Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Desperate Anger Management

Hey all
This post won't have any thing to do with skincare or beauty related just some personal story and encounter that i had to spit out, and i think this is gonna be a LONG post. So if you have some spare time please do read it and give me some advice ^___^.

This week, uni has started so I get to see all my friends again.. yay.. that's why I haven't updated this for 3 days. Any ways, Despite the happiness of seeing my friends back at uni, there's this one person who just have to make my day miserable. So F'en pissed off right now....

So this whole incident has to start back in the holidays.

During Holidays:
After the exams and the results were out, a good friend (I don't consider her close friend, but I see her every day in uni so i guess good friend classification is suitable?.. )called me up to ask me what Grade Point Average (GPA) I got for this semster. SO I told her I got Distinction Average( which is 75+), then I asked her what you get? she replied me " argh i got alright." I knew she didn't get as high as me so I stopped asking.

After a couple weeks she told me she had an ultrasound done and needed to go to hospital for surgery.. (sounds pretty serious) I called her up to tell her that I won't be going to visit her while she's in hospital cuz I know patients need rest after surgery plus I needed to prepare for my Green P driving test. So I said I will call back another time to visit you. So after about 2 days she called back asked me if I could go to her house on friday, I said to her " oh, sorry I can't make it cuz the touch screen computer for Green P test had some problem and had delay response so I need to resit for the test".

During Today:
Around early afternoon, she called me to ask me where is our class. I said we could meet up and go together. On the way there she said to me " Oh, you know what my bf said?? he said that you got Distinction GPA is cuz you slept with the lecturers." I was like..... So wanted to Slap her across the face.. but I manage to control my self and said to her in a joking tone while smiling " Really?? But if I really did sleep with them then would I get 100?? rather than just 70 sth ???" She was like " oh yeah, that's true.." then shuts up. We arrived in class, so i just went to sit next to some other friend. AWAY from her...
After class, it was 6 ish. Since it's winter here, it's pretty dark and cold. She asked me if I could give her a lift to the train station. (Our uni has special bus for students to travel between the nearest train station).. It was infront of all these other friends, and it was only like 5 min more of driving to where i normally go. So I said yeah ok... When I was driving towards the station, she said to me " OMG you got your Green P, you know my bf said to me it's impossible to fail Green P cuz he got it in one go. And he said You're such a genius"... I WAS like.. I don't give a F*CK about what ur bf says... and if he was so great why don't you ask him to give you a lift instead?? and I wanted to tell her... GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY CAR!!!!!.........
WTF She want from me?? Seriously............ She is so happy to see me fail, and even if I do good she have to bring me down?? SO ANGRY!!!!..
I helped her when ever she needed help... Was there for her to listen to her blabing about the shitty problems btw her and her bf... sigh... Feel like I have been taken advantage from. But i mean just because I'm nice doesn't mean I'm willing to get spoken to like that... People like her are so sad, can't stand seeing other people better than themselves. I mean I worked hard all semester while you and your bf went out to dinner and do what eva you gota do, I was at home writting up my thesis and doing research. Don't I deserve a good mark for all those hard work??
Sigh.. I think She isn't even worth the hassle of getting all upset. But I CAN'T Stand her...
>____<.......... feeling miserable............................................................................

Friday, July 25, 2008

A little Shopping & feeling a little artistic

Hey Hey.
I went to shopping yesterday and bought some stuff I was going to do a hual and swatch on it but didn't have time cuz I woke up late this morning >__<
Warning: Picture Loaded

Here's an outfit i bought but i took the picture yesterday... (navy singlet, light beige cardigan, orange scarff)

My FOTD for going to uni (with flash)...
My side view lol ( with flash)
Here is the artistic side of me lol
(No Flash) photoshop-ed cuz i didn't like how it looked raw..

Here's another picture of my side view ( With Flash, photoshop-ed)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My BIG FAT DOG... hehehe

WOW I won an award?? I am totally NEW at this blogging thing... and I got an award.. hehe so happy.. thank you Fuzkittie.. *HUGS*
And to Alyssa, it's all your fault.. seeing the pictures of your dog.. I want to show you guys my dog too. OK here's a bit of description about my dog. He is a pure breed of Central Asian Shepherd, a Russian Dog. He has medium length fur and is HUGE!!! by huge i mean he was 55 kg when we last weighed him, back then he was only 10 months.. can you BELIEVE it?? and the money we spent on food.. i don't even dare to count. I think now he weighs more than that; his front paws are the same width as my wrist.. LOL he likes to sit right next to you and when he stands up he is looks right over the fence into the next door's yard. LOL talk about stalking =p..
Even though he is SOOO BIG, he's not a monster. he's actually like a big cry baby, gets jealous if we give attention to other dogs or animals. He is cheeky, smart, has a BIG heart (NO matter HOW much I trick him, bully him, yelled at him he never barked at me once). He is so lovable.

Oh forgot to mention his name is Mac.

The puppy eye treatment there (10 months old)...

Lazying around in the back yard (7 months old)...

Sit up straight and be a gentlemen (1 year old)...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mini Haul

Hey all
I was shopping around and saw the following things so just pick it up.

Three Oil Blotting Paper.. looks cute and the paper is orange-pink color.

A neutral brown/green eyeshadow pallete with pearl satin finish and here's a swatch. looks quite nice.

Missha Super Aqua Exfoliating Peeling Gel

That's how it looks when it comes out of the bottle and gently spread it over the skin. (looks like vaseline)

This is what it looks like after you gently massage to try to get rid of the dead skins. ( looks kind of yuk here.. lol)

So the review; I still gota try the Mac Vocanic black looking scrub.. From Nic Nic's blog of reviewing her scrubing product. i was on the look for one. I was looking around in Missha while I walked pass it. And the shop assistant tried this on my hand, and i can feel the it working but not strong and harsh like their black sugar scrub. fell in love and bought it. The SA told me that she uses this too, like daily wise because she said it's good to get rid of surface skin daily but not harshly.

I have been using this every night for 3 nights, I think it is pretty good. My acne marks has been fading a little bit.. ( or is it just me ??) It says that there is green tea extracts helps to replenish the skin and the white mucus help to whiten the skin while the rest helps to get rid of dead surface skin gently. This actually feels really nice on skin, no allergic reactions or horrible redness and break out. so a good sign.

Directions: Just get a bit in the hand, massage gently over the face for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with warm water and your done. Gentle enough for everyday use.

If you ever see one, should try it in their shop, just on my hand and you will know what i'm talking about=p..

Take cares. Updating pictures of my dog soon.. affected by Alyssa

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eating Healthy & Saves your life in the future

Hey all

I saw a program on Foxtel last night by Jamie Oliver and he talked about how people's diet and food on the market has changed through out the last 30 years. What he showed was kind of scary but true.

So the summarise of the program was that over the last 30 years, people have been eating more meat less vegetables and fruits. Also food on the market now has doubled the amount of sugar, salt and fat content. So what he is saying that we are getting more and more unhealthy.

Effects on body:
Fat - high cholesterol, leading into heart attack, stroke and blocked arteries.
Salt - rises blood pressure which may cause thin blood capillaries to burst, also worsening the effect of cholestrol build up in the body.
Sugar - high sugar content will lead to serious problems like diabeties, or glucose intolerant.

So I have noted down a few healthy tips about our diet which could help to balance things out. lol As Chemistry is my major, the difference between saturated fat and unsaturated fat in chemistry sense is that saturated fat has no double or triple bounds to allow further hydrogen addition.

Fat diet balance
Saturated FAT is BAD........ these comes from excess animal fat and oil on meats, dairy products, and other vegetable oils like coconut oil. But unsaturated fat is good, infact it actually helps to clean out the cholesterol and saturated fat build up in the body. So where do these good unsaturated far come from?
- Olive oil
- chick peas ( i personally hate chick peas)
- Acocado
- nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts & etc)
- soy beans

Salt diet balance
There are many forms of salt in foods we eat, but the salt that i'm talking about is sodium chloride, your normal table salt. Take away foods and/or processed food contains massive amounts of salt. Small amounts of salt helps the body chemistry to breakdown, process and absorb foods into the body, excess amount is filter through kidney and out of the body. So if you can, try to eat less take away and processed food and try to eat more home made meals where you know how much salt is added into your food.

Sugar diet balance
Sugar is contained in so many food we eat today, from breakfast's cereal to daily drinks like Coca Cola. Many people have sugar addictions, where they mentally have to have sugar every day. (I still have that sugar addiction problem, use to eat 4-5 choppa chopps a day) So what you should do is to eat more fruit, they are sweet high in fibre and slow release of energy which is really good for the body.
Other tips
This might sound disgusting, but constipation is the worst diet problem you could have. seriously, if may not affect you right now in this stage, but as you get older which the bad food you eat it will get ALOT worse. So to prevent that you should eat the following to help your body get rid of the rubbish that's accumulating inside you.

- a can of baked beans
- banana
- oats
- plenty of water
The idea is to have lots of fibre in your body with the prescence of water it will makes your life so much easier.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Foundation Trouble

I am troubled..T___T I have been looking for a perfect foundation for ages ages.. And i have been using mineral foundation for a while, but I just find it too inconvinient for touch ups during the day and may be bringing it in the bag as it floats around every where. Not to mention spilling every where when I Open the jar. ><

So I was looking around in the department store today.. and I was browsing around and finally come to the conclusion of these 3 foundations.. but i still can't decide.. PLEASE help me ...

I was using Revlon Colorstay liquid found in sand beige then changed to EDM foundation. now looking for a new one. so here's what I found interesting in the department store..

Left to Right:
1. Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF 10
2. Biotherm Sense Matte SPF 15
3. Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact Make up SPF15
Skin Condition:
Combination usually. But it's winter in Australia now so a bit drying some times.
Light yellow Asian undertone. Semi-sensitive to products. Prone to clogged pores.
Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF 10
A medium-full coverage foundation. Quite thick in consistency, takes some time to blend and finishes matte, no dewy or glow look. some people said gives a ghosty look with photos. Long lasting up to 12 hours.
Biotherm Sense Matte SPF 15
A light-medium coverage foundation. silky, creamy texture, easily blendable. gives a matte finish but with a glow. looks natural on face. Long lasting up to 10 hours.
Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact Make up SPF15
A cream foundation which gives a light-medium coverage. silky, creamy texture, gives a satiny finish. gives a natural look. Doesn't say how long it lasts.
PLEASE HELP?? which one you guys think I should get?? or perhaps you could suggest some other good ones?? Thank you ^___^

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shiseido Maquillage Design Face Colors

I saw on some online seller website, they had this product: Shiseido Maquillage Design Face Colors... and I was like.. OMG looks sooo nice and natural.. here's a picture of the product range. and also a picture of teaching you how to use it... I got the one in # 30 which is the skin styling one, a neutral sort of tone. I personally like natural subtle looking make up that enhances the features of the face rather than make up which tries to Change the facial feature too much.. (but all the other colors looks good too)

Any hows.. here's another picture of the real product.. I tried to use it like how it instructs you. (like the picture above) but i can't get it to work correctly.. it ends up all messy and a big patch of brown pinkiness on my cheek><>

But the white is so subtle.. like you can't really tell much of a difference.. may be i should apply a bit more heavier?? hehe.. i think i need more practice... because i don't put on blush every day..

Monday, July 14, 2008

NYX Eyeliner

Hey all
I recently bought NYX eyeliners, I got 6 of those. This is gonna be like a swatch and stay tuned.

NYX Cosmetics Eyeliners

Photo: With Flash, Without Flash
Left to Right: Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, White, Silver
Colour: The colour it self as you can see from the photo that it's quite pigmented. And the colour are as how it's described, but the dark brown and black looks similar without flash. In real life there's only a subtle difference. I LOVE the white eyepencil.. put it at the inner corner of your eye and makes the eyes looks bigger.. (i think all white /silvery eyeliner does that.. lol)
Ease of Use: The pencils are not Soft, but not Super Hard either. I have tried some other brand eyeliner pencils and it hurts ur eyes to put them on in the first place >_<. any hows. It's medium hardness pencils, goes on pretty easily and if you make a mistake it can be easily fixed. For a natural look (without those harsh lines), just get a Qtip and smudge the lines a little bit and apply some dark eye shadow next to the lash line.. and Walah.. natural looking eyeline accomplished. Also, they are pretty easy to be removed. I can even remove them in Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser...
Staying Power: Talking about staying power.. it's kinda bad. I want to love them but the staying power is not that great. If MAC fluidline was on a scale of 10, this would be a 5 I think. I had semi panda looking eye by the end of the day... and had smudges in my lower eyelid.. But it's safe to use on water line... I put it on my lower waterline and nothing happened.. no reactions.. so that was good..
Overall: I personally think there are other better eyeliners out there. But for its price it's ok to give it a try if you just want an eyeliner.. so a score of 6/10....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21

I have bought this bb cream about nearly 1 month ago. and have been using it religiously every day except the 1 or 2 days of the week which i deceide to stay at home and bludge around...

any hows... Here's the review i promised on this bb cream.

Left one: Missha Perfect Cover bb #21

Right one: Missha M Vita bb cream

The consistency is a bit more thicker than the Missha M vita, and it's lighter in colour. A little goes a long way. Even though it's a bit thicker, it's still spreadable, but i find that if i use too much, it kinda of streaks on my face. leaving like lines.. (like how you apply foundation with a brush and it streaks) unless you sort of rub it in, and wait for it to absorb a bit...

But, it's coverage is amazing. it covers about 60-70% of my acne marks. the lighter -medium ones. if you have dark acne marks then i dont think it does much of a good job. As you can see, the color # 21 seems a lot lighter than Missha M Vita, but it helps to brighten up the face.

It's oil control ability on the other hand, is WAY better than the M Vita one. M Vita seems to be more oily and moisturising. good for dry skin people or normal skin during winter. The perfect cover bb cream doens't make my face go oily. may be a bit during the afternoon, but i only have to blot once and that will last me until night. But it's not smudge proof. It tends to transfer some onto my oil blotting paper. But i Do top it off with my silk dust from EDM.

I recommend people who want to buy BB cream do go for this one. Out of ALL the other bb creams i tried, i think this one is the best. But may be you should try to compare the # 23 and #21 in the shop before you purchase. Because i think #23 is more Natural... When i finish this #21 as it is winter now. i will go buy the #23 for the comming summer....

Any questions just ask me.. I will try to help out..

New Contact Lense

Hey all
It's been a while, just received my results from uni on friday.. did pretty good for this semester i think.... hehe so i'm happy.. plus i just got my new contact lenses from I know that Nic Nic has been telling every one not to get the Magic Black Lenses, but i read her review on them after i purchased them. so it's a bit too late.

Any ways, planning to purchase the Elipse Grey, and the Darli Brown or Elipse Hazel. not too sure yet. they look really pretty on the website.

This is my first FOTD picture.. so i donno how people will repond to this.. it may be scary.. the lenses does look really BLACK after i put it on. I look like some sort of ALIEN.... kinda scary.


Missha Perfect Cover bb cream # 21

Everyday Minerals Makeup Fairly light foundation

Everyday Minerals Makeup Pure Silk Dust

Shiseido Maquillage Design Face Colors #30 (for cheeks)


Mac Fluidline Blacktrack

Maybelline Define a Lash Mascara


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Soft Suede)

Lancome Juicy Tube (Melon)

Also there's a picture of my eyes close up with the lenses...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update: upcoming posts

Hi all
I have been sort of busy these days, trying to get a book shelf for my self cuz I moved recently and the old book shelf was abandoned. And also trying to get my Green P driving liscence.. ie preparing for the test.

Any how, I will be posting up new stuff soon. hehe
- Missha Perfect Cover bb cream #21 review
- NYX eyeliner pencils review
- Mineral Make Up Tutorial (my first request.. i'm so happy)

hehe so stay tuned.. won't be long ^___^