Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagged: 16 Random Factors (=_=)

Hey all,
I gota apologise for the lack of posts, since it's close to christmas and new yrs, been doing some Xmas shopping and random stuff, gathering and yeah. Sending pplz to airport as alot of my friends are going over seas.

So back to the main topic, I got Tagged WOOT. I got tagged by vanity I need to list 16 random factors, habits, goals about me and tag 10 other people.

I know this tag has been going around for a long time, and I haven't been updating the blogs, so I think every one has bee tagged already. So here I start,

1) I am very random, can be talking about one thing and then suddenly change topic to something totally irrelevant to the previous topic. I also say/do random things at random times LOL

2) I am a lostie, I am not good with my navigation senses. I will be so lost with out a map.

3) My favourite colour is purple (obviously), second one to that is probably red or white.

4) I love animals, would love to have a tiger cub for pet. ^___^ sooo cute.

5) My favourite thing to do is sleep, I love my sleep.

6) I hate mid-aged asian women slow driving, It drives me INSANE!!!! second to that I think I hate taxi drivers, they are just so INCONSIDERATE!! and drive around as if there's no one else on the road....

7) When I first make friends with people, I always start by giving everyone a perfect score of 100. Some people say I should start from zero and gradually add scores, but I like to assume that every one is nice.

8) I can't cook even with a receipe because I can't deal with the unclear instructions of exactly how much you surpose to put in. for example a PINCH of salt.. how much is a pinch?? drissle of oil.. like how much is that??? sprinkle of vanilla esscence. you get my point =p

9) I talk to me self some times when I get bored LOL

10) When I get married I would love my husband to buy me a golden retriever for wedding gift.

11) I talk alot with people I know, I don't really talk to people when we first met.

12) I am allergic to almonds.. but not other nuts (that's weird)

13) I can't swim and I can't ride a bike. this is how sad it is, I tried to learn them both, but doesn't work.

14) I love winter, especially when it SNOWS.... I actually don't like beach that much.

15) I am a gamer, I play alot of computer games. sounds geeky LOL

16) I don't like drinking coke... pepsi, sprite.. but I love solo...lemonade

That's all I think..


miemiemie said...

yay! ur back! hahaha animal lover too huh? hmm..almond allergies? i have allergies with crabs, but i can eat other seafood though..hahaha i love coke!

cheryl said...

hey how've u been? u're not the only one who can't ride a bike *pointing at myself* :-P

heartofpearl♥ said...

i like how you give everyone 100 it shows your a kind person:) x

shriram sharma said...

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