Saturday, August 29, 2009

~~[]Blue Dust[]~~

Hey All~~~
Miss you guys.. been busy as usual. no other excuses>< but for the past few weeks... I've been buying things LOL.. and I have SUPER good NEWS!!!!~~~

I think I found my HG foundation.~~~~ It's the Prescriptive Virtual Matte Liquid Foundation and Prescriptive Mineral Foundation/Powder. Been using it for two weeks. No break outs no nothing bad.

I LOVE this FOUNDATION~~~ Great Coverage I would say medium to full coverage. Covers just like Estee Lauder's Double Wear, alot less drying, semi Matte Finish, oil controling all day, no cakeyness. I got the shade in Fresh Cream, when I first put it I was like OMG look like GHOST because it's sooo white I thought SA gave me the wrong shade, but after set with the mineral powder and wait 10-15 minutes. It blends in with my skin tone. and looks like i have FAB SKIN~~~~The Make up is still there after 10 hours day~~~~.. LOVE LOVE LOVE.... Think I can stop Foundation hunting. But I can't wait for Prescriptive's Mineral Liquid to hit Australia. I know it's out in USA already..
The Prescriptive Mineral Foundation/Powder is great, may be not exactly great in oil controlling but great coverage, no cakeyness and I'm So glad that It doesn't WIPE off when my face is oily. With some other foundation, if I go oily and it will come off onto my clothes, phone and blotting paper, tissue.. The Combination of these two is like HG~~~~ HG~~~...

The above picture is Mac's Colour Crafted Collection. Mineralise Blus in DAFT PINK.. I got it because I saw the youtube of lollipop26.. Had to go and get it. LOL

Then I saw another video of Lollipop26, her top 10 blush video.. I had to get this too LOL.. Mac's Powder Blush in Well Dressed.. ~~~ such pretty pink. combined with DAFT PINK.. match made in heaven. this blush gives subtle colour on the cheek, gives just a nice flush of colour. good for everyday use.

Picture Above: Well Dressed Blush

I saw Fuzkittie's Autumn/Winter make up Haul video and she bought her new Lunasol pallete in that dark blue/teal colour.. Such pretty colour it inspired me to do a FOTD with my own twist.

Here's the part of the post that is ACTUALLY related to the post name LOL.
Blue dust ie the eyeshadow colour. LOL

So the eyeshadow use here is Kate's Br-1 ( only the black colour for crease) and Majolica Majorca's in GR-750 (the pink colour as base, the blue colour for all over eyelid) .
The result?? here's a couple pictures =D

Products Used:
- Prescriptive virtual matte foundation in fresh cream
- Prescriptive mineral foundation in leve 2 warm light/medium
- Mac's powder blush in well dressed
- Mac's mineralised blush in daft pink (for highlights on cheek)
- Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring
- Lavshuca's eyebrow powder in LB-1
- Mac's brow set in beguile
- Kate's eyeshadow pallete
- MM eyeshadow pallete
- Mac fluidline in black track for upper liner
- Mac technikal eyeliner in graphblack for bottomliner (can use pencil too)
- Fairy Drop mascara
- Rimmel lipstick in Airy Fairy
- Mac lipglass in Cultured
This is my HG mix.. looks really pretty in PERSON!!! highly highly recommended =D

Stole my Dad's funky hat haha.. =D just to take a picture.

one more picture for cam whoring ..LOL~~~
Hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully like this look I did.... =D

Take Cares. ~~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lippie & Gloss Craze ~~~~~

Hey Hey;
lol.. I know I haven't updated as often as I should have, I'm guilty as hell. But been kind of busy as I started working and ofcuz to fit in some time to do some beauty shopping.
I don't know what happened, but recently I'm on this lippie/gloss HIT.~~~was all of a sudden interested in glosses.... beats me, I don't even know why my self. T__T may be just one of those phases haha.
I went to Mac to see the new Colour Craft Collection which came out not long ago. ( I know, Australia is SLOW). I wasn't THAT impressed, though I did get one thing ( will be updating in next post).
But I got some glosses. Pretty Colours I love them ALL~~~
Mac lipglosses are NOT that sticky, the colour pay off is great and smells like vanilla, YUM.~~ they do stay on for a quite a long time. provided that if I'm not eating constantly.
LTR: Ample Pink(plush glass), Queen Bee (Naked Honey collection), Cultured, Prrr.

Here's a swatch on my hand, in the same order as above.
I can say that my favourite one is Cultured, it's a cute pink with purply undertone and finely milled pearls. Looks great with Angel lipstick. Plush glasses (Ample Pink, has a tingly sensation when you put it on, it suporse to have that plumping effect on lips). It annoyed the heck out of when I first use it, but after 2nd time, 3rd time using it I slowly liking it..... It does kind of make the lips look a bit fuller.

Now for a drug store product that you CAN'T MISS!~~~~
That is the Rimmel's Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick:
I bought it in Airy Fairy (070) and Asia (077)

Airy Fairy is a frosted pink (a bit of blue toned may be )
Asia is a beautiful cranberry colour with BLUE tone, I wore it and had a look in my bathroom natural sun light, and WOW it looks great but pretty cool toned. The packaging I have to say is REALLY boring..... but GREAT Product and at that price I wouldn't miss it.
Highly Highly Recommended.~~~~
LTR: Airy Fairy (070), Asia (077)
A youtube showed Airy Fairy looks EXACTLY like Mac FABBY... []HERE[]
Also if you want to see more swatches click []HERE[]
Here's a swatch of both lipsticks under natural sunlight. pretty.

Here's a swatch of gloss and lippies on tissue:
LTR: ample pink, queen bee, cultured, prrr, asia, airy fairy.
To make sure that you know i'm still alive and out there LOL here's a FOTD ( well, not today may be a couple days ago).

BTW I love my MAC brow set in Beguile .. LOVE LOVE LOVE HG ITEM !!!~~

I used missha bb cream perfect cover in #21, blush in gentle, and lipglass in Prrr.~~~Rest are just normal products that I always use.

P.S: I am reading every one's blog, just haven't left comments yet hehe ....