Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carbon + Zeolite = Zero Pore Dirty & HauL

Hey all
How was the Christmas?? I had heaps fun, had family gathering and ate LOTS of yummy food.. happy happy. just relaxing.. So I went out today to check out some after Christmas shopping stuff. I didn't get any thing much, the clothes on discount are not ALL that I wanted, so I just got a few things.

Lets talk about the SANA Nameraka Foaming Face Wash (right):

It's a foaming face wash made out from bean extracts. This is my 3rd tube of this stuff. Absolutely Love it. I love foaming face wash, because It makes me feel that my face is CLEANED. I can't deal with cream face wash, just not me. So this one is similar to the Shiseido Skincare range facewash, it's White in colour when you sqeeze it out like tooth paste, get a bit of water and work it into foam and massage your face and wash off. easy as it is. The reason why I like this one is because It DOESN'T leave my face feeling overly dried, tight feeling, I leave my face to dry and not put on moisturizer (I know it's bad) and I don't feel the desperate need of moisturizer. Highly Highly recommended. It's really mild, I think it's even suitable for sensitive skin. It's pretty good for my combo/oily skin. LOVE it.. and after Using this face wash, I think I have less acne now. I don't know if it's this or the Garnier Light Lemon Essence. But I would give this product 10/10.. Can't live without it now.

This picture is the back of the face wash tube, it's in Japanese I don't understand it LOL but I know it contains NO fragrance, artificial colouring and mineral oils.

The other item I got which I would like to share is the p-dc Lepoze Hot Esthe Gel (left):

It's a pore cleaning gel which helps to get rid of the dirty stuff in side the pores. It claims to have active carbon particles with an amount of zeolite which works like this. After wash your face while having moisture and water on the face, sqeeze some of this stuff on the face, massage it all over until carbon particles dissolve and you can feel some warming up sensation while doing this. Then leave it on for like 3-5 mintues then use a cotton pad wipe it all off. then rinse the residue with water and WALAH, a clean face. I've only tried it once. After the first time use, I can see that some of my pores are cleaned while some are still left with black head dots LOL.. but generally speaking face feels much smoother than before and my moisturizer absorbs SUPER FAST. The product claims to remove surface dead skin and cleans the pore.

Since I've only use it once I won't do a review on it yet. But I will show some pictures of the product it self. A clear gel with loads of carbon particles

After you massage for 30 seconds the carbon particles tend to dissolve up

Then leave the product for 3-5 minutes and wipe off with a cotton pad. LOl looks like some mud.

And the 3rd item I got was the lipblam by OMI flavour is Grapefruit Jelly. Love the smell, So yummy has SPF12 and natural ingredients to keep moisture in and conditions the lips. So yeah, that's all, nothing fancy. take cares.

P.S Have a Happy New year every one ^___^

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party Look <3

Hey all ^___^

I wanted to say to every one MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends and loved ones... and and enjoy the food and don't drink too much...

So I thought alot of us will be partying away on christmas, so I came up with a Christmas Look just sth nice with a pop nothing TOOO fansy or TOO stand out. but I like how it turned out.. It's a golden greeny kinda look.. So here's what I used:


Orbis Oil Cut SPF50++ Foundation in 01

Mac Mineralised Skinfinish Natural Duo in Light medium & shimmer

Nars DT blush

Rimmel Santa Rose blush

Nars Laguna


Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow

Floating Feather highlight the brow bone & inner corner of the eye

Baby Bath as base

Oasis a second coat

Cypress in the outer corner of the eye and blend blend away

Mac Technikohl liner

L'oreal Liquid Liner

Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara


Mac Jublee lipstick

Revlon Nude Lustre lipgloss

(Amazingly they go together so well!!!)I think this might be my HG mix lol

The Heart:

Wet my brush tip in everyday minerals In the Garden eye shadow and draw away.

SO the result???

I like this look.. so I photoshopped a photo I took hehehe Oh and with the Garnier Light lemon essence I think I'm going whiter.... I don't know if you can tell but I can tell from the photo.. or is it just me?? lol

Oh and I got this over the net at ichibankao..It's Ettusais Acne trial set. It's the Moisture Up Extra one. They also have an oil control version. This has the acne genle wash in a little round soap, and It has the Acne Skin Version up Extra which is a skin prep medicated lotion kinda thing. Then it has the toner called Aqua Shooter Moisture Up Extra. I'm trying these out now.
Will be giving a Review Soon. I also bought their Aqua Shooter Oil Control Extra Toner just to compare with the Moisture Up Extra Toner.
I thought that the Oil Control would come in Handy because I have oily combo skin. So yeah.

Take Cares... See you all soon. Stay Safe and Enjoy ^___^

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagged: 16 Random Factors (=_=)

Hey all,
I gota apologise for the lack of posts, since it's close to christmas and new yrs, been doing some Xmas shopping and random stuff, gathering and yeah. Sending pplz to airport as alot of my friends are going over seas.

So back to the main topic, I got Tagged WOOT. I got tagged by vanity I need to list 16 random factors, habits, goals about me and tag 10 other people.

I know this tag has been going around for a long time, and I haven't been updating the blogs, so I think every one has bee tagged already. So here I start,

1) I am very random, can be talking about one thing and then suddenly change topic to something totally irrelevant to the previous topic. I also say/do random things at random times LOL

2) I am a lostie, I am not good with my navigation senses. I will be so lost with out a map.

3) My favourite colour is purple (obviously), second one to that is probably red or white.

4) I love animals, would love to have a tiger cub for pet. ^___^ sooo cute.

5) My favourite thing to do is sleep, I love my sleep.

6) I hate mid-aged asian women slow driving, It drives me INSANE!!!! second to that I think I hate taxi drivers, they are just so INCONSIDERATE!! and drive around as if there's no one else on the road....

7) When I first make friends with people, I always start by giving everyone a perfect score of 100. Some people say I should start from zero and gradually add scores, but I like to assume that every one is nice.

8) I can't cook even with a receipe because I can't deal with the unclear instructions of exactly how much you surpose to put in. for example a PINCH of salt.. how much is a pinch?? drissle of oil.. like how much is that??? sprinkle of vanilla esscence. you get my point =p

9) I talk to me self some times when I get bored LOL

10) When I get married I would love my husband to buy me a golden retriever for wedding gift.

11) I talk alot with people I know, I don't really talk to people when we first met.

12) I am allergic to almonds.. but not other nuts (that's weird)

13) I can't swim and I can't ride a bike. this is how sad it is, I tried to learn them both, but doesn't work.

14) I love winter, especially when it SNOWS.... I actually don't like beach that much.

15) I am a gamer, I play alot of computer games. sounds geeky LOL

16) I don't like drinking coke... pepsi, sprite.. but I love solo...lemonade

That's all I think..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Garnier Light~~ Haul & Review

Hey all

I haven't been blogging much that's because I'm not all that into the new MAC collections><>
But that being said, I am into skincare products these days. I am always concerned about my Acne SCARS.. they are annoying me, they fade SOOO slowly.. and my complexion is dull and when ever I have 1 zit, it always leaves a mark no matter how big or small..

So I came across a range of products, it's not sold in Australia, not about US but it's avaliable in China and Hong Kong. So I've seen reviews saying that it's really good for brightening up complexion and helping to fade the acne scars or any other discolouration. it's the Garnier Light range. I purchased it off sasa.

So I got three things form that range:

1. Garnier Light Intensive Whitening Essence with Pure Vitamin C

2. Garnier Light Complete Whitening & Hydrating Moisturizer

3. Garnier Light Milky Lightening Dew

This range contains pure lemon essence and anti-pigmentation Long Dan a type of plant/root. Vitamin C acts as a strong anti-oxidant and melanin reducer. So the combination of these would help reduce the signs of pigmentation acne scars and discolourations. I've been using it for nearly a month now. So I guess it's appropriate to give a review.

Start with the Milky Lightening Dew it's a light lotion actually a toner which contains a small amount of Dimethicone a form of silica so the lotion is actually milky in texture instead of watery and it helps to control the oil. It doesn't contain any alcohol so which is a good thing. It also contains salicylic acid which is AHA if i'm not mistaken which helps with control of acne. When I used it, it does help to mattify the face and smooth it out. I give it a 3.5/5 because I still love my HG toner Garnier Fresh Toner (the green bottle but has been discontinued.. Heart aches).

The Intense Whitening Essence is a yellowy gel, spreads easily and quickly absorbed by skin. This one I LOVE....... because I've been using it separately for 2 weeks by it self at night and I noticed that my acne scar is FADING..... like my whole face's complexion brightens and requires less coverage of foundation. LOVE it..... should give it a try.. Though this is highly concentrated Vitamin C, some people may be allergic to this so becareful. I had no reactions towards it but, and I've been using Benzyl Peroxide regularly to stop my acne which is pretty damaging to skin. This I would give 5/5..

The Whitening & Hydrating moisturizer I don't like this very much, that is because It contains Titanium Dioxide. I mean WHO the hell would put that in an Moisturizer and it has NO SPF on it. The purpose of they putting that in is because they want to make the product look WHITE..... that's all.. that's it entirely STUPID........ the product it self comes out like WHITE COLGATE toothpaste, I'm serious... It does spread easily and gets absorbed and doesn't sit there, but there's a tiny white cast on my face........ I don't like that... feels like sth is on top of my skin and is sitting there... ><>

So I use this on my arms, legs so becomes a body moisturizer. That being said it has no problem for other parts of my body.. THAT IS WEIRD...................I Don't know why.. For a body moisturizer I give it a 4/5 because it does make my skin smooth but for whitening wise.. NO IDEA if it does so or not. for face moisurizer is 0/5... Absolutely Horrid.............

That's all for today.. A Super LONG post.. The next post will be on skincare as well. on Sunscreen review I think.......

Take cares......

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hey all

I haven't been updating for a while.. being lazy, totally in the holiday mode because Christmas is coming soon....

Any ways. I will do a FOTD post now.. mum bought me a new blue singlet.. I love it.........~~~

and and I don't think you can see in the picture I used a blue eyeliner and a browny/grey type of eyeshadow. oh and I tied up my hair into a bun on top of my head LOL.. I love this shade of blue on the singlet.. I think i might go grab the new blue eyeshadow from Mac's new collection.. I think it's called Metal-X or something..

What I used:
- rimmel lasting finish foundation
- Mac mineralized Skinfinish natural
- Nars Laguna
- Nars DT blush
- Coastal Scents 28 Neutral pallete (just random colours lol)
- Kate gel powder eyeliner in blue
- Maybelline define a lash mascara
- Mac techinkol liner for bottom waterline (some brown colour which i forgot the name)
- Mac Cherish lipstick

I photo shoped a picture.. LOL look so dark and gloomy... love the effect but. ~~~


I found that the Rimmel Last Finish 16 hours foundation is quite amazing I think it's even comparable with the MAC studio fix fluid.. like Seriously.. not joking. Think I will do a review on that soon.

Take cares..~~~

Monday, November 24, 2008

Top 6 Lip products

Hey all
I've seen videos on youtube from people stating their best 6 lip products. So I thought I wanna do it too, though I'm not officially tagged or any thing but I want to share my thoughts on lip products.. so ^___^

So here's a picture of the 6 products I recommend

Left - Right:

1. Lancome Juicy Tubes

2. Revlon Superlustious Lip Colour in Soft Suede

3. Everyday Minerals lip treatment gloss

4. Shiseido Integrate lipgloss

5. Revlon lipgloss in nude lustre

6. MAC lipstick in Jublee

The review & recommendations

1. Lancome Juicy Tubes

One of my first lip products, I got it years ago but only use it in special times because I remember it was REALLY expensive back then and the colour should be melon but not too sure because it got rubbed off. any ways, the texture is glossy, smells nice, show a hint of colour so you can still see your natural lip colour. It's great for a natural everyday look. Also it's handy to bring it around. The best I like about it is the applicator, it fits perfectly.

2. Revlon Superlustious Lip Colour in Soft Suede

This is one of my first lip stick, like my first ever lip stick. I love the colour soft suede, if you have a chance go to the shop and have a look. It's a rosy red/coral colour, not too strong it's beautiful really complements yellow toned skin I think. This colour matches and brings out the vibrant colour of my own lips. texture wise, never too dry never too oily. ( lol sounds like the Kraft peanut butter commercial). It stays on pretty well, but it's not transfer proof so if you kiss your bf, it will show on him =p

3. Everyday Minerals lip treatment gloss

I got this with my everyday minerals purchase, I wanted to dry it because the reviews on Makeupally was good. I got it in the colour plum dust. I love this colour. it's a soft plum not too brown not too red love it. The colour shows up pretty good, but it's not exactly a gloss, atleast I wouldn't call it a gloss. the exact texture is like your average lipbalm + colour. The best thing about this is it helps nourishes your lips while giving you a hint of beautiful colour. It feels exactly like a lipbalm on the lips but the only bad thing is it doesn't stay that long.

4. Shiseido Integrate lipgloss

I got this one recently from a website called Ichibankao, along with eyeshadow palletes, sunscreen and other things. I love this, it's so shimmery it's EXTREMELY pretty over a lipstick because it has very fine shimmery glitter which adds to that shine it already has. The applicator is really cool, it's a flat piece of rubbery plastic which has a hole in the middle for the product to come out and applies easily never messy. And the thing about this one is it's REWINDABLE, by that I mean if you twist too much product out, you can twist it back never waste any. GENIUS!!!

5. Revlon lipgloss in nude lustre

This is one of my fav lip products because it has the best texture in gloss, has a brush applicator. Not sticky and the colour nude lustre is gorgeous, would suit any one with any look. It has no shimmer just glossy. Love it.. you have to try it..~~~

6. MAC lipstick in Jublee

My first MAC lipstick. Why I picked this colour?? because I was looking for a browny/pinky colour to be specific I think it's a nude beige pink colour. But I hate MATTE finish lipsticks, does absolutely NOTHING for the lips. this is a lustre finish, so it's sheer in a way but the colour pay off is good. you can say it's like a semi-glossy finish. I love this colour it helps as a final step to make me look awake, not too BROWN.. just the right amount of shades to make the perfect lipstick. I bring this one everywhere with me. I found that the revlon soft suede might be a bit too bright for winter/autumn use. This is a PERFECT colour for winter/autumn I think. Though a PLUM colour would suit winter too. But go swatch it if you pass a MAC stand..

One last product I would recommend for those have chappie lips, use SOFTLIPS made by Mentholatum, I have it in alot flavours my favourite is the Rasberry one =p. Orange one is not bad either.

That's all for lip recommendations. I'm not particularly TAGGING any one, but if you want to share your top 6 lip products, you're welcome. Actually I'm kind of Curious too =p. So Tell me what are your 6 top lip products. ~~~

Take cares have a great week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Burnt French Toast (O___o)???

Hey everyone;
I was having trouble naming this post until I had an idea.. hehe I'm sure you will be wondering What's up with the post name?? well, let me explain, firstly you toast your bread in the toastor right?? then you went away to do something else and when you heard ur smoke alarm went off you know that ur toast has been BURNT!!!.. So burnt french toast will produce smoke.. therefore this post will be about the brown neutral smoking eye look with nude lips.

This look was inspired by a youtube guru named Lollipop26 I'm sure everyone knows her right?? So yeah she recently bought the MAC holiday smoking pallete, I was going to purchase it but I decided not to because I thought I wouldn't really do a blue/grey smokey probably brown is more of my colour and I got the Coastal Scent's neutral 28 pallete at home already so might as well use that up before I purchase any thing else.

SO here's the things I used.

Coastal Scents 28 neutral pallete (left to right)
4th row-2nd, 4th row-3rd, 4th row-6th, 4th row-7th.

L'oreal liquid liner in mica black
Maybelline define a lash mascara

Revlon colorstay foundation in sand beige
MAC mineralised skinfinish duo
NARS laguna bronzer
MAC sheertone blush in Blushbaby

Lips: ( I forgt to include in the picture)
Mac Myth lipstick
Mac Cherish lipstick
Apply myth first as a base not too much and then top it up with cherish. I think it looks pretty nude already... Myth on its own is just too much for me ...

So Lets take a close look first???hehe love the glow on my cheek.. WOOT and the effect of lighting is so perfect ^___^ happy happy..

A look at the eyeshadow?/ I picked the colors that has a satin shimmery finish.. and a dark brown matte color on the crease and then used the black for close to eyelash part.

SO an overall face effect?? ( I tied up my hair, and pinned up my bangs...)
Looks different to how i usually look.....
So that's about it, it's a such simple look but turned out pretty well I think... may be the lips could be a bit more nude.. Not too sure but I tried with myth alone, made me so washed out.. So yeah.. .. Hope you guys like it as much as I did.
That's all for today.. take cares til next time...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ecotools []Bamboo[] Blush Brush~~

Hey everyone~
we all know that bamboo is a fast growing plant which is considered as a renewable resource. So instead of cutting down trees to make brush handles, this company uses bamboo instead. Guess they must be thinking like pandas.. Any how.. I was wondering along in Priceline (a drug store type shop), I was looking for a powder brush initially, then I spoted this brush...

I was tossing between either buying a drug store brand brush or a MAC 134 I think it's 134..
a MAC brush costs like $ 90 AUD, and I was thinking that's too much to pay for a brush considering that it's eocnomic recession now it's wiser to save money..
The reason why I wanted to buy a new brush was because I think that my MAC 168 for contouring and blushing or whatever it is surpose to be used for is not good enough. Let me tell you why... MAC 168 is a small angled brush picks up quite alot of bronzer and blush powder at once. Which is good in a way, but the problem is that it tends to accumulate the powder in one area only and doesn't blend so you see this PATCH of dark bronzer in one spot and takes some effort to BLEND it evenly so you don't see this STREAK of bronzer down your cheeck. May be it's just me but I find it a bit difficult to use.
SO I picked up the Ecotools brush which looks like this.. bamboo handled, and really light in weight.

This brush is pretty dense, dome shaped brush which is fluffy and soft. Though I realise that this brush's bristles are a bit dry. I don't know if it's real animal hair or not, But I think it's synthetic. But it's soft doesn't scratch at all..

I tried it this morning while doing my make up for going to a friend's birthday party. and I was AMAZED!!!! like SERIOUSLY AMAZED..... I WAS in SHOCK!!! @___@ ok i'm exaggerating but I was surprised at the least. I used my beloved Nars Laguna bronzer and DT blush and ecotools blush bruh. I just press the brush on the powder and tap off the excess and I looked at the brush I was like er... there's alot of powder on there... kind of worried... then I sweeped the brush from temple to cheeck for contouring and OMG... it gave a soft looking contour line and blends beautifully...~~~ and then I did my blush the same way except started from the top of my cheek apples and sweeped up slightly towards my ears.
It gave the PERFECT amount of blush not over applying so you would look like a clown. NO..~~~ It gives a thin thin layer at a time, so you can build up the amount of colour you want for blush.... and the RESULT?? see for your self...
The photo taken NO flash, natural day light... ( you can see my acne scarsT___T)

It looks natural doesn't it?? gives the most natural looking of contour and blush. I tried the blush for an overall effect of bronzer and other blush I have.. It's wonderful!!!!
Highly recommend it. Instead of buying MAC you could save ur self LOADS of money!!!... It's about $12 AUD I think if I remember correctly.. But one thing, It collects dust LOL So I put it in my draw now So dust doesn't cover it. and I wash it no falling off bristle hair and weird colour coming off.. So I believe that the quality is similar if not same as MAC.
So give it a go and you will love it like I do...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Modern Makeup Presentation~~~

Hey all~~~~
This post won't be a tutorial or a product review, nor it is a haul but instead it's a trend that I see in the future of makeup & beauty products.. Believe it or not, product packaging and presentation actually holds 30-35% of consumer's willingness to purchase their products. While the product it self holds for 40-50% and the remaining is the so called "BRAND awearness".

I'm sure there's alot of ladies out there who gets sucked in by advertisements, or by looking at specific branded products. This post will be about beauty product presentataion and packaging. I have only started to be interested in makeup and beauty not long ago, hehe I think beginning of this yr or end of last yr. Can't remember exactly but I've seen pretty amazing products out there. I mean the product it self only; but when you're shopping you will see some products and you think WOW it looks so good, I gota try that...
well that's me. So here's some of the products that I was sucked into purely because of their design, packaging and overall presentation.
1:Chantecaille pressed powder
(Look at that fish, ocean print on the powder, If I ever bought this I would never use it.)
Such a beautiful blush and looks so cute...

2: Lancome elephant bronzer
(you gota say, the artwork on that is so fine and precise. It has multi colours and therefore comes handy for blush, bronzer, highlighter.)

3: Clinique Bloom all over colour
(Beautiful flower design which has different shades of blush of all occasions)
4: Revlon A Floral Afair
( I don't know about you, but when I first saw that I was like.. WOW so pretty.. Love the leafy floral design, elegant sleek packaging, great to bring it every where. and It's not expensive =p)
5: Mac Mineralised SkinFinish MSF
( I love these, they have the prettiest gold veins and swirls. the picture here is petticoat.. LOVE it. Lightescapade has a good colour swirl too =p )
6: Shu Uemura Glow On Blush Limited Editions
( Look at that design, looks like fireworks or does it look like that flower called chrysanthemum)
7: The Body Shop Cheek Bloom & Duo Eyeshadow
( I think these are the new design just came out recently not too sure. but they sure looks good.. Though the blush design sorta similar to Shu Uemura may be copied, but who cares looks great)
So have you guys seen enough?? I think not =p. There are many more products out there that grabs massive attention beacuse of their Product Packaging, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just that it puts pressure on my wallet...
P.S: for every one who reads this post tell me which one is your favourite please?? I want to know what every one thinks of pretty packaged products.
Take cares.. See you all soon ~~~

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shu Uemura~~~

Hey all

I have finally finished my exams.. so that makes me UNOFFICIALLY graduated from my degree of chemical engineering...^___^ the ceremony won't be until march next year I think. But I guess my engineering uni like is over.. I'm so gonna miss my friends.. ><>

Any ways.. back to the main topic.. I was wondering how would cleansing oil work and I heard alot of good reviews about Shu Uemura cleansing oil. (I swear I can't pronounce that properly) um.. They have all these different once, like the green one is with green tea extract for antioxidant, there's one for oily skin and another for with cherry or sakura extract for sensitive skin.
I got the original one, the yellow one for combination skin. So how do you use it?? well, you get pump and half and massage it all over face for 30 seconds then you get some warm water emulsify it then just rinse it all off with warm water. Then get a clean towel and pat dry ur face. then ur done..

SO my verdict. it's pretty good and it removes MY make up!!! like seriously; this stuff is amazing. it removes eyeliners, mascaras, heavy make up foundation that could be remained and clogging up pores. I've been using it for 2 weeks, and it doesn't dry my skin, there's no EXTREME tight feeling to the skin.

BUT I gota warn you.. if you don't emulsify it properly, you will leave some residue behind. but the good thing is if you get it in your eyes, doesn't hurt at all, just goes cloudy for a while and that's it. NO allergic reactions.

Ingredient: paraffium liquid/mineral oil, zea may, polysorbate85, cartamus tinctorius oil/safflower seed oil, crtyl ethylexanote, sorbitan thioleate, simmondsia chinensis oil, jojoba seed oil, camellia kissi sea oil, macadamia seed oil, canola oil. ginger root extract, rosemary leaf extract, sea water. So as you can see.. it's mainly oils from plants and natural materials.. So nothing artificial I think...

So now lets put it to the test shall we??? Here's some eyeliner products, from pencil, to gel liner, liquid liner.
You pump some on the make up area.
You massage for 20 seconds.. (looks gross right???)
Add some warm water and mix and massage LOL.. looks even more gross
Rinse it off with warm water, pat dry and you're as good as new...~~~

SO yeah.. I think it's pretty good.. removes most of the things.. and when I use toner to wipe off excess un removed make up, usually there's some yellowy foundation left, but with this.. virtually none. But I think it's quite expensive. On the box it says use 3 pumps.. LOL that's crazy I only use 1 pump or may be some times 1.5 pumps.

I also heard that the DHC cleansing oil is good.. I might try that next time.. It's cheaper too, probably does the same thing and have the same effect.

Take cares.. Have a good weekend, it's friday here..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The snowflake look~~~

Hey all
Feel so bludgy today, as it is Sunday here. So decided to play around with my make up.. ehehe

So here's what I used today..
- Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC 20
- Mac Mineralised Skinfinish Natural Duo (forgot to include in the photo)
- Nars Laguna bronzer
- Nars DT blush
- NYX flamingo eye shadow
- NYX deep purple eye shadow
- Mac technikal eyeliner in graphblack
- L'oreal liquid eyeliner in Mica black
- Maybelline Define a lash mascara
- Revlon lipgloss in glossy rose
So the RESULT?? DATAH ~~~~lol..

You see my cheeks?? they are chubby right?? but who cares I'm loving the Laguna bronzer and DT blush combination.. makes you look like you have natural blush.. and SOOO pretty.. I'm in LOVE =p I heard a youtube guru say in one of her videos that DT is right in the middle of pink and peach so therefore it goes well with nearly every look you trying to create... It's SOOO true..

Here's a closer look at my eye make up.. HAHAHA you can see that I didn't blend them evenly. SAD.. don't laugh, that's because I'm still a NOOB at eyeshadows.. T__T but some how when I open my eyes they looked alright.. LOL..

Here's another pic of my cheek and eyemake up.. I just realise that the look matches with my shirt also purple.. HAHAHA what a coincidence...

So this is the result of my boredom.. So yeah... I highly highly recommend buying NARS blush.. if you don't buy one, atleast go to the counter and TRY it on.. then you will get hooked like me =p

I think I will reconsider buying other colours, because I have what I needed already. So my next target is to try out their lipsticks.. I wanna senorita and dolce vita..

So did you guys have a good weekend?? had fun??? I went to play badminton with friends.. and because of such lack of exercise my body is aching like crazy....

any ways, that's all for now.. tomorrow is MONDAY again.. sigh my monday blues...

P.S. product review coming up soon..~~~

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birthday Present~~~

Hey Hey;
I just had my birthday last week.. SOOO happy did so many things.. Feel like holiday already, because I still got finals exams later.. any ways.. in this post I just wanted to show you my Birthday present from my bf =p.. I LOVE IT..
Ok; first of all you have to guess WHAT IS IT...~~~

Then ... Scroll Down slowly..







hehehe It's a wallet.. a White one; I think it's one of those new ones that just came out. I think there was like a pinky purple/lilac coloured one as well.

So; here's what it looks like inside.. I reckon this wallet is good because I have space to put all my cards and the space to let me put my coins plus it has 2 layer to allow me to put my money and my receipts separately.. hehe I keep every thing in my wallet..

So what you think?? White wallet looks good??

P.S.. me and friends had a bbq for those who had birthdays in Oct and Nov. and here's a photo of me cutting a cake... LOL I love that cake so yummy... I LOVE my friends ^____^.. (btw, the hat belongs to a friend of mine... I just wore it on that day cuz it sorta matched my cowgirl shirt HAHAHA)

that's all for today... take cares.. see you soon..~~~