Sunday, September 28, 2008

[] Brown Tree with Pink Apples[]

You may ask, what's up with my post title.. well.... it's a hint to the look I did today... hehehe..

So.. Brown tree means a brown earthen toned eyes but with a bit of green touch.. because all trees have a trunk and leaves right??? as for the pink apples.. well if it's an apple tree then it's gota have apples.. hence the pink colour on cheek.. ^___^ I know i'm blabing on about absolutely nothing.. but I should get on with the main part of this post..

First of all. I took a picture of the things I used...

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream
Diorskin Forever Flawless Foundation
Everyday Minerals foundation in Golden Fair
I used MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Duo the highlighting part for my cheek bone but I forgot to take a photo of it lol...~~~
Rimmel blush in Santa Rose

Everyday Minerals Eyeshadows
(Floating Feather, Baby Bath, Cypress, In the Garden)
MAC technikhol eyeliner in graphblack
Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara

Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon

Here's the steps to how to achieve the look for eyes. I tried to take close shot of my eyes it turned out really blur.. So instead I tried to take photos in a reasonable distance but the flash changed the true colour.. So i had to take it in normal yellow lighting but the photos are a bit dim.... so I don't know...

I used Baby bath all over lid, use Floating feather to highlight brow bones, then use In the garden for 80 % mobile lid, and use Cypress at the V (outter corner) of the eyes to give that Green touch. and BLEND!!! blend like you have never BLEND before.. Ok i'm exaggerating, but do blend..SO here's two photos of my face & eyes without flash.. hopefully can see the eye make up..
So yeah.. It's kind of yellow and dark with out the flash and a bit blurred for some reason ><.. My camera is Sony Cyber Shot 5.1 Megapixel and turns out like this.. how disappointing????!!!
any ways.. The following photos are with flash... and further away so can see the whole effect..
So that's about it... I was thinking may be the cheeks are too PINK??? hehe but suits the theme...Personally wouldn't do that for normal every day look... P.S.. I got heaps of grey shirts.. hehe I love grey.. so yeah...


Askmewhats said...

your skin is super glowing! just like porcelain! i heart your makeup, no its not too pink!

Alyssa said...

Does your bathroom have a window? It's best to take pictures with natural lighting. Turn off the flash, as well as, need to change it to micro. Hopefully, that makes sense. :/

cheryl said...

i love grey shirts too! what a creative post title, hehe. your cheeks are not too pink, in fact i love love love blushes. i have a question for u though: did u use the dior liquid foundation and then dusted the mineral foundation over it?
looks real good!

amanda said...

gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your skin. You should make a post and share your skin secrets.
How did you press the EDM eyeshadows? I tried to press my EDM blush in champagne(makes a gorgeous highliter for the eyes) and it crumbled and feel apart:(

miemiemie said...

i love gray/grey colors too!:) no the cheeks don't look too pink,just right..and you look like a doll! so cute and pretty!:)

does your camera have this macro setting? if yes,turn it on..and as alyssa said,take pictures beside or in front of a window. take a mirror with you and place it in front of your cam when taking pics,with that you could see if its blurred or what. i know most cameras have macro settings,it usually has this flower like symbol when turned on. hope that helps too :)

yumeko said...

wow your skin is sooo good and you have such nice eyes

i am so jealous!

miemiemie said...

i want curly hair like right now :) but the bf doesn't want it that way,i even want to cut my bangs but he says he likes it this way. oh well,i'll just cut it when i go back to the US,wahaha..

oh is that so,do try white lights or natural light..wait til morning..:)

charlieee said...

heya purple snowflake! just found your blog recently :)
the makeup is pretty and you look like such a doll :)

Nic Nic said...

ahh you always look cute! the makeup is subtle but pretty =) love the blush on you! cant live without blushes these days!!

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whitney said...

you are sooo beautiful!!

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