Monday, December 13, 2010

[][]Sultry Look with Integrate BR-730[][]

Hey all.
Haven't updated for ages. Did some Christmas Shopping for gifts clothes and things. Some times I don't know what to post about. Also I've been watching Smallville. pretty much catching up all episode until now. LOL.

So just thought of a look today. A Sultry look... Not too heavy though. may be semi sultry. So Here it's how it turned out.

So the look is mainly on this pallete. Integrate BR-730 . If you look up posts. This pallete is pretty much like Lunasol Neutral. the Colours are extreme close. Pretty much a Dupe... SO instead of spending so much on Lunasol you can get this one. The difference is that this pallete is more creamy. Lunasol is more powdery and glittery.

Here's the swatch for the palette with no base and no flash under natural light indoors.

The colour turned out pretty true for the photo. compared to real life.

The items used for this look:
- Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream in #21
- Cezanne UV EX poweder in 02 (cheap and nice powder)
- Nars Laguna Bronzer
- Nars Deep Throat Blush
- Too Faced shadow insurance
- Integrate Br-730
- Palgantong Liquid eyeliner
- Mac brow set in beiguile (forgot to put in the picture)
- Mac Powerpoint eyeliner in duck
- Mac Blankety lipstick
- Mac lipgloss in Ample Pink
- Kiss me Active Girl Mascara
- Geo lens in Angel Grey

Here's what the eye makeup looks like up close.
Here's how it turned out. I think it's not as dramatic as I thought it would be.
And Another picture hehe..

Hope you all have fun shopping for Christmas. and thanks giving.
hehe gonna enjoy my Smallville episodes.. .^^
Take cares


Anonymous said...

You look absolutely gorgeous. Kindly do a tutorial on your hair here please. Thanks!

EllysMakeupbag said...

i love the whole look, you are so pretty.

dodo said...

this is such a pretty look! I love the lenses too!

Aradani said...

very pretty! I think it's an adequate amount of dramatic since you have delicate features.
oh smallville.. I havent watched that show in ages. I remember I was so addicted the first two seasons because I really wanted Lana to be the one.

Vanilla said...

u look so pretty!!
i wonder why i can never rock those asian eyeshadow palette!
they all look super pretty on othe bloggers, especially u!

Askmewhats said...

You are super pretty! and your Hair suits your face so much! you look like a model! said...

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