPCELEBRITY. free shipping too. the colour 02 is pretty much like NC20 or NC25 ish. I use it for touch up as well I bring it with me. so the case is a bit scratched and stuff..

The next thing I love is mask after shower. GOSH These two My Beauty Dairy Masks are my favourite. Wine Yeast (SAKE) and White Rose mask. Great for hydration and nice cooling effect during those hot days/nights. hehe
Here's a picture of me with the mask and also doing a hair manicure (just leaving the conditioner for longer)..

And here's how the China Glaze Turned out. Fun colour. LOVE. I'm no pro at applying the nail polish.. quite messy job if you ask me. HAHAHA

Take cares..

Monday, December 13, 2010

[][]Sultry Look with Integrate BR-730[][]

Hey all.
Haven't updated for ages. Did some Christmas Shopping for gifts clothes and things. Some times I don't know what to post about. Also I've been watching Smallville. pretty much catching up all episode until now. LOL.

So just thought of a look today. A Sultry look... Not too heavy though. may be semi sultry. So Here it's how it turned out.

So the look is mainly on this pallete. Integrate BR-730 . If you look up posts. This pallete is pretty much like Lunasol Neutral. the Colours are extreme close. Pretty much a Dupe... SO instead of spending so much on Lunasol you can get this one. The difference is that this pallete is more creamy. Lunasol is more powdery and glittery.

Here's the swatch for the palette with no base and no flash under natural light indoors.

The colour turned out pretty true for the photo. compared to real life.

The items used for this look:
- Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream in #21
- Cezanne UV EX poweder in 02 (cheap and nice powder)
- Nars Laguna Bronzer
- Nars Deep Throat Blush
- Too Faced shadow insurance
- Integrate Br-730
- Palgantong Liquid eyeliner
- Mac brow set in beiguile (forgot to put in the picture)
- Mac Powerpoint eyeliner in duck
- Mac Blankety lipstick
- Mac lipgloss in Ample Pink
- Kiss me Active Girl Mascara
- Geo lens in Angel Grey

Here's what the eye makeup looks like up close.
Here's how it turned out. I think it's not as dramatic as I thought it would be.
And Another picture hehe..

Hope you all have fun shopping for Christmas. and thanks giving.
hehe gonna enjoy my Smallville episodes.. .^^
Take cares