Saturday, November 6, 2010

[] Haul time []~~~

Hey all
I hope every one had a great weekend so far.. I was looking at adam beauty's website the other day. and also some other bloggers and reviews and things. I thought to my self, when we pay for the high end products, is it really worth it? especially in things like eyeshadows and blushes. I can understand that skincare might be a big different but I realise that some drugstore bands do offer great quality products with little $$$ to spend.

So On with my haul. I saw great reviews about the kanebol Freshel moistlift BB cream. SO I thought I would give it a go. Also Kanebo's media products. It's really cheap and great quality product for that price. also got the new Integrate eyeshadow too. just came out recently with their newest collection.
Integrate Heart Eyeshadow in BE-303....
Here's a swatch of the colours, but not a big fan of the glitter pact colour though. the rest I like. not glittery just a nice shimmery sheen to it. and the colours are very subtle good for every day wear.

Here's a look at the Media's eyeshadow in Br-1 (top) and WN-1. (bottom)
Photo taken under natural day light from my window..

Here's another view at it with flash.

Here's the swatches for the eye shadows under natural light no flash. The colour on the photo is pretty close to real life. (No base applied, just bare skin on my hands...)

Here's another photo with flash on. Very pleased with the quality of these eyeshadows.. can't wait to use them...

That's all for today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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InsideOut Elle said...

the kanebo heart palette is so pretty, i'd buy that for the packaging alone ^^