Sunday, September 28, 2008

[] Brown Tree with Pink Apples[]

You may ask, what's up with my post title.. well.... it's a hint to the look I did today... hehehe..

So.. Brown tree means a brown earthen toned eyes but with a bit of green touch.. because all trees have a trunk and leaves right??? as for the pink apples.. well if it's an apple tree then it's gota have apples.. hence the pink colour on cheek.. ^___^ I know i'm blabing on about absolutely nothing.. but I should get on with the main part of this post..

First of all. I took a picture of the things I used...

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream
Diorskin Forever Flawless Foundation
Everyday Minerals foundation in Golden Fair
I used MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Duo the highlighting part for my cheek bone but I forgot to take a photo of it lol...~~~
Rimmel blush in Santa Rose

Everyday Minerals Eyeshadows
(Floating Feather, Baby Bath, Cypress, In the Garden)
MAC technikhol eyeliner in graphblack
Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara

Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon

Here's the steps to how to achieve the look for eyes. I tried to take close shot of my eyes it turned out really blur.. So instead I tried to take photos in a reasonable distance but the flash changed the true colour.. So i had to take it in normal yellow lighting but the photos are a bit dim.... so I don't know...

I used Baby bath all over lid, use Floating feather to highlight brow bones, then use In the garden for 80 % mobile lid, and use Cypress at the V (outter corner) of the eyes to give that Green touch. and BLEND!!! blend like you have never BLEND before.. Ok i'm exaggerating, but do blend..SO here's two photos of my face & eyes without flash.. hopefully can see the eye make up..
So yeah.. It's kind of yellow and dark with out the flash and a bit blurred for some reason ><.. My camera is Sony Cyber Shot 5.1 Megapixel and turns out like this.. how disappointing????!!!
any ways.. The following photos are with flash... and further away so can see the whole effect..
So that's about it... I was thinking may be the cheeks are too PINK??? hehe but suits the theme...Personally wouldn't do that for normal every day look... P.S.. I got heaps of grey shirts.. hehe I love grey.. so yeah...

Friday, September 26, 2008

[]InteGrate[] Accent Eyes & Lip Gloss ~~~~

Wonder if any one misses me?? hehehe haven't posted a thing for nearly a week. Been extremely busy with Uni because I'm about to graduate and my THESIS is due in 3 and half weeks time.. LOL and I haven't done SHIT!!!! excuse my French but.. stressing..

Any hows... Received a postage early this week ll the way from JAPAN.. cuz I had my eyes on 2 products from InteGrate, the Accent Eyes shadow which came out in Augst and their Lipgloss which alot reviews said it's good.. So here I goes..

So From their Website this is how it surpose to look like, I picked the Brown 750, So how do you use this??? well, from the instruction and the picture above it says
- Use A for over all lid
- Use B for 80 % mobile lid
- Use C for lining the eyes, but only 1/3 of the outter corner of the bottom eye lid
- Use D for Highlighting so put it on the areas with the dotted circles...
- Then you're good to go

SO for the lippies, I don't know I got 2 colours I thought that I would probably use the most;
left is RD 743 and Left is BE 283. I tried to swatch and take a photo.. It was so blurred and the colour didn't really show up. So I got some pics from their website which had the colour swatches.
LOL sorry for the confusion, so for swatch on the lips & I would say that the swatch on lips pretty much look like that. but I love the BE 283 cuz it's not too orange and gives a nude shiny lip that's a guy's dream to kiss it.. heheh JOKES... :
left is BE 283
Right is RD273
Well, The Eyeshadow is diff to the ones i've used before because it's really soft ultra finely pressed particles and the colour pay off is great and when I say it's SOFT it's really SOFT... NOt powdery at all, but almost creamy.. it's amazing stuff... definately a 5/5.

and and the lippies.. the COLOUR and shine are great but the staying power is a bit short. but I still give it a 5/5..

SO what were the results of these items???

Have a Great weekend!!! Take cares~~
P.S thank you Erica for the award.. hehehe a bit surprised...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

[]Kate[] Powder Gel Eyeliner

SO happy, because I received my postage on Friday and It had my Kanebo Kate powder gel eyeliner in it. I bought the Blue and Brown one as I have the black one from MAC already. So I'm going to do a review On it.

First of all, I was supprised as to how SMALL the pot is compare to MAC Fluidline. LOL I mean it is REALLY tiny but cute at the same time. So the left 2 pots are Kate's and the right one is MAC fluidline in Blacktrack.

So now is a swatch of the 3 eyelines.
Top: Kate's Brown gel eyeliner,
Middle: Kate's Blue gel eyeliner,
Bottom: Mac Fluidline Blacktrack

So you can see from the swatch that the Kate's powder gel eyeliner has some tiny glitter in it so I don't recommend using it for waterline and Not exactly sure if it's safe for contact lense users because I can't read Japanese but I'm sure it's safe to use an outter liner. So the staying power, I would say it is as good as Mac's fluidliner or may be even better. It lasted me 9 hours+ & NO smudging and No flaking off. This is definately water& oil proof. So I guess it would come in handy in summer days and wedding type occasions when you might get emotional and cry =p.

As to removing this stuff, I would have to say It is harder to remove than MAC fluidliner, I tried it with 2 different eye make up remover the first one was just with Garnier gentle eye makeup remover. It removed my MAC Fluidliner but the Kate's powder gel eyeliner didn't even BUDGE. I was like WOW. So I got out my second make up remover, which is the QV face gentle eye makeup remover, and This one removed the eyeliner with ease. The difference between the 2 makeup removers are hat Garnier is water based and QV is oil based.

Let me explain how and why this works. Every one knows that oil doesn't mix with water, this is because water is polar and oil is non-polar. SO if you have something that is like an oil you need another oil or something non-polar to remove it because water doesn't mix with oil so it just sits on top of it instead of dissolving all that make up.

So If you have a good make up remover which removes other water-proof make up then it will be fine with removing Kate powder gel eyeliner.

So my score for this would be 4/5 because I didn't imagine it would come in such a SMALL pot LOL.. but it's a great product so I definately recommend it!!!!

Take cares every one have a great weekend!!!! =3

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inspired LOOK q(0_o)p

HEY all
I saw some pictures on a magazine called "MINA". It's a japanese magazine but gets published in Taiwan as well. The MAKEUP looks SOOOO pretty.. and Her HAT is SOOO cool.. I bet Fuzkittie is lemming it =p
OMG when I see Purple.. I'm just like @___@ PRETTY ~~~ LOL.. I know i'm crazy.. But I tried to imitate the look.. but I don't think I did good good job of it >___<>

Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream # 21 mix with Dior Flawless Forever Foundation
Everyday Minerals Golden Fair in original glo formula
Everyday Minerals Weekend Getaway Blush
Everyday Minerals floating feather for highlighting and base
Everyday Minerals snowflakes for mobile eye lid
NYX deep purple for liner touch
Revlon Liqui Eyeliner in black
Maybelline Define a Lash Mascara
Nude Grey Contact Lense
Clear lip balm

hehe Didn't use alot of things there.. But not as pretty as hers.. its not FAIR.. she has double folded eyelids T___T wish I had them too..
Take Cares ~ Have a nice day....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

kanebo []Kate[] New Style & {FOTD}

Hey all
Have been Kinda busy lately doing some work on my thesis and spending more time with family and my bf. But I recently got a new postage and here's something I want to share with you guys.
Kanebo []Kate[] New Style & Products.
I think the model Looks PRETTY and really elegant not too over the top.

So Here is What I got, I got the Eyeshadow in Br-2 and Rouge Lips in BE 30, The two items are exactly what the model used. She also used Kate's new gel eyeliner in black which I didn't purchase I used mac's black track fluidline instead. Practically the same thing I think.

How to Use the eye shadow:

- Use A to cover the mobile eyelid and highlight the brow bone and use at the inner corner of the eye to brighten it up
- Use B to cover about 80-90% of the movile eyelid.
- Use C as a liner close to the top eyelid lash line
- Use D just in the middle of the Mobile eyelid to give it a dimension
- Use E for 1/3 of the outter corner near the lower eye lashes
- Complete the eye look with the Gel eyeliner in blacktrack
- Add Mascara
- Use Kate Rouge Lipstick in BE-30

and You're done; set to go. SO how did it turn out for me??? take a look your self..

So for me, I like the look. Not too orangey too weird and a touch of green makes it not boring like the typical earthen tone eye shadow. and the Quality of both lipstick and Eyeshadow are great. I LOVE IT.........
hehe take cares until next post. I have heaps catching up to.. cuz haven't been reading the blogs need to get updated.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

{@__@} FINALLY my net's back

HEY all~~~

I'm so happy because my net is finally back on track. But I haven't been doing much for the past few days. But took few pictures of my outfit and FOTD for today's voting. We had a council voting and I was burning in the sun so I guess the summer is coming our way ^___^

Just posting a normal casual look. EDC T shirt with cropped black jacket and Levis Jeans. ( I don't know why the pictures are a bit blurred><>

I found a new lipstick which I love.. Will be posting that soon.
P.S Still waiting for my coastal scents 28 color neutral pallet. >___< takes sooo long.. can't wait.. I know I'm so impatent.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Internet Capped T____T""""

Hey guys.
I haven't been Updating these days, because my internet at home is CAPPED><
It's CRAWLING like a snail T___T"""""
and so now i'm sneeking off from lab work to use the computers in uni.
sigh.. So hopefully it will be back in a couple days. Oh and FUZ.. I went to check out Dior lip gloss they don't have those colours in AUSTRALIA.. so angry... I want your strechy brown lip gloss!!!.. hehehe

I will be back soon......

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Massive B&W BLOB

hey all
I promised to show you pictures of my dog.. so I took a few pictures while is was sleep in the garden and looking into the kitchen.. my dog is food orientated =p... So firstly I wanted to show a comparison between my hand and his paws.. hehe u will be suprised...

You see that?? His paw are like the same size as my hand!!! or may be even bigger. he can drag my mum with little effort.. so i'm scared to take him for a walk my self too hard to control him if he decides to run off. Next is a picture of him sleeping like a FAT PIG.. LOL during the day he sleeps and during the night he destroys our garage. so yeah.. You see that?? he can sleep any where.... even on a garden hose.. HAHAHA weird..

So the next picture is later in the afternoon. he is still lying there being lazy but staring at me while taking pictures of him.. hehehe I love my dog.. he's a big fat blob.. may look scary but got a big heart and likes to follow family members around and DROOL all over them.. hehehe

Saturday, September 6, 2008

MAC Lippie Review

Hey All
Recently I bought a few new MAC lippies and they are all in nude colours nothing flash but I thought I just do a quick haul/review on them.
So the MAC lipsticks I got is
- Myth (Satin)
- Cherish (satin)
- Jublee (lusture)

So here's a photo showing the swatch of color.
From Top to Bottom
- Myth
- Cherish
- Jublee
- Myth + Cherish

( With Flash)

( No Flash)

I really like the effect of Myth+Cherish it's the perfect peachy nude tone. Love it.. Looks really nice on lips. But it's a semi-matte finish so no shine at all. It's really pigmented so the color is quite intense. But as for moisturizing wise I think Satin lippies don't Moistureize the lips><>

here's a picture of show me wearing the lipstick of (myth + cherish) Topped off with a clear coat of gloss. No eye make up just foundation + powder + a bit of blush. BTW you can see that i'm having a bad hair day lol... my hair's sticking out from places even if I tied it up it's still like that ><>

Have a Great weekend every one!!! take cares

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


hey all.

OK I have a confession to make=p.. I'm contacts crazy now ><>
So I went off to get my self another set of cosmetic contacts from So the last one I got was DM 23 Grey.. so I fell in love in grey.. I got another grey one.. this time I got the Geo's Nude Grey. People say It makes you look blind. But I didn't think so. I have decided to get the Coastal Scents 28 neutral color eye shadow pallet and and I got empty pans and pallet to press all my lose ones in...

So here's some pictures of my new contacts. This is Under natural light in my bathroom=p

OK.. here's 2 picture I fully edited in Photoshop hehe.. just showing some of my PS skills=p

Everyday Minerals Silk Dust as primer
Missha M Perfect Cover + Dior Flawless foundation (1/2 to 1/2)
Everyday Minerals Foundation in Fairly Light Neutral
Rimmel Santa Rose blush (a new gota do a review on it)

Mac Paint Bare Canvas as base
Lunasol Coral Coral (01)
Lancome Defenicil mascara (black)
L'oreal Liquid Eyeliner in Mica Black

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Soft Suede (356)
Revlon Lipgloss in Glossy Rose ( I used that for my last post too.. looks so shiny)

I uploaded Mac's pictures but haven't organise them yet....

hehe so what you guys think of my eye contacts?? which is better?? the DM 23 grey? or nude grey?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Emerald Green Eyes..

Hey all

I think green is IN at the moment for fashion as well as make up?? any ways.. After seeing a post on Digital Angel's post on Emerald eyes.. and I was INSPIRED =p..

Hehehe SO I went and digged out old green eye shadow from some random brand which I have NO idea what... and Every Day Mineral's Emerald matte eye color. So here's picture of the result.. I'm not too happy with the result.. cuz the color pay off wasn't that great and you can only see this faint greeny color>< MY face looks SOOOO CHUBBY for some reason.. LOL

I want to get the Coastal Scents 78 color pallete.. but then I want the 28 neutral color one too.. Any suggestions??I heard that the color pay off is REALLY good....

BTW.. here's a picture of MAC.. he was sleeping and I was stalking him=p
Hehe.. In the Next post I will show you the size of his front PAW compared to my hand.. and u will be like @___@.... heehe

take cares until then.