Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Fake Lashes~~~~

Hey all
Some one requested a Graduation Look.. ~~~ I did the exactly the same make up, except I added the fake eyelashes..~~~ I did the exactly same make up for my graduation day.

I thought that fake lashes wouldn't be hard, but took me a while to stick it on in the right place>< I'm a noobie...

Here's the things I used for the look.

- Dr Jart BB cream silver label
- Everyday Minerals semi-matte foundation in fairly light neutral
- Nars Laguna bronzer
- Nars DT blush
(NOTE: the bb cream's colour is abit too ashy.. so the fairly light neutral kind of makes the colour more yellow)

- Mac paint pot in bare study
- Mac fluidline in blacktrack
- Majorlica Majorca eyeshadow in BR 751
- Kissme Heorine mascara
- fake lashes

- Mac modesty lip stick
- Revlon lipgloss in Nude Lustre

I love how the eyelashes looks.. kind of dramatic, yet makes you look semi natural.. HAHA contradictory but o wells~~~
hehe I haven't updated on Mac for a long time.. I stalked him today hahaha =D

So cute.. Sleeping with one arm under him another one tucked under LOL =D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Massive Update[] Graduated []~~~~~~~~~~

Hi All ~~~

First of all WARNING: Picture heavy=D

I graduated on Tuesday.. WOOT like finally after 4 years of hard work ^___^

And PandaBlush came to my graduation, we took some photos..

She looks taller than me, but in actual fact is her high heels..
Why we look so serious?? LOL

In this above photo I look like a KID><
So Happy, Finally graduated.............. woot. super happy.

Today, went to YumCha with Friends........ because some of them are leaving Australia. So our last farewell>< so sad.. just posting FOTD here .... nothing much

and look . my eyes are getting bigger HAHAHA.. @___@

Here's some Views of Sydney Streets and Sydney Sky.......

Pretty clouds........ I was half driving when I took this LOL
That's all for today~~~~~~~~~
Take cares. hopefully will update soon. I need to go on shopping BAN><>

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another FOTD??

Hey all
How's every one going?? Just a quick update today. A FOTD........ I'm loving my new contacts from Freshkon..Looks natural enough for everday use.~~~

- MSC MSF Natural
- NARS Laguna
- NARS DT blush

- Freshkon Alluring eyes in Winsome Brown
- MAC Fluidline black track
- Kiss me Heroine Mascara

- Revlon lipgloss in Nude Lustre

HAHAHa In love with Photoshop.. I'm obsessed.. I know >__<

Here's a photo of St Mary's Cathedral.. i think is the largest church in Sydney here?? not too sure.

I was wondering around that area one afternoon to catch bus HAHAHA and saw pretty views So I took photos of it.
And a Photo of Sydney Tower....

Hehe Super Quick update finished....... gonna zone out now=D

take cares

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lollipop Loving

Hey all
WOOT the SugarSweet collection MAC came out in Australia too. I had a look. the MSF looks regular just shimmer nothing more. Similar to my BBR collection MSF grade in red head, So I didn't get the MSF. but I fell in Love with the lollipop loving lipstick.

YOu have to GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ If you see it in person you will be like WOW......... pretty colour. Better than Hello Kitty Collection lipsticks I think. sorry to all those HK fans =D

Left to Right: Jublee, Modesty, Lollipop Loving

Here's the Swatches.. you can see that Jublee is a more beige brown colour, Modesty is a more pink toned, and Lollipop Loving is a light pink with green shimmer.

Here's FOTD with the lipstick.. I don't have eyeshadow on, just eyeliner and mascara.


-Mac SSF in NC 20

- MAC MSF in light/medium

- NARS laguna bronzer

- NARS DT blush + MAC MSG degrade in redhead


- Lollipop loving lipstick


- Mac fluidline in black track

- kiss me heorine mascara

- freshkon winsome brown lens

Don't mind the strand of hair in the middle ><>
So what you think of the lipstick?? you gota see it in person. then you will be like me.. " I HAVE TO HAVE THIS.."

hehe that's all for today.

P.S My skins' getting clearer No more acne scars.. WOOT happy

Monday, April 13, 2009

~~[]Daily FOTD[]~~

Hey all ><

OMG I'm so sorry. I haven't been updating for AGES. and THANK YOU for all the supportive and positive comments made ~~~~~ Totally appreciated. I have been busy working. I even Spent my EASTER holiday working from 6.30 to 5 every day. So tired.~~~~~ I think I was working too much and I got sick recently; caught the flu from some one LOL...

But I made an effort to take note of my new DAILY FOTD....

I got the new contact lense from FreshKon, because PandaBlush suggested that they are very comfortable and I got them in Winsome Brown. Not very enlarging but comformatble enough to wear for about 7-8 hours.

And I got the Stila eyeshadow trio in Mazatlan, it's a limited edition summer release I think. I'm not too sure I saw some one using it and I was like WOW I gota get this. LOL I know i'm a neutral colour eyeshadow freak>< I have like 5 or 6 stacked in the draw and still getting more hahaha..

Look at that pattern....... Pretty.~~~This eyeshadow is 9.1g it's going to take forever to finish.

Here's some swatches. The left is with no Base. the Right is with Paint Pot in Bare study.(notice how the colour is more intense with a base)
I also got the new lipstick in Modesty from Creme Sheen.. love the colour..~~

So for the daily FOTD, there's the things I used.

- Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC 20
- Mac MSF natural in light medium
- Nars DT blush
- Mac paint pot in bare study
- Stila eye shadow trio in mazatlan (NEW)
- Mac fluidline in blacktrack
- Kiss me Heroine make up mascara in volume & curl
- Mac Creme Sheen Modesty (NEW)

So the result????TADAH.... ~~~~
THe eyeshadow is a golden brown colour. the photo looks a bit off colour. ><

I look sleepy in this photo but o wells ~~~

Another photo of my bitchy attitude.. sup ?? hehe jokes

P.S :
I tried the new Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC 20 in the new Well Defined collection.
reviewing it here:
Great coverage, only need a small amount and looks flawless. Gel based easily spread, No break outs so far. Looks great when you first apply it hhahaha.. can't stop looking in the mirror thinking WOW looks so nice. non cakey. if you apply sparingly. a little goes long way.
Not water/sweat proof. Gone by mid day, so end of the day you left with may be only 10% of the foundation?? Not good oil control. I get more oily I don't know why. >___< would be good for normal may be normal/dry skin. not recommended for oily or dry skin. doesn't last long.

That's all for today~~~ Take cares.......
I will try to update more... thx for all the support