Saturday, September 6, 2008

MAC Lippie Review

Hey All
Recently I bought a few new MAC lippies and they are all in nude colours nothing flash but I thought I just do a quick haul/review on them.
So the MAC lipsticks I got is
- Myth (Satin)
- Cherish (satin)
- Jublee (lusture)

So here's a photo showing the swatch of color.
From Top to Bottom
- Myth
- Cherish
- Jublee
- Myth + Cherish

( With Flash)

( No Flash)

I really like the effect of Myth+Cherish it's the perfect peachy nude tone. Love it.. Looks really nice on lips. But it's a semi-matte finish so no shine at all. It's really pigmented so the color is quite intense. But as for moisturizing wise I think Satin lippies don't Moistureize the lips><>

here's a picture of show me wearing the lipstick of (myth + cherish) Topped off with a clear coat of gloss. No eye make up just foundation + powder + a bit of blush. BTW you can see that i'm having a bad hair day lol... my hair's sticking out from places even if I tied it up it's still like that ><>

Have a Great weekend every one!!! take cares


Askmewhats said...

nah, you don't have a bad hair day ! I was going to compliment you that your fringe looks too cute! and i love the ponty tail look on yoU!!!!! Those lipsticks are so natural and pretty!!!

Erica said...

I agree with Nikki. Your hair still looks really cute :) Out of your swatches, I think Myth + Cherish looks the prettiest. it looks really pretty on you too :)

school's alright. I made a few new friends :) and work/classes isn't at the point when things are tough yet. so I guess it's not that bad... so far! lol

fuzkittie said...

I don't see bad hair! xD You look soo cute. I agree, that lip color on you look sooo good. But you have such pale skin, peachy nude compliments it. Is MAC l/s hydrating?

heartofpearl said...

i want to try the Myth! it looks really nice, i dont think i own any nude colours~ your hair colour is nice too:)

cheryl said...

hi the lipstick combo u did looks great on your lips. i think MAC lippies are always a safe purchase cos the colours almost always work out.

Lily said...

i love those colors! they're great neutrals!