Saturday, October 31, 2009

HauL & Updating ~~~

Hey all;

How was every one's week? I wonder how did every one spend their Halloween?? I had to work but there was a couple of kids came to our home for "trick or treat".. gave them so much lollies and chocolates hahaha. Hope their parents don't mind them having bags and bags of sugar.. LOL

Any ways, I have a couple things I wanted to show you guys. I've been using these two items everyday since I bought.. and all i can say is I"M LOVING IT!!!!...

First is the Shu Uemura's blush duo,colour is in Rhythm.. I think it's like Mac's Dollymix + Nars Laguna in a way. you can use the colours separately one as contour and another as blush, or you can mix the colours together to how ever you like.

The colour is pretty true in these photos, what you see is what you get..

THe packaging is cute, easy for just putting in the makeup bag and reapply through out the day.
One thing though, they don't stay on as long as my NARS blushes, but still pretty good. pigmented so your brush actually pics up the colour. I kind of dislike Mac's Sheer tone blushes.. because it's hard to pick up products on the brush...

Another item that i'm loving now is the NARS Ondine.~~~
Who ever is out there a NARS fan or even eyeshadow fan, you have to go and check out this colour!!!!!.. It's so damn pretty and versatile.. It's a taupe brown with purple undertone. YOu can use it with browns or with purples and even greys.. just so pretty..

It has gold sparkles in it. some ppl review that there's alot fall outs, but It was ok with me cuz I didn't FULLY pack on LOADS of eye shadow.. I use it in my crease or as liner colour. PRETTY.~~~

Here's a swatch.. I'd say the colour in this photo is pretty true compare to real life. and you can see the sparkles in there.
By the way. I cut my hair. LOL. decided to get it cut. so it's not as frizzy and long and annoying HAHAHA
[] USING shu uemura's blush on cheek[]
So here's the result.. I look older actually LOL
A photoshopped GLOWING photo LOL... just mucking around

As for this dog, I came home one day. and he was in the yard playing with my dog LOL... I don't know how he got in our fence. but I brought him back to his owner down the street because he is marking his territory all over our yard....

That's all for today... Hope everyone had a great weekend.............
Take cares

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HARLO[][] I'm back~~~

Hey all~~
I'm back, been busy doing stuff. organising a trip overseas.. so been running around
any ways. I bought a new summer hat.. LOL i look so tourist like.. T___T I think every one should get a hat like this.. it's quite in the fashion right now.. seen it on magazines all the time..

and I really like this red shirt =D

Also, I saw something while walking past Givenchy store and it was IMPULSE Buying.. LOL
this is the limited edition eye shadow. Givenchy Prismissime Eyes 9 colours eye shadow #59..

For swatches and reviews Click here

Also, I bought the new Coffret D'or Powder Foundation for winter.. I wanted the liquid foundation.. because the model looked sooooo good on their website..
That's all for today, super fast update.....
back to work.. *take cares*