Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inspired LOOK q(0_o)p

HEY all
I saw some pictures on a magazine called "MINA". It's a japanese magazine but gets published in Taiwan as well. The MAKEUP looks SOOOO pretty.. and Her HAT is SOOO cool.. I bet Fuzkittie is lemming it =p
OMG when I see Purple.. I'm just like @___@ PRETTY ~~~ LOL.. I know i'm crazy.. But I tried to imitate the look.. but I don't think I did good good job of it >___<>

Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream # 21 mix with Dior Flawless Forever Foundation
Everyday Minerals Golden Fair in original glo formula
Everyday Minerals Weekend Getaway Blush
Everyday Minerals floating feather for highlighting and base
Everyday Minerals snowflakes for mobile eye lid
NYX deep purple for liner touch
Revlon Liqui Eyeliner in black
Maybelline Define a Lash Mascara
Nude Grey Contact Lense
Clear lip balm

hehe Didn't use alot of things there.. But not as pretty as hers.. its not FAIR.. she has double folded eyelids T___T wish I had them too..
Take Cares ~ Have a nice day....


miemiemie said...

aww you are so cute :) you did a good job, but i think you should add more of the eyeshadow to make the color pop :) i love it anyway

Ally said...

You're so pretty!
You have really nice skin and I love your circle lenses!

fuzkittie said...

That is cool hat!!! xD I do want it! You have huge eyes just like her! Sooo pretty~

Askmewhats said...

girl! You look so cute and you rock the look! YOu know what? If given a chance to give you double lid, I wouldn't give you coz you look so pretty even as monolid!!! trust me, you look like a doll!

cheryl said...

yea i agree with everyone who commented so far, lol. everybody has a unique look & i think u have a very very unique face. do u mind if i asked if u're chinese?
i think if u applied the purple colour a little further outside the contour of your eyes, it will really pop. looks great in any case!