Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Emerald Green Eyes..

Hey all

I think green is IN at the moment for fashion as well as make up?? any ways.. After seeing a post on Digital Angel's post on Emerald eyes.. and I was INSPIRED =p..

Hehehe SO I went and digged out old green eye shadow from some random brand which I have NO idea what... and Every Day Mineral's Emerald matte eye color. So here's picture of the result.. I'm not too happy with the result.. cuz the color pay off wasn't that great and you can only see this faint greeny color>< MY face looks SOOOO CHUBBY for some reason.. LOL

I want to get the Coastal Scents 78 color pallete.. but then I want the 28 neutral color one too.. Any suggestions??I heard that the color pay off is REALLY good....

BTW.. here's a picture of MAC.. he was sleeping and I was stalking him=p
Hehe.. In the Next post I will show you the size of his front PAW compared to my hand.. and u will be like @___@.... heehe

take cares until then.


fuzkittie said...

You look so freakin cute!! Chubby?! Where?! Your lips look so watery and soft :] Hi Mac!! *waves*

Askmewhats said...

With Digital angel's green look, she can inspire anyone to do the same! I am loving this look on you!! And I got the 78pcs palette from Digital angel, and I can say the color payoff is really really good! I haven't done a review on it yet, but yeah, it is really nice!

P.S. Don't ever call yourself chubby! you are just right!

Erica said...

you don't look chubby at all! lol i have the 78 peice, but not the 28. what I can say is... the color payoff is pretty good, but you'll defintely need a base/primer cuz it tends to "disappear" or fall off for me

Digital Angel said...

I love this look on you, looks very natural :) I guess that if you use neutral color everyday, it's good chance to get neutral palette. or, if you like to use different colors on your eyes everyday like me, then get that 78 or 88 palette :) They are very shimmery (the one I got) hehe

Lily said...

aww did you name your dog after mac makeup? hehe he's so cute!

fuzkittie said...

I love your cheeks! Not buns, cheeks... hahaha.

Alyssa said...

Don't talk about chubby... lol~ If you want to see fat, look at me! :P

I don't need to see both nails. One hand is fine... lol~

I have two palettes and I have to say I'll probably use neutral a lot more. It depends on what you wear in daily basis. They're both pigmented so it's up to you, but I use a base under the eyeshadow or else it won't stick. I say get both! ;)

heartofpearl said...

you're so adorable!! pet like owner, both cute as!

purple snowflake said...

Hey guys..
thx for the comments.. hehehe

Just thought that my cheek has a bit more meat than usual..

and thx for the advice on CS pallets..

cheryl said...

oh my gosh your dog mac looked SO sleepy, haha. i hope to get a dog next year!