Thursday, November 18, 2010

[] Visee Glam Nude N-2 []

Hey all
Have been loving the visee Glam Nude N-2. It's such a neutral colour have been using it every day for work and stuff. Saw quite a few ppl's blog talking about this pallete. I mean who can get enough of neutral palletes? you can never go wrong with them. Plus there is different shades of neutrals right? ( comforting my self about buying just neutral palletes)..

So here's what it looks like under the natural sunlight. I took the picture with no flash and pretty much what it looks like in real life.

Here's the swatch on the hand under natural lighting too. no flash. the top white is the cream base and the rest is just power. The cream has a really soft feel to it.. close to butter I would say.

So today's FOTD consist of these items. pretty much what I normally use I would say.
- Estee Lauder's Double Wear ( FINALLY got a pump from MAC.)
- MAC mineralise skinfinish Natural in light medium
- Nars Laguna Bronzer
- Mac Well Dressed Blush ( stain finish)
- Visee Glam Nude N-2 pallete
- Prescriptive concealer.
- Too faced eyeshadow insurance
- Mac brow gel in beguile
- Kissme Heorine mascara

Here I'm using the Contacts Lense of GEO angel grey.. I use to have the Angel Brown Loved that. Look So natural the grey one is not too bad. makes eyes looks SOOO big though hehehe..
This is what the eye makeup looks like. I tried it with false lashes just too see how dramatic false lashes are. I see alot bloggers using them. They are so DRAMATIC..............though they do open up your eyes like a flower......
But I have decided flase lashes isn't my thing. and they are hard to take off and clean. too much hassel. may be because I'm too lazy.... LOL....
Final Picture with no flase lashes.. Arghh~~~ that's better. more me............. ~~
That's all for today. If you are a contact lense wearer, do try the Geo Angel range........ though don't wear it for long period of time might get dry because the water content and oxygen permeation isn't as great. But that being said, it's quite comfortable.
Take cares..~~~~~~~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

[] Summer Gold[]

Hey all
Today was SOOOO HOT.. crazy hot. sweating like a pig just sitting infront of the computer.
it's so humid and uncomfortable..... So I thought to use my Coffret D'or color mixing eyes again. It's got that beautiful gold/orange neutral tone.

So the Item used today
- Coffret d'or powder foundation (beauty essence)
- Clinique superfit foundation
- Coffret D'or colour mixing eyes in 01
- Too faced shadow insurance
- Mac well dressed blush
- kiss me heorine mascara
- Mac lipstick in blankety

I dyed my hair dark, had dark roots growing out and it looked terrible. and thought that dark colour makes my hair look more healthy. ..the ends of my hair is so dry..

THat's all of today.Hope every one Enjoyed your weekend.

P.S. please pass on the message about using powders and the danger of inhaling into the lungs.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey all~~

Loose Powders and Mineral Makeup is something every one have. Often we think that the finer the powder the better, but it DOES pose a health problem for the users.

There are alot reasons listed on the internet about if mineral make up is really good for us. The ingredient used in mineral make up is good for our skin in terms of the inertness of the minerals meaning there are no chemicals and binders so less reactions towards our skin and skin chemistry.

But the health hazzards concerned with using mineral make up and loose powders is the size of these particles can sometimes be classified as nano particles. when you swirl your brush with the powder you can see fine dust flying around and when you apply to your face, there's a high chance of you breathing in those fine particles.

I did some research, micro sized particles doesn't to as much harm because it won't be small enough to enter the lung's vacuoles but the nano sized particles can enter and hard for the lungs to get rid of them, over time the tissue of the lungs deteriate.

I know this because in lab I work with silica particles for column choromotography. and they make us wear masks because of the dangers of breathing in fine particles. This eventually cause a disease called silicoses which has NO CURE... Click []HERE[] to read about silicoses.

Titanium dioxide is often used in sunscreen SPFs in the cosmetic products, but when breathed in it pose a health hazzard for the lungs and labs have tested to have carcinogenic (cancer causing)effect.

Please Read this Article []CLICK HERE[] about the dangers of powders and mineral make up. I also found another website which lists the ingredient to mose mineral make up brand out there. [] CLICK HERE[] and also []CLICK HERE[]

so my warning is if you are using mineral make up DO NOT BREATH IN.. I have changed all my loose powders to compact powders, applying with a sponge. and also tossed away my loose powders.. Not worth the health risk..

PLEASE PASS ON THE MESSAGE>>!!!!! Post it on your blog to tell every one.. I'm trying to create an awareness about this. people should know about the dangers involved in what they are using on a daily bases.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[]FOTD natural..[]~~~

Hey all

How's every one's weekend? I just watched Red Cliff 2.. such an epic battle. Love those ancient chinese historical stories.. amazing....

Today will just be on a natural FOTD using few of my fav items..

and also hit pan on Nars deep throat.. happy..........

Items used:
- Estee Lauder double wear light
- Laura Mercier Mineral powder
- Nars Deep throat blush
- Clinique sun kissed bronzer
- Lavschuca eyebrow powder
- Mac brow set in beigule
- Too faced eyeshadow insurance
- Lunasol Coral Coral eye shadow
- Mac powerpoint liner in duck
- kiss me heorine mascara.

Hehehe.. Enjoy your week... ~~~~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

[] Haul time []~~~

Hey all
I hope every one had a great weekend so far.. I was looking at adam beauty's website the other day. and also some other bloggers and reviews and things. I thought to my self, when we pay for the high end products, is it really worth it? especially in things like eyeshadows and blushes. I can understand that skincare might be a big different but I realise that some drugstore bands do offer great quality products with little $$$ to spend.

So On with my haul. I saw great reviews about the kanebol Freshel moistlift BB cream. SO I thought I would give it a go. Also Kanebo's media products. It's really cheap and great quality product for that price. also got the new Integrate eyeshadow too. just came out recently with their newest collection.
Integrate Heart Eyeshadow in BE-303....
Here's a swatch of the colours, but not a big fan of the glitter pact colour though. the rest I like. not glittery just a nice shimmery sheen to it. and the colours are very subtle good for every day wear.

Here's a look at the Media's eyeshadow in Br-1 (top) and WN-1. (bottom)
Photo taken under natural day light from my window..

Here's another view at it with flash.

Here's the swatches for the eye shadows under natural light no flash. The colour on the photo is pretty close to real life. (No base applied, just bare skin on my hands...)

Here's another photo with flash on. Very pleased with the quality of these eyeshadows.. can't wait to use them...

That's all for today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October Favourites[]~~

Hey all

Can't believe it's already november, this year went past super fast. really felt like just a blink of an eye. So today i'm just gonna share my favourite items of the months things that I have been loving this months.
Order from left to right:

1. Clinique moisturising lipgloss. I find it very similar texture to Lancome's juicy tubes, except not as sticky and more moisturising. I got this one from a gift set in the colour 01 Raspberry. I love this... gives your lips that kissable look not too over dazzling. (I don't like lipglosses have chucky glitters.) This one has no glitters and super easy application I don't need a mirror just open the lid, a slanted applicated and just apply. The colour though is not pigmented at all, just a hint of colour on your lips. LOVE~~~ wanna try other colours.

2. Benefit full cream lipstick in Lala land. I got this a while ago, but haven't really been using it because I've been using Rimmel's Airy Fairy. but this one I tried it the other day and love.. seriously my lips but better colour. looks very natural because lipstick colours like Mac Angel, Airy Fairy and that kind of pink looks sexy but not natural. You have to try lala land. I find it very moisturising too. none drying........ My next colour for this to try is No Competition, except they sold out (cry)..

3. This is a Sana make essence eye and lip concealer. Don't be fulled by its name. No coverage what so ever.. But I use it to fill in the find lines and moisturise my under eye area. It works wonders !!!! you have to try it. I apply it under my eyes before the foundation. though it does have a silicone feel to it. It says to have carrot or apple extract, aleo vera and some other stuff in japanese i can't read. It's quite mild and great for under eye area.

4. Coffret D'or beauty essence foundation. the colour is in Oc-C. quite neutral colour, and fits my NC15-20 skin perfectly. though a bit yellow. The thing i love about this foundation is because it doesn't cake up, and gives that healthy radiant glow to the face. It's got very fine shimmer in the foundation, a creamy texture not heavy at all. I should do a review on this to show how good this is. Or have I done a review already?? Though I have to agree that this is more of a winter foundation because it's moisturising. if you have dry skin.. try it. i'm sure you will love it.

5. Dolce & Gabbana Fragance Light blue. This smells DIVINE...~~~First time I spelt it in the store I was like WOW what a fresh scent. then I tried some on my skin. after a while the fresh citrius smell is gone leaves a more floral scent. very summery...... LOVE it.

And last, This was when I was out feeding a pond of fish with bread and asked my bf if he wanted some bread too. LOL........ " would you like some bread??" what a random photo.

Take cares ~~~~ will update soon.