Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carbon + Zeolite = Zero Pore Dirty & HauL

Hey all
How was the Christmas?? I had heaps fun, had family gathering and ate LOTS of yummy food.. happy happy. just relaxing.. So I went out today to check out some after Christmas shopping stuff. I didn't get any thing much, the clothes on discount are not ALL that I wanted, so I just got a few things.

Lets talk about the SANA Nameraka Foaming Face Wash (right):

It's a foaming face wash made out from bean extracts. This is my 3rd tube of this stuff. Absolutely Love it. I love foaming face wash, because It makes me feel that my face is CLEANED. I can't deal with cream face wash, just not me. So this one is similar to the Shiseido Skincare range facewash, it's White in colour when you sqeeze it out like tooth paste, get a bit of water and work it into foam and massage your face and wash off. easy as it is. The reason why I like this one is because It DOESN'T leave my face feeling overly dried, tight feeling, I leave my face to dry and not put on moisturizer (I know it's bad) and I don't feel the desperate need of moisturizer. Highly Highly recommended. It's really mild, I think it's even suitable for sensitive skin. It's pretty good for my combo/oily skin. LOVE it.. and after Using this face wash, I think I have less acne now. I don't know if it's this or the Garnier Light Lemon Essence. But I would give this product 10/10.. Can't live without it now.

This picture is the back of the face wash tube, it's in Japanese I don't understand it LOL but I know it contains NO fragrance, artificial colouring and mineral oils.

The other item I got which I would like to share is the p-dc Lepoze Hot Esthe Gel (left):

It's a pore cleaning gel which helps to get rid of the dirty stuff in side the pores. It claims to have active carbon particles with an amount of zeolite which works like this. After wash your face while having moisture and water on the face, sqeeze some of this stuff on the face, massage it all over until carbon particles dissolve and you can feel some warming up sensation while doing this. Then leave it on for like 3-5 mintues then use a cotton pad wipe it all off. then rinse the residue with water and WALAH, a clean face. I've only tried it once. After the first time use, I can see that some of my pores are cleaned while some are still left with black head dots LOL.. but generally speaking face feels much smoother than before and my moisturizer absorbs SUPER FAST. The product claims to remove surface dead skin and cleans the pore.

Since I've only use it once I won't do a review on it yet. But I will show some pictures of the product it self. A clear gel with loads of carbon particles

After you massage for 30 seconds the carbon particles tend to dissolve up

Then leave the product for 3-5 minutes and wipe off with a cotton pad. LOl looks like some mud.

And the 3rd item I got was the lipblam by OMI flavour is Grapefruit Jelly. Love the smell, So yummy has SPF12 and natural ingredients to keep moisture in and conditions the lips. So yeah, that's all, nothing fancy. take cares.

P.S Have a Happy New year every one ^___^


MisSmall said...

I've seen more and more people singing praises about SANA products recently. Gotta get my hands on some of those and see if they live up to the reputation. :D

Happy new year to you too, gal. Have a good one! :)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i have always wondered abt that pore cleaner as i use a different one [which isnt working wonders but not bad]

shall try that next time


mimi said...

OOOohhh that cleanser looks amazing!!!

cheryl said...

the cleanser sounds lovely, gotta check it out..
i had a pretty relaxing xmas too, even though i really missed my family :-)

heartofpearl♥ said...

i love foam cleansers too! i use the shiseido extra gentle cleansing foam and its seriously the best thing i've tried! :D x

Miss Sandy said...

i like that cleanser. it looks really good :)

hmm.. origins, i don't really hear a lot of people using it. but from the packaging, it's not really for old people. i mean.. they say chanel is for oldies. look at me, im no oldie. lolz =P ask for samples if ur unsure, if not, beat them up xD hohoho

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here is why you get "black" on the cloth. You have tiny particles of activated carbon in the gel. You then grind the carbon into dust, on your skin, by rubbing. When you wipe your skin you collect the carbon, which is black. You did not remove toxins. You removed the black carbon dust. No magic, just a trick. Haha.

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